Universal Studios 11/17

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Tuesday, December 9, 2003 12:23 AM
Great weather, light crowds. Terminator is strange after seeing T-3, but still loud. 9/10. Back to the Future is still rough. I hope that ride is in store for a re-hab after the Mummy opens. 5/10.

MIB is still the best ride on site. 10/10. I won of course. Jaws is a classic. 9/10. Earthquake. 7/10. Had lunch in New York with an italian grinder and caesar salad. 7/10. Back around front to Shrek. This is the new 4-D attraction all others are measured up to. 10/10. Fargin funny. Jimmy Neutron makes good use of old Hanna Barbara adventure. Should have had more footage of Spongebob. 7/10.

ET was the biggest wait of the day with one side open. 7/10. Most of the quests were in this area of the park. Plenty of characters were available for photos over here. I will see Animal Planet next time.

The best bet is to get the one year pass that has free parking, free cover charges, 15% off food, 20% off retail, and 10% off Citiwalk eateries. It was a good day.


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