Universal Studios Hollywood questioned for watering habits during drought

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It wasn’t in the forecast, but rain fell this week on the 101 Freeway near Barham Boulevard in Universal City in the form of manmade precipitation from a sprinkler on the freeway hillside caught on cellphone video. NBCUniversal said Friday that a broken sprinkler head was gushing water, and it’s been fixed.

Read more from KCBS/LA.

Yeah everybody out here has become the sprinkler police. However the number one water wasters are the state and the municipalities. Every time someone clips a fire hydrant in San Diego it's a minimum of an hour and a half to two hours before the city crews come out and shut it down. That's a hellva lot of water that is going straight into the ocean.

How Is the state and municipalities responsible for people striking water hydrants? Ever think there was a reason it takes them awhile to get to a hydrant to fix it? Maybe waiting on parts or working on other pre planned projects? Not to mention hydrants usually don't leak after being hit by car. They have bolts that shear off. Very rarely do I ever see leaking after being struck by a car. Maybe they design them differently in Ohio. Now if you said they were watering their grass I would buy into your blame.

My comment was in reference to the fact that water authority crews take their sweet time shutting off the water lines that feed the sheared off hydrant, They also behave the same way when a water main fails. It would appear that there is no "emergency response team" when it comes to what amounts to potentially catastrophic loss of a precious resource, A resource which everyone in this state is supposed to be doing their part to conserve.

No emergency team was there it was so horrifying experience for me.

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