Unused German nuclear plant used as theme park

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The Wunderland Kalkar in Germany has everything that a theme park should possess – log flume, swings, a big wheel - and a nuclear power station.

Read more from metro.co.uk.

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If you go to the park page and open up the map, it's pretty weird to see the overhead. It's like someone stamped the outline of an amusement park on the outline of a nuclear plant.

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I'd hate to be on that Star Flyer if a cable broke - the fall to the death isn't my worry - it's being scraped along the inside of the cooling tower wall.

Its like they took a scenario right out of Roller Coaster Tycoon!

Bolliger/Mabillard for President in '08 NOT Dinn/Summers

They need some Homer Simpson theming.

Do we get to see glowing people at night? J/K

Yeah have seen that park before just because I was looking for Star Flyer installations. Wonder how close you get to the edges...

So is the Star Flyer the only thing in the reactor?

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CoasterDaddy said:
So is the Star Flyer the only thing in the reactor?

What an odd-sounding question when taken out of context. :)

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It's not in the reactor, it's in the cooling tower. The reactor itself isn't likely big enough to house anything other than a Frog Hopper.

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I've been there (big surprise, right?) -- it's awesome.

Though it appears they've renamed it. It used to be Kernie's Familienpark...


The cooling towers that many people associate with nuclear plants are not unique to nuclear plants or required by them.

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