Universal's Epic Universe will open in 2023

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Universal's new theme park, Epic Universe, is expected to open in Orlando in 2023. That bit of information was revealed Thursday during a Comcast earnings call.

Read more from Spectrum News 13/Orlando.

I’m surprised they are shooting for 2023, always thought opening was going to be 2024/25.

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I worry with that quick A timeline That they will throw premade carnival rides in Prefab metal buildings with some scenery painted on them,Permanent Que's. Any custom rides will not open @ park opening (can you say Star Wars).

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I can, in fact, say "Star Wars." Are you insinuating that the Millennium Falcon ride is a well themed Tilt-A-Whirl or something?

Universal historically works much faster than Disney on construction projects, and they don't tend to halfass stuff.


Was just insinuating that one of the Custom A ticket rides was not open at Grand Opening of Area.

My Point was That the Area will open in the time frame specified (hopefully) But I doubt all the rides will be open @ Park open

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