Universal Orlando intends to reinvent water parks with Volcano Bay

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Volcano Bay is a departure from its sister parks (Universal Studios Florida and Islands of Adventure) in that it’s a water park, but it’s also a completely original concept that isn’t based on any kind of licensed property. A new teaser video dwells on the chief selling point here: a relaxing experience build on some fairly astonishing technology.

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It's interesting they're calling this a "third theme park" not "Universal Orlando's water park."

Just marketing or a real shift in thinking about water parks?

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Anything is a reversal from barely acknowledging that they owned Wet-n-Wild.

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"However, the really intriguing aspect of TapuTapu is the suggestion that these wristbands will eliminate lines, reserving your place in a digital queue and letting you relax elsewhere while you wait your turn for a particular ride. While Disney’s Fastpass and Universal’s Express systems have helped reduce long waits in traditional theme parks, this feels like the next step forward for this technology."

And something the good brains here at CoasterBuzz were considering and discussing nearly a decade ago.

High five!

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No Gonchback?

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It's funny...I'm usually not a big fan of water parks, but I'm such a fangirl for Universal Orlando that I am optimistic for a great experience. If anyone can do it, they're the ones.

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