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Wednesday, August 8, 2001 10:44 AM
After going to 4 good little parks I guess I was spoiled when going to SFNE the following day. We got our fastlane passes this is the best system ever done. Season pass holders get in an hour early, so I figured we could get a few rides on SROS then. No the left side of the park was open only. The Time wrap, Blizzard River, and Cyclone. The woddie which opened at 9:25 was terrible. It hurt and my legs already ached from early in the week didn't feel much better after this. I metioned that the LC rapids was the best ever. I decided to go on the River because there was nothing else really running. The whole mist tunnels and fast moving water. This is something I could of gone on over and over except it was only at 75 degrees then and I was a little cold. So then my sister and I decided to go to the rope drop for SROS. Our parents were going to get there but not run with everyone else.

This is the dumbest thing(so far of the day) I saw about 15 people holding hands so they wouldn't get separtated. When we got to the entrance for Super Hero Land, we all stopped and I accidently hit the girl in front of me. She was an acer and said "It's not your fault." Then when the line started I was pushed into a middle age woman on my right. About 5 feet later, I felt a 2-hander to my back by some guy with a Boston accent. I was about to say something but he was bigger than me so I just ran ahead to Superman. After all that my sister and I were on the 3rd train out in the back seat. They have a seperate que area in the station for the front and the back but the 2nd and next to last seats are over there too. I remember waiting for my parents to come watching a train with the 2nd seat empty! Even worse for those people behind us there was no shade in the que line at all. They definately had a guy selling bottled water for 2.50 though. Now onto Superman, one of the best rides ever built, this ride was absolutely amazing. Better than Darien's with the mist tunnels and insane helixes.

Then the Joker's Wildcard, a bad wipeout ride where I didn't move over at all. After hopping on Poison Ivy's train, we were getting hungry. The Riverboat Cafe near the middle part of the park was a good choice with shaded seating. I guess shade is not a priority in New England. Rode SROS again with our fastpass, walked right on. We then took our fastpass ride on Scream. Great S&S tower with both thrills combined.

After going in the Splash Zone of the Ship Wreck Falls, we had a frozen pepsi over by Flashback. I was going to wait for it but with an hour wait and no shade there I passed. Had fun in the big fountain near the Looney Tunes section, they need more of these in the park. Now we had to waste time before going on the Minderaser, so we hit the Big Wheel. When the wheel was unloading, I noticed that a woman was smoking in one of the cars. I metioned it to the ride op who said "I will handle it" He did absolutely nothing. From the top I noticed that SROS wasn't running, then my sister pointed out that there were ambulances lined up near the station. We couldn't really tell anything else from up there.

Rode on Minderaser, another terrible Vekoma creation but at least it is on my list. Then we walked back over to Superman to see what was happening. I asked an older couple over by Night Wing if they saw what happened. They told me that the one train was going up the lift hill and then it fell back down and hit the other train in the station. I believed them and figured it was true. A couple ACE friends came down and I told them what the couple told me. As I was doing that a reporter from a Hartford paper interviewed me and asked if i saw it. I gave my 2nd hand report and she said thanks. I noticed a news copter about 2 mins later. I picked up every Hartford paper and I didn't see me in there. I'm glad because my story isn't true anyway.

It was so hot and we rode everything we wanted by then anyway so I thought I would get a nice Superman shirt because it was such a great ride. The only Superman shirt they had was a white one with a little SROS logo and SFNE under it. For Scream they had 5 different kinds of shirts. 2nd best coaster in the world has 1 kind of shirt. I collect little pewter pins from the various six flags we were at, they didn't have any. Postcards no. Stuffed bear with park name on it that my mom has found everywhere no. Crushed coins with the name of rides on it no.(Only characters) Went to get a souvenir cup down near Superman, I was about to get it until I saw it said Six Flags America on it. I found a stuffed tiger in one store that said Six Flags Over Texas on it.

Probably the worst thing of the day is when my sister and I were looking at souveniers near the main gate. I was still looking at the Superman shirt and she started to walk out of the store. She was stopped by the employee and asked if she paid for the water bottle in her hand. The bottle was empty. Your telling me that a 13 year old girl would steal a bottle of water, open it, drink all of it, and put the lid back on all in that store. I was absolutely apolled by everything at this park.

My mom went to guest relations to fill out a complaint for about no shade and I went with her. Someone else was filling out a complaint about the smell of urine and feces while riding the lazy river at the water park. We told them we were season pass holders so they offered us half off admission coupons, WOW that really helps us. Once again just like sfwoa, I guess water is a premium in massachusettes too because trying to find water was a mistake here too.

Going back to the season pass prime time before the park opened, if you want to ride SROS the only day you can is Wed. On Sat and Sun you can enter the water park at 10 and not 11 WOW

I have heard many Six Flags horror stories but this is by far the worst Six Flags I have ever been to in my life.
Wednesday, August 8, 2001 7:09 PM
no, Cyclone IS NOT a terrible ride. You have to know how to handle INSTENSE coasters, Ive rode it 48 or more times since april 21st and I never get bored of it and i dont have a single bruise on me in fact the ride is voted the number 25 best coaster in the world by the golden ticket awards. Did you sit in the back? that is the most rough but its still great there. Its the closest will ever get to the crystal beach Cyclone. so please some love for it.
Wednesday, August 8, 2001 7:14 PM
oh and you are exaggerating a little! this is one of the cleanest! go to SFGADV. and you will agree with me. oh and why did you not ride Thunderbolt? [the small wood coaster to the right of scream]
Wednesday, August 8, 2001 7:20 PM
Sorry I forgot to add the Thunderbolt, it was a good ride. I was a little dissapointed when the front seat was empty a couple times because the ride op didn't let enough people on the station. When did I say the park was dirty. I went to SFGAdv too. I thought they were clean but lacked in many other categories.
Wednesday, August 8, 2001 9:37 PM
i just dont understand how this was the worst SF youve been to. where did you sit on Cyclone? oh and its the trians that are making the ride bumpy the old trains it used to have were smoother but had no padding.
Wednesday, August 8, 2001 9:53 PM
I did ride towards the back i think 4th from the back. If it is a good ride then theres no such thing as knowing how to ride an intense coaster. You should enjoy every coaster in any way.
Wednesday, August 8, 2001 11:01 PM
admit though, it gave you some crazy surprises back there huh? thats the power of the ride the front is smoother though. In 2002 they are re tracking the rest of the ride. im not sure if this is a good thing, it sounds like you have not ridden Cyclone in the past without the brakes that six flags has put on it and the old first drop it had up until this year. It was pure insanity, but its like SF to ruin the classics just look at Rolling Thunder at SFGADV. and The Great American Scream Machine at the same park. For this I have a strong crudge at SF. They just dont understand.
Thursday, August 9, 2001 6:53 PM
I agree with you on "Rotting Lumber" And your right if I would have rode the Cyclone when it was still Riverside, I may not have the same opinion.

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