URL's for photos of area 51

Saturday, September 21, 2002 3:44 PM
If anyone can help i would like to a compilation of websites that have pictures of cedar points new ride site. Give the url / www.whatever.com so i can list them all on my favorites list. After looking at a thousand posts here and at GTTP I can't remember them all so please help.

Mr. Leif Garrett

Saturday, September 21, 2002 3:49 PM
www.virtualmidway.com has a very nice section devoted to the development and construction of this new coaster.

The ice age killed the dinosaurs, we killed ourselves.

Saturday, September 21, 2002 4:39 PM
Here, 365 photos of Area 51 for yah!

Lake Compounce-So Fresh and So Clean Clean

Saturday, September 21, 2002 6:24 PM
Smart alec, you knew what he meant. :) Funny though

(In cyberspace no one can hear you scream)


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