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What are your thoughts on the various rides coming out this year? Which one are you most excited for and why? Which one do you think will be the best and why? Discuss below!

My thought is that no one will be able to agree on any of those things.

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It's like asking what your favorite restaurant is, and why. This kind of discussion is not what CoasterBuzz is all about. :)

Tarom and Wildfire are the main two for me. It's nice to have two really exciting new coasters opening in Europe...

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The reason the DW ride is called "Lightning Rod" is to spark discussion and excitement...it's working!

You still have Zoidberg.... You ALL have Zoidberg! (V) (;,,;) (V)

I'm excited to ride Lightning Rod and Phobia for the new coasters. I also can't wait to finally ride banshee since i haven't been to KI since diamond back opened.

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I'm excited about Mako. Drove by yesterday and the lift looks about 80% topped out. They also have the MCBR done. its going to be really distracting driving on I-Drive when this opens.

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All about Lightning Rod.

But that's pretty obvious.

Less obvious, Mako is going to be the sleeper hit. It's currently suffering from "been there done that" syndrome because it's a pretty average looking B&M hyper. But unless it's terrible (unlikely) it could still hit the 30s or 40s of the CBuzz Top 100 at least.

my thoughts is about Valravn, the new ride at Cedar Point in which will be this newest rollercoaster for the 2016 season. Valravn is the one thing that will be the most exciting attraction for this year for me to see, the reason why I chose that ride, because it will be the most thrilling roller coaster to see Point. I think that the Valravn will be the best attraction, because that will attract a lot more guests to go to Cedar Point.

I'm most excited for Valravn and Lightning Rod, mostly because they're the two I'm most likely to make it on this year. Overall 2016 looks like a great year for new coasters though

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Definitely Lightning Rod b/c it's the most unique. As to Valravn, I can't get that excited about it, even if it's breaking records, having ridden two dive coasters. Most of the Six Flags offerings look pretty dismal, with the exception of The Joker. That one looks pretty interesting. http://www.upsdownsandupsidedown.com/


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LIghtning Rod for me. Add to that the fact that we're 95% certain to ride it this year, and we're beyond pumped.

Valravn: It's a forgone conclusion, being our home park. I'm expecting it to be fun and re-ridable, and to take a lot of spins on it. But not something I would have made a special trip for if it was far away.

Mako: I'm not sure what to think. I stay in a hotel across the street from Sea World a few times a year for work. But never with enough free time to justify the entrance fee for a single day, or the cost of a season pass. So I've gotten plenty of looks at Manta, and soon Mako, but will probably not ride them this year.

@Gamerguy, finally getting on Banshee, get ready coaster perfection! I've never ridden a better engineered, more complete rollercoaster. (No I haven't ridden Fury 325 yet)

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For right now, Valravn is the leading roller-coaster that I am looking forward to most in 2006. When they announce what they're doing to Hulk, I might have a tie.

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2006? Did you get a Delorean?


Valravn: As my home park is Cedar Point, I am most excited for Valravn because of obvious reasons that should be obvious. Plus, SheiKra is my 10th favorite coaster, while Griffon is my 14th, and I absolutely love dive coasters, mostly because they're so unique.

Lightning Rod: I will be taking a trip to Dollywood this year for the first time in about 3 years to get some laps on this. The ride just looks absolutely insane. All of the airtime that'll be on that thing, the launch that will be more intense than it looks due to the incline, the quadruple down. Only thing is that it looks almost too short.

Taron: No way will I be able to ride this in the foreseeable future, but a heavily themed Intamin blitz coaster? I'd shell out $20 per ride on that thing if I had to.

The other rides I don't have too much of an oppinion on, but of all that I didn't mention, Wildfire looks the best.

And if an obvious reason isn't obvious then I don't know what is. (obviously)

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Dolly will be seeing me this year. Also Fury (yes I know pre-2016), going to swing through Carowinds and hop on it too since I was last there prior to it existing.

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I definitely think Lightning Rod and Wildfire look the best, but I think Storm Chaser isn't getting enough attention. Now that I've seen the elements that ride will have and how they actually look, I think that ride looks phenomenal. Those off axis airtime hills looks great and that 140 degree overbank looks insane. I think people will be blown away after riding that thing. It looks much better than joker imo.

Here's some of the new coasters i will get to this year.

Total mayhem
Lightning rod
Storm chaser
Gale force

New to me coasters this year
Lightning run
Fire chaser express

I can't seem to get excited about valravn because i found Griffin and sheikra boring except for the first drop. I also think cp could have gotten a much better coaster for their money than an overpriced B&M. IMO the park needs an airtime coaster like eltoro which was almost half the cost of valravn.

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How are B&M's overpriced, and compared to what?

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