USF & Old Town First Time !!!!! 8/2/07

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We headed to Orlando at about 6 in the morning from Interlachen and decided to brave the rain at USF. We arrived at about 9 am right at opening to a steady rain and steady flow of people. We actually thought the park would be dead because of the rain but it wasn't.

The first ride we decided to ride was Revenge of the Mummy. This ride was a walk on and thank God it was because that's another really long que. The theming was incredible once again but the station was a little crowded once we got up there. The ride itself is fantastic. It's not intense but it's definatly smooth and fun. I expected the jerky ride that FOF gives but was surprised. I also love the trick scene with the ride op who turns into the mummy as well as diving through the fog, lights and fire. The bug effect was also done very well. It's not a great ride as a coaster but the theming and effects make it a blast. Overall 9/10.

Next we decided to ride Twister which had a 10 min wait. The preshow was ok nothing special but the ride itself was. I heard alot of negatives about this ride but after experiencing a real life tornado I have to say this rides good. I really felt like I was in a real tornado. The effects were great especially the rain, lightning and roof caving in above your head. The que theming was top of the line to. I love the car smashed into the house. Overall 10/10.

Next we went over to Woody Woodpecker's Nuthouse Coaster. We didn't think this was operating due to the rain but as we walked up we found a empty station and walk on ride. It was an ok coaster for what it is. It was also very smooth so I give it a 4/10.

Next we ventured over to ET which was also a walk on. I heard many bad things about this ride as well but I found it fun. I love the scenes through the forest because I really felt like I was in one. I also loved flying over the city and the way he recognizes your name at the end. Overall 9/10.

Next we headed over to Men In Black which had a 10 min wait. This ride has nice theming but compared to everything else it's just meh. The ride however is fun but not great. I have never really been a fan of these shooters because my gun never works and if it does I suck. My score was around 45,000 which wasn't great but oh well. The effects are nicely done though. Overall 7/10.

Next we ventured over to Jaws which had a half hour wait. This is yet another ride that I heard alot of negatives about. This was a great ride. So what the movies dated it was fun. I love how the tour guide on the boat gets all into it. I wish I remembered his name because I would have givin him a compliment at guest relations. The effects are a little dated to but it was still a blast. I loved the fryed shark in the end. Overall 8/10.

Next up we went to Earthquake which had an hour wait. First let me say that this line takes forever and was full by the time we rode. I'm assuming the people after me waited around 3 hrs. This ride has a really long preshow which wasn't that interesting. If they get rid of that it would increase capacity. The ride itself is pretty fun. I really felt like I was driving in a subway and the effects were well done. I loved the broken water main and derailed train. Overall 7/10.

Next up it was time for Shrek 4D which had a 15 min wait. This is another long preshow but it was well worth it I loved it. They need to give Earthquake one like this. As for the ride it was amazing. The effects were well done and the interaction with the crowd was great. I also loved the storyline. I've never seen the movies though. Is this a side story from the film? Overall 10/10.

Next we ventured over to Jimmy Neuton 3D. This ride had about a 45 min wait. This was an interesting ride. It had some nice effects and I liked the way you went through scenes from the Nick shows of your childhood, or at least mine since I'm 20. I liked the ride it was alot of fun but I just felt like it needed 3D glasses or 4D effects or something. Overall 7/10.

Next we went over to Terminator 3D. This ride had about a 20 min wait. As for the ride/show it was alright. I have sensitive ears so I wasn't thrilled about the M-16 or Shotgun blasts from the live actors but I survived. It was neat now the actors went into the screen. I didn't really like the story though and I didn't have much enhancement from the 3D glasses. Overall 7/10.

At this time the rain had started to stop so we decided to go back to mummy. The line was 45 mins however and we didn't want to wait in the airconditioned que so we left and went over to IOA. We went over to Dueling Dragons again but the wait was out of the castle so we went over to Spiderman only to find an hour wait. As a last ditch effort we went over to Poisidon's Fury but the next tour didn't start for 45 mins so we left since we were cold, wet and tired.

On the way back we decided to stop at Old Town since it's only 15 mins from USF. By this time the rain stopped completely so we went over to Windstorm. They told us it was closed until it dried off so went looked around some shops.

I must say that we were overely impressed with the shops at Old Town. There's a magic shop, african shop, nascar shop, candy shop, weapons shop, toy shop and gun shop among other things. We spent about 2 hours just browsing through things. After looking at all the shops we went back to the actual park and saw that Windstorm had opened.

First we rode the Dragon Wagon though because they let adults ride. It was a credit what more can I say except a crowd of people gathered to laugh at us. Overall 3/10.

Next we went over to Windstorm. This was a smooth ride and pretty fun. I just don't see what all the hype is over that diving turn. Did it have forces yes was it like early B&M's no. Overall 5/10.

USF is a great park that everyone should visit and Old Town was a surprise on the trip. It's worth a visit for the shopping and the 2 credits. You'll expect to spend an hour but end up there for 3. Next up Pedro's and Blue Diamond.

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