Universal Orlando, Sea World, and The Mummy! (Part I)

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Well, our family went again to Universal, because we were so impressed with it last time. The crowds were, suprisingly, only minimal-moderate the entire time we were there. We stayed onsite, at the Royal Pacific Resort. Anyways, on to the parks!

Islands Of Adventure, Part I

The Park: I love this park. It is heavily themed with rides for everyone. The employees always try to make everyone have a good time, and this really shows. No rides were down, even Dudley Do Right's was open. Overall: 9/10- Could use a few more rides.

The Rides:

The Cat In The Hat: Fun, fun, fun. I love this ride and I don't know why. Fun. Overall: 7/10

One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish: A nicely done Dumbo-type ride. Fun. Overall: 6/10

Dueling Dragons: I really don't like one more than the other- I can't decide which one is better. It seems like the dueling effect is most noticeable in Row Five. In the mornings, they would run one train on each side, but after an hour or two, add one train to each side.

Fire: Great airtime hill, but I'm not too hot on the Immelman inversion, but it does have the most intense layout, and the best ending. 8/10

Ice: Awesome Zero-G roll, espically when the dueling effect works well. It also has a good variation of inversions, but the ending is lackluster. 8/10

The Flying Unicorn: Um...Ouch. This thing is very rough for only being a kiddie coaster. 4/10 (Only for theming)

Jurassic Park River Adventure: This is probably the best ride of its kind. Heavily themed, this ride always scares first-time riders. All of the dinosaurs were working on my trip. And, you usually don't get too terribly wet. Yay! 9/10

Camp Jurassic: Fun little play area for kids- it takes a long time to discover it all. Not rated.

Dudley Do Right's Ripsaw Falls: This ride was open during my trip, to my great happiness and suprise. It's a great log flume. There is no noticeable change on the drop- it actually seems like you are going faster than usual. You get soaking wet, and sometimes that's really nice. Could use a little more theming. 8.5/10

Me Ship, The Olive: Fun small play area, and it's always fun to shoot the free water squirters at the people on the ride. Not rated.

Popeye and Bluto's Bilge-Rat Barges: Best rapids ride ever. You get soaking, and it's very fun and fast. 10/10

The Amazing Adventures of Spiderman: Great ride, and even better with the Universal Japan's ride movements. A ride just can't improve on this. Well, except for the Mummy.

Dr. Doom's Fearfall: Standard S&S Space Shot. Nice airtime. 7/10

The Incredible Hulk Coaster: I was assigned the back row for both of my rides, and the second one was not pleasant. It was pretty darn rough, and I see nothing special about it, other than the launch. 7/10

  • A couple of points:
  • Great park, great rides
  • Could use a few more rides
  • Eat at Mytho's
  • Hulk is getting pretty rough
  • Dudley Do Right's is open.
  • Have fun!

Coming up: Part II: Sea World

Part III: Universal Studios and The Mummy!

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Really, I'm suprised you though the Mummy was as good as Spidey. I've been on the Mummy more than 10 times now, and Spidey hundred's of times, and IMO Spidey is better (by quite a bit). But they are both exceptional rides.

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