Universal Studios-Florida 2/17/04

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This was my 3rd trip to Universal Studios (my last one being just November with my kids!) but it was my fiance's 1st trip there so I was really excited.
The weather was misty, cloudy and around 60ish. FINE by us considering the crapola cold crappy winter (Ohio) we left behind! :) I knew US is perfect for less than perfect weather since the only attraction which is really outdoors is "Jaws". Personal favs for myself again had to be "Shrek", "Terminator", "Twister" and "Earthquake". Yea I know, that ride is antique but I still think it is cool, chalk that up to riding the NYC subways for so many years. My fiance liked "Terminator" best and I really enjoyed watching him jump out of his seat when good old Bruce jumped out of the water! ;)
The crowds were very light, the longest wait we had was for "Back to the Future". We saved ourselves around $600.00 ;) by packing our own lunch and drinks, and took advantage of the movie theatre there by ending our day seeing a movie.
The park was it's usual clean self, the employees were all wonderful. All in all we had alot of fun and looked forward to the next day to hit up Islands of Adventure.

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