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Friday, June 9, 2017 5:57 PM

I am trying to find information on a ride I had the pleasure of experiencing many years ago, but I don't remember the name of it. Was hoping you guys (and girls) might know something.

The ride was set up in a similar car configuration to a break dance or rodeo, but the cars were suspended below the ride instead of on a platform. If I remember correctly, the cars spun independently AND in a circle on the arms AND in a large circle for the "circuit". It had the feeling of being on a large scrambler/tilt a whirl hybrid, but in the air and seemingly VERY fast.

Ringing any bells for anyone? It wasn't a Cobra, but I just saw a Cobra, and it reminded me of this ride I'm talking about.

Friday, June 9, 2017 6:52 PM


Friday, June 9, 2017 7:44 PM


Friday, June 9, 2017 8:29 PM

Tekwardo, it was very similar to an Orbiter, but I'm not sure that's it. It COULD be, but I swear the cars themselves spun too. I could be wrong on that though. I wasn't exactly sure what the hell happened during the ride cycle. It was simple but intensely dizzying and fun.

Friday, June 9, 2017 8:44 PM

Polyp? Hershey had one.


I rode this Parkour at Munich Oktoberfest. It sounds like what you're describing but there's only one touring in Europe.


Where did you ride this ride, dear? And under what substance induced state?

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Friday, June 9, 2017 8:50 PM

I think it WAS an Orbiter or a scary knockoff, but now I want to ride Parkour too!

I was totally sober. Only ever been remotely impaired at an amusement park or carnival twice (almost vomited on a fellow Buzzer on Screamin Swing after a few beers at Chickie and Pete's though. Hehehe...). It was just such a disorienting ride and was so long ago that I cannot clearly recall it anymore.

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Friday, June 9, 2017 9:13 PM

How bout this?


A super, inverted version of the Orbiter. No spinny cars, but the legs dangle.

Saturday, June 10, 2017 1:49 AM

NOPE, but you and Tek are closest. I have a feeling I rode a cheesy copy of an Orbiter. Or weirdly painted or something. I want to say it was all black and green.

Saturday, June 10, 2017 2:07 AM

It WAS an Orbiter. Found the company that supplies the rides for that particular fair, and they have an Orbiter.

They need to bring that back this year. I wanna ride it again. One of the faster spin and pukes I've ever been on for sure.

Saturday, June 10, 2017 6:57 AM

Yeah theres always one at our local fairs. I rode one with my friend last year but I'm just not cut out for that much spinning.

Saturday, June 10, 2017 5:30 PM

I can spin for a freakishly long time, always have been able to. I don't know why. We did an experiment in one of our classes in college to see how long people could spin, and I had double the amount of time as my classmates.

Friday, June 16, 2017 8:22 PM

that parkour ride looks like it would be great fun. i would love a ride like that!

I am wondering if he is thinking of the monster ride. There are rides similar to the lobster at great america that have spinning cars on them.

Saturday, June 17, 2017 1:47 AM

I was just looking at youtube, and I think I found the ride you are looking for. It is called the Octopussy.

If you get on Youtube and do a search for "Octopussy ride Mark". you will get a video of it. It is very similar to the lobster ride at Great America. (I think its called the east river crawler now.) Anyways, you will see that it is a very fast ride. Europe sure has some amazing carnival rides. They also have some very unusual rides, one that looks like a giant bell, and is similar to a carnival fireball. Seems like a huge waste of money, but thats what people do when they want to be different.

I also found a very cool spinning roller coaster haunted house. It is a portable coaster, and sets up at fairs. Very good scary stuff inside, including people dressed up to scare the riders. Never seen anything like it. though it looked like one heck of a lot of fun. It was also a long ride for a carnival.

Saturday, June 17, 2017 3:25 PM

Not sure of your location, but you can look at various ride companies in your state, and see if various companies have one, then find their route and go ahead an get on it.


Saturday, June 17, 2017 8:12 PM

john peck said:
Not sure of your location....

Now, that's funny!

Friday, June 23, 2017 3:10 AM

I was going to start a new topic for this, but decided to throw it in here to keep the boards cleaner.

Has anyone seen this ride before, called the Tourbillon by ABC Rides from Switzerland? I just came across some youtube videos of it and it is wild! Here's where you can get the PDF of the specs (under thrill rides)


And here's one of the youtube vids of a Hong Kong model:


Friday, June 23, 2017 9:04 AM

bunky - there's a permanent installation of an Orbiter at Lake Winnie (not TOO far from Dollywoood when you go for Lightning Rod). ;~)

Saturday, July 1, 2017 2:51 PM

GooDFeLLoW said:

Has anyone seen this ride before, called the Tourbillon by ABC Rides from Switzerland?

Video of the Tourbillon first made the rounds two years ago almost to the day of your post.


It's also one of the flat rides included in Parkitect,

Saturday, July 1, 2017 4:28 PM

It's in Planet Coaster as well, with a dubstep soundtrack by default. :)

Saturday, July 1, 2017 5:40 PM

See? It's downright mainstream at this point.

Wonder how long before one shows up in the US?


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