Universal Orlando said to have contract on huge land parcel on Universal Blvd.

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If Universal Orlando becomes the new owner of 474 acres near the Orange County Convention Center, it would inherit much of the zoning and entitlements needed to build an attraction, thousands of hotel units and structures up to 400 feet high. Three Orange County commissioners and sources with knowledge of the deal have said Universal has a contract on the properties. The land is owned by California-based Colony Capital.

Read more from The Orlando Sentinel.

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You know, I always get hung up on the fact that these potential expansion areas for Universal aren't adjacent to the existing property. Disney owns all of the land, but the attractions and hotels certainly aren't all walking distance to each other, the way that UO/IoA/City Walk is. It makes you wonder what the plan looks like. Do they build another gate, and if so, do you do bus transportation between the two areas? (I know what fans would want... a monorail down Universal Blvd. :))

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I expect that a key piece of the transportation puzzle between the two large areas will be what happens on the Wet n Wild lots. The Kirkman Rd. extension will also be a part of that once Universal gets ahold of the 161 acre lot that includes the planned ROW for it to go around Lockheed and connect to Universal Blvd. at Tradeshow Rd. (as that wasn't included in the Colony Capital group of lots).

Another point of interest is that there's a small lot in that grouping that is immediately next to the Destination Blvd. transit hub with the parking garage, which is also where a planned HSR terminal for the convention center is planned.

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Jeff said:

(I know what fans would want... a monorail down Universal Blvd. :))

I'm pushing for an extension of Hogwart's Express....(*winky*)

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They will have to do something with regards to the transportation. I4 is ridiculous and would only be worse. They can't rely on bus transportation like Disney does. It will be interesting to watch.

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I-4 wouldn't come into play. As a local, you know to traverse that span on Universal Blvd.

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Jeff said:

(I know what fans would want... a monorail down Universal Blvd. :))

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The Orlando Sentinel has a story that went up today around noon that Universal has purchased this land. Or, to be specific, a Delaware company affiliated with Universal has bought the land.

(If you can't read the story without signing in, highlight Universal Purchase of 450 Acres is Done Deal, Sources Say, right click and then click "Search Google for....")

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