Universial Studios/IOA Winter Vacation Deals

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I've recently returned to the coaster/park arena (full-time job with benefits helps!) and am looking for some advice. I have not been to Universal or Islands of Adventure and am looking to see when during the late fall/winter would be best to go in terms of pricing and crowds. Pricing is most important. It would like be just me and my significant other.

What sites would you recommend to check for deals?

Thanks so much!

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If you look at the on-property hotel pricing combined with the hours the parks are open, you can get a pretty good feel for how busy the place is. If you're looking at fall/winter, the week immediately following Thanksgiving is a pretty good time to go. Certain weeks in January are good too, but you won't get the holiday stuff, if that's important to you.

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Definitely avoid the parks during the week between Christmas and New Years. In fact, during that week, I'd avoid the entire state of Florida.

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Thanks! I definitely wasn't planning on between Christmas and New Years. I'm saving up PTO, so I'll definitely have time after Thanksgiving.

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