USH VIP Tours.

Tuesday, April 12, 2005 12:25 AM
Gonch can, so why can't I?

Actually, back before the end of the year, I took a survey for USH. One of the things I signed up for was the ability to take more surveys by email, and I just got my first one. I won't post a link because it was sent specifically to me, but it didn't say anything about discussing the contents.

USH is thinking about another studio tram tour where you go to 3 different sets and are allowed to walk around the sets for 15 minutes each, taking pics and such.

I took the tram tour out there and was amazed, but this could spice up something you've already done before, and I was thinking once I got home how cool it would be to actually explore the sets.

One drawback: Its likely they'll charge extra. I'd do it once I'm back at USH again (Solace next year?).


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