Universal Orlando will increase starting pay to $17, add benefits

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Universal Orlando will increase starting pay from $15 to $17 an hour, as well as increase starting rates across the business and benefits, according to the letter posted to the company's employee website. The increases go into effect June 4, 2023.

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I think the biggest win here is that they will attract a larger candidate pool, which by extension means they can land better people. That's a pretty solid strategic move while Disney bickers with the unions across town.

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When I spent a long weekend at UOF back in January, I was very impressed with the staff in general. My previous visit was about 5 years earlier and I remember thinking that the “B Team” was working there with WDW gobbling up all the good folks.

However this visit was different and just about all of the staff I interacted with at UOF were engaged, friendly and professional, especially at the resort (Cabana Bay) we stayed at.

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100% H&B. My wife and I say it all of the time. Universal employees seem to actually enjoy their jobs unlike some other parks where they smile through gritted teeth at you.

This will certainly help them recruit as they staff up for Epic Universe.

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Food and beverage is still mostly B-team at UO. Ride operations has definitely improved since the pandemic started. Although, in not sure if they can fix B-team guests.

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No, this is the A-Team...

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When I worked there 20 years ago, they were a wonderful employer, with exception to the terrible pay (barely over minimum wage) and lack of benefits. I actually left because I couldn't keep my head above water, even sharing living expenses with four other people. If pay and benefits were better, I might still be working there today. I will say, everyone who worked there seemed to really enjoy the job. I miss it.

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