USF & IOA, 9/3 Before Hurricane

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With Hurricane Frances right off the coast, my office and University (UCF) were closed Thursday and Friday. After waking up on Friday, and getting tired of watching news coverage, I remembered Universal would be open until 6.

So I headed out around 1:30, and over to Winn Dixie for some last minute hurricane supplies (i.e. beer), and then over to the park. Initially I wondered if I made the right decision, giving up a pretty safe parking spot and using about 3 gallons of gas round-trip.

I pulled into the garage around 2:30, it was very empty. The few of us walking into the park couldn't help but feel like pseudo-rebels (insert Kill Bill walking music).

I went to the Hulk first, which turned into a surprising 15 minute wait (because of a 5 min. rain delay and single train operation). Then I passed Spiderman (5 min. wait... yes that's right, I passed it) for Dudley Do-Right, which was a walk-on. The only downside of going on was that it soaked my hair, making my hair products run into my eyes. Ouch.

Then I went over to Dueling Dragons, walk-on. While in the very short queue I talked to a father and son from England. While discussing some of the parks in England with them, the father said one funny thing about Blackpool: "They only have like one ride... but its 300 feet tall". I wouldn't really get on him about the height thing (235 I believe), but doesn't Blackpool have like 12 coasters and a ton of rides? Oh well. Also, they both said that DD was much better than Nemesis.

By that time it was 4. So I walked over to USF and got my 2nd ride (since opening weekend) on the Mummy (15 min.). The special effects were better than I remember, and the coaster part was more smooth than I remembered... but also seemed shorter. However, the airtime was great, and the banking on the turns was perfect.

It was a fun hour and a half.

This is the guy, behind the guy, behind the guy

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