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Hello to all ! I just have a couple of questions. I have an Extreme Six Flags Season Pass from Magic Mountain and I will be going to Six Flags Great Adventure next month. # 1..Can I also use my pass for free parking at Great Adventure ? # 2... Magic Mountain gives me a flash pass that' s good for 4 rides every time I visit the park. Can I use my MM extreme season pass for a free Flash Pass at the Great Adventure park ? I rarely post on this site, so if my question has been asked before , please direct me to the link for that info please. Thanks for your time you guys !!
If you bought parking at Magic Mountain and your season pass says parking on it then you have parking at Great Adventure. I doubt your free Flash Pass coupons work at Great Adventure. Read the fine print and see if it says for use at Magic Mountain only.

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Right on Coasterguts !........ Thanks for your input !! Well, regardless of the situation....I will be ridin' Kingda Ka & El Toro hopefully when I go ! Peace !!

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I wondered the same thing when I bought my pass at Magic Mountain. I knew I was going to other Six Flags parks throughout the season and that's why I got the pass in the first place. I called them and they said the "Extreme" extras on the pass were only good at Magic Mountain and not any other park. So, I just got the regular season pass. That's not to say you can't convince people at GAdv to give you the parking, but you'd probably have to hassle with them to get anything.
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The "extreme pass" at SFMM is a step above the normal SP w/parking. If I understand correctly, Fatback Soup has a pass that includes chain-wide parking (like my SFoG pass). I don't think there's any "convincing" to be done at the parking plaza....but there's no way on Earth that a Q-bot will be included with the deal, IMO.
That's something new I learned about. The season parking I bought that is printed on my regular SFGADV pass is good for all the parks? nice.
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I was under the impression that:

1. A parking pass from any SF park is good chain-wide.

2. The 'extreme' perks are good only at the park you purchased the pass from.

(How crazy have things gotten that even enthusiasts have a hard time figuring out pass structuring? ;) )

Lord Gonchar would be correct. I don't know if all the parks are doing like SFGAm is but if you have a SP with parking you also get "preferred" or front of the lot parking.

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Here's the thing with Magic Mountain's Xtreme Play Pass.

ONE of the "Xtreme" benefits is free parking. There is no sticker on the pass that indicates free parking, nor is it a separately purchased parking pass. Magic Mountain employees just know to allow free parking when an Xtreme Play Pass is flashed at them at the booth. Then they write it down on a sheet with the ID # and give a parking stub.

Fatback Soup, you're probably going to have to do some explaining to the parking toll booth employees at Great Adventure about that. I can definitely see you holding up a line of cars while they get a supervisor to check it out. ;)

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The Xtreme Play Pass has NO indication of free parking? That's crazy!

I got a little sticker that says "07 parking" on it. Not that it'll get me Preferred parking at SFoG....LOL! ;)

Lord Gonchar said: How crazy have things gotten that even enthusiasts have a hard time figuring out pass structuring?

Your "impressions" are correct spot-on, AFAIK. However, I have to agree that when enthusiasts (who usually KNOW the gig) are having these kinds of discussions - then something is *already* amiss... ;)

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He said he had an Extreme Pass, so I didn't think there was any confusion among park-wide parking or having an Extreme Pass. That's also what I was referring to when I said he'd have to do a little convincing at Great Adventure. I called both parks and had to talk to numerous people to get an answer. Great Adventure had never heard of an Extreme Pass and said if there was such a thing, it would not be valid at their park. Magic Mountain had NO idea if it would work at other parks or not. So, I decided against it because it seemed to be like a huge hassle for only four parks.
I was at Gradv on Sunday and I didn't get a Flashpass as all coasters were running multiple trains and they were dispatching at a fast pace. There was no ride that I waited more than 15 mins for all day. They definitely got there sh*t together this year. They are moving 35 trains per hr on Eltoro and even Rolling thunder is racing with 4 trains, KK has been running great also with 4 trains.

Oh that's good to hear. I'm going there in a couple weeks, so hopefully I'll be able to say the same about my experience. Thankfully, I always go to that park early in the season when the queues aren't too long yet.
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That is interesting as the parking pass IS for Prefered parking at SFGAm. Odd how each park is a little different though. It does say that it is good at all Six Flags parks. I think I remember that even included Kentucky Kingdom. But there you pay the toll to park and go to guest relations and they reimburse you.

It was my understanding when I ordered my pass for SF America that the parking pass was only good there. Any other extras were also only good for that park, so I just ordered the regular play pass that should at least get me into any other SF. Just like the bring a friend for free days they love to advertise... Anybody else notice those are only good for the park where you get your pass? Come on guys, it's Six Flags, you know they're gonna sock it to ya wherever they can!

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You do get one bring a friend free for any SF park. I didn't get any from my CF or Lake Compounce season passes and I paid more for both of them
The last time I bought a Six Flags Season Pass was in 2003 when I bought Kentucky Kingdom's Pass. (Which at the time was actually CHEAPER than their One-Day Admission!) I used the pass at Astroworld (:( RIP :( ) and They let me park for free. Bear in mind that was four years ago and things may have changed since then.

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