University of Central Florida has theme park specialty

Posted Friday, November 3, 2006 9:27 AM | Contributed by Jeff

The University of Central Florida has reserved a rare space in higher education for theme park junkies as the only school in the United States where you can specialize in theme park and attraction management. Professors at UCF's Rosen School of Hospitality take ''Walt Disney Sabbaticals'' and publish scholarly articles about managing long lines.

Read more from The Miami Herald.

Friday, November 3, 2006 10:18 AM
I just wish they'd stop asking for me to come in as a guest lecturer... ;)
Friday, November 3, 2006 1:17 PM
Is this really something you can learn in school? This seems more of a learn by doing, not writing scholarly treatises.

Plus, isn't the job market for this pretty small?
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Friday, November 3, 2006 4:48 PM
Hmm. I'm in the wrong department.
Friday, November 3, 2006 5:59 PM
The job market is small, too damn small, if you ask me. But I'm all for something like this. It would have been nice to recieved more specialized training than the Government degree I got.
Friday, November 3, 2006 6:17 PM
Is the employment rate low in this kind of department?

Friday, November 3, 2006 9:00 PM
^ Yes. It's very, very competitive.
Saturday, November 4, 2006 12:22 AM
I go to this school and it is amazing for internships and job opportunities. I went to the career fair last week and it was bigger than the one Cornell does for its hospitality program. The professors all have an excellent background. My theme park management course is taught by a GM that worked for Disney and Pleasure Island for years. I am working at IOA and planning to continue there on an internship. Very nice article. The campus is so small that I know most of the people mentioned... and we will be taking a trip to CA this December! It's nice being within a 10 minute drive of virtually 7 different parks. It really helps with doing research, interviews, projects and field trips for class.
Saturday, November 4, 2006 1:17 AM
Hey, I also go to UCF coasterzak, small world :P.. I've been here for over a year and have never had a single class in the Rosen College of Hospitality. It's pretty much a separate entity from the main UCF campus. It's nice to know that the option is available if I ever make the decision to leave the engineering scene..

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