Universal/IOA Halloween Horror Nights - Worth It?

Wednesday, October 6, 2004 12:23 AM
My wife and I and a few friends will be down in Orlando later this month, and we're wondering if the Horror Night will be worth the $55 price tag (which apparently only includes about 4-5 rides). It seems pretty spread out and terrifying, but me giving halloween an apathetic "meh" on my scale of fun, I don't know if I can justify that price for an oversized haunted house.

Any thoughts from those more familiar with the event?

Wednesday, October 6, 2004 12:44 AM
I like you do not get too excited over Halloween, and allthough I have never been I can tell you this park has one of the premier, if not the premier halloween party. I suggest you go to see it, just to experience the best of the best.
Wednesday, October 6, 2004 12:45 AM
I'm sure it's no Grinchmas! :) Seriously, I can't imagine them not going all out, but I won't get down there in time.
Wednesday, October 6, 2004 1:17 AM
I haven't done a whole lot of park Halloween events, but HHN in just so over the top ridiculous fun that it's must see.

I dig halloween though, so maybe I'm biased.

Oversized haunted house is what most parks do - this is an event. There's a reason they can charge $55 for entry.

Wednesday, October 6, 2004 1:27 AM
My girlfriend and I have been to HHN the past two years it was held at IOA. The haunted houses are beyond belief... definitely the best I have ever experienced. The attention to detail is amazing. But more importantly, the entire park is themed in unbelievable ways. I won't ruin any surprises... it has to be seen to be believed!

That said, the park gets very packed. I know they claim to limit ticket sales but I wonder what that limit is. Last year there was a constant hour+ line for Hulk and many of the haunted houses had waits in excess of 90 minutes. If you go, go for the experience and not because you want to go on a ton of rides.

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Wednesday, October 6, 2004 8:17 AM
You can find some pics and details here link

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Wednesday, October 6, 2004 10:46 AM
The cost of the event itself is worth it. I went last year and with 6 haunted houses plus scare zones, and awesome theming, it's a great Halloween event. But if the rides are more your thing, you probably should plan to go during the day only and enjoy both parks completely. HHN only has a portion open and the main attractions should be the haunted houses and the theming, and they were clearly among the best houses I've ever walked through. I only wish I could get a copy of the oundtrack they used at Toon Lagoon. The warped cartoon music was great!
Wednesday, October 6, 2004 12:25 PM
I fly down from Ohio every year specifically to go to HHN. In my book it is a can't miss event. If you are already in town, it is absolutely worth the money.

Like others have stated though, Halloween is my favorite holiday and I love horror movies. If you aren't into these types of things, I would still recommend seeing it, simply to be amazed by the amount of production that goes into it.

Be aware of the following:

1) It will be busy, especially between 8-11 on weekends. It is very easy to have lines reach 90-120 minutes during peak times.

2) The atmosphere is much more adult oriented. More alcohol, and is often too frightening for young children. Touchdown is right, it is a huge party atmosphere, and complete with a (finally returning)Mardi Gras style parade.

3) If you go to one of the parks during the day, you can "add-on" a HHN ticket for reduced cost.

4) You will be chased by someone with a chainsaw at some point during the night.

Wednesday, October 6, 2004 2:11 PM
Alcohol consuption was pretty rampant. I remember people really getting blasted because the stands are located every fifteen feet or so. Not that I'm one to speak out about alcohol consumption but at a park it should be limited... and if it is limited, then the rules should be enforced pretty strongly. When we left around 2am people seemed to be getting a little rowdy.

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