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For those who havent seen it, Jeff (thanks) added some photos I took of a hard hat tour (sans Hard Hat) this past weekend.. Its looking pretty impressive:


The full archive of my weekend shots can be found here:


Definitely looking monstrous already.

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I'm a fan of this one, because it shows how huge the support is (or how tiny Ken is).

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That support is only five feet tall. It's Ken who is tiny ;)

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Why did I expect Moosh to be the first to latch onto Jeff's set up.

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Because you know I love you? : )

Great photos Ken!

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Good lord. Next thing we know, you'll be hugging the supports... :)

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Do I hear wedding bells? :)

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Thanks for the next idea Raven.. I will make note of that and send the photo to you :)

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Superman ride of steel at Darien Lake and Great American both bank to either the left or right following the drop depending on which park you or anyone else is at, so I have to wonder how the 270 degree turn around will be. I really enjoy the immediate bank turn on ROS so to to do an even bigger bank at even faster speeds is exciting and pretentious. I like the photo too, that is linked to Jeff's response, it is clear how grand in size this coast will be. Very cool!

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Thanks.. That was my intent.. I really wanted scale to be apparent. Well that and it will probably be one of the last times I can get a shot like that in that area. :)

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ridemcoaster said:
Thanks for the next idea Raven.. I will make note of that and send the photo to you :)

Well? I've been checking my inbox...

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Ha! This past weekend was VT football. Watching us bulldoze Boston College was my priority. I do hope to get back there this coming weekend.

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Dude. I thought of you when I saw that. It was a freaking massacre.

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Yes it was, but I enjoyed.

A view of the massacre from my seat


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Great set of photos!

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Sure seemed like a massive amopunt of track sitting on the lot during the PPP trip...(yes, it was the PPP trip - involved significant driving, LOL).

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Haha it's kind of like Arrow Corner at MM, only Intamin Corner at KD!

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Raven-Phile said:
Good lord. Next thing we know, you'll be hugging the supports... :)




Also I posted all latest images after the top-off.


Unfortunately it was muddy and overcast so im not totally happy with the photos. I will submit some of the good ones to the CB archive soon.

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Worst. Pictures. Evah! ;)

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