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I was just browsing Michael Graves' (famous artist and designer of Disney's Swan Dolphin resort) website and it appears that his design firm (Michael Graves & Associates) has won the contest for planning the construction of the $5.3 Billion resort.

The website is all flash so I can't give a link to the correct page so here are the directions for a few renderings.

go to www.michaelgraves.com

click on planning

In the upper right part of the screen, roll over disciplines and click on planning in the menu that drops down.

Under featured projects, click on Sentosa.

Roll over the "images" icon on the lower left side of the screen and select the images.

You can faintly see the park in one of the images (I don't know if it is an accurate depiction in any way), but it's kind of cool to see what the resort will look like.

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It figures that they'd start on an amusement park after I move away. :(

Regardless, I've always maintained that it would be a good place for an amusement park since they used to have a water park there and some amusement-type attractions. This facility looks world class and it's about time Sentosa got a makeover since the rest of the country had been upgrading its facilities as well. Looks like it could be cool, with the only real competition being HK's Disneyland (still a 4 hour flight away).


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