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Saturday, March 16, 2002 8:53 PM
I am too lazy to write two trip reports, so here are two trip reports mashed into one for my two days at Unversal Studios.

First off, the day a day, get a year free deal is great!!! It is the cost of one day's admission and gives you discounts at every restaurant and shop and gives you two for one for all the games. Anyways, here are my two days:
Terminator 2: 3D (First Day: 1, Second Day: 2) - The show is great and the plot is definitetly interesting. The host lady on Monday was much perkier than the host lady on Saturday, however, they both did a great job. They really add to the show. The 3-D effects were good and the surprise at the end (you know what I am talking about if you have experienced it) is a very nice touch. The Cyberdyne preshow was cool with all those futuristic technologies. I give Terminator 2: 3D 9.5/10
Water World (First Day: 1, Second Day: 0) - This show I had mixed feelings about. Everyone always talks about how great the show was (and everyone in my party also liked it), however, I would definitely not say it was as great as everyone makes it out to be. It is a good show with an interesting plot and great actors, however, some of the "less important" special effects just seemed a little on the cheesy side. Even though I have never seen the show before yet I knew basically what was going to happen the entire time, many of the better stunts surprised me. I give Water World 8/10
Back to the Future (First Day: 1, Second Day: 2) - Well, this ride gave me problems 2 out of the three times we rode it. The first day, the mist effects would not come on in our vehicle. Not only that, but there was a bug crawling on the projector making it so it looked like there was a large bug crawling on the screen. And to top things off, the picture quality just wasn't as good as on Saturday (and all three times, I was in the same simulator). Well, the third time was, well, memorable. I went as a volunteer for Special Olympics and one of the guys was way overweight and had mental problems and problems getting up and stuff. Well, it took forever to get this Special Olympics guy into the car and then getting him out took literally 5 minutes (since he has trouble getting up). We eventually got him on the floor and out of the car, but then we had 5 guys trying to lift him up (and he was not very happy). Once he got up, he was fine and just was able to walk away. I give Back to the Future 6.75/10
Jurassic Park (First Day: 1, Second Day: 1) - Well, the difference between JP between my two rides was basically night and day. The first time, everything worked properly with the car falling, the dinosaurs destroying the ceiling (going up the lift), and the dinosaur swinging out and roaring right before the drop. On my second time, none of those things happened. IT really ruined the ride. I rate Jurassic Park 7.5/10 when the dinosaurs are working and 5.5/10 when they are not.
E.T. Adventure (First Day:0, Second Day: 1) - Well, the first day, I waited in line for 20 minutes then, of course, the ride breaks down and they have us wait another 20 min and then break the ride again right after they fix it (and are still testing it) and tell everyone that the ride will have an "extended delay" and everyone would have to leave. The second day, I got to ride. The new preshow isn't anything spectacular, it just reenforces that this year is ET's 20th anniversary. The ride is fun and the theming is great, however, it is a ride once ride. I rate E.T. 6.5/10 (would have gotten the extra .5 if E.T. said my name [E.T. did say everyone else's in my group]).
Tram Tour (First Day: 1, Second Day: 0) - I haven't been to Universal Studios for ever since my last visits, but I just remembered the sound stage parts of the tram tour to be more exciting. I still like the tram tour, but I just remember it being better. Of course my favorite part of the tram tour (the Mummy Returns tunnel thing) was having mechanical difficulties and was not working. I give the Tram Tour 7/10.
The Mummy Returns Maze (First Day: 0, Second Day: 1) - I hate being a guy in these mazes, not one of the guys attempted to scare me . It just made the mazy boring. The theming was nice, but there was no story line or anything, it was very boring. We also had an interesting experience on this attraction. One of the Special Olympics guys got scared and accidentally kicked one of the employees and she had to go to the First Aid station (or possibly worse depending on what the First Aid people said) for the injury. I give the Mummy Returns Maze 3.75/10.
I know there is something that I am missing, but I don't know what it is. Maybe I'll think of it later. Universal Studios is a good park that would have the potential to be a great park if it was not for the annoying neighbors and the movie studio. The employees were friendly, the theming was great, the upkeep was very well done (except for mechanical problems on two rides), and the atmosphere is very cool. Universal Studios is definitely not a park that I would visit all the time, however, it is always fun to visit every once and awhile.
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