Universal Studios Hollywood reverts Harry Potter to 2D projection

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Universal Studios Hollywood has removed the 3-D special effect from its Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey ride only eight months after the attraction opened as the centerpiece of the park’s most expensive expansion.

Read more from The LA Times.

I haven’t ridden the 3D version, but I’ve never felt that the Florida version really needed 3D. I wonder if they’ll also make the switch to 2D in Japan.

You know, when I heard Cali's HP ride would be 3D I was disappointed and somewhat dismayed. I thought the Florida version was so effective without it, and it was almost like they had to work that much harder to make it realistic. And it payed off. The "live" scenes were quite immersive and the transitions from live to film and back again were rather seamless. I wondered how adding 3D to a darned near perfect ride could make it better.
...I guess it didn't.

I was ok with Gringotts having 3D because it was mostly all film anyway. And that ride, over the other, had a "been there, done that" quality to it. In my opinion the IOA ride is still the one to beat.

Have to say I was at first overwhelmed by the Gringott's experience, but the middle section of it was actually a disappointment. You absolutely can not understand what is happening with Voldemort and Bellatrix. The preshow is amazing, and the initial "scene", once in the cart is well done. The rest of it, while "cool", didn't leave me wanting to do it again like HPaTFJ.

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