Universal Orlando from June 27th to July 12th (part 5)

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...too tired to spell-check! I'm sorry in advance.


Every bit as good as I remembered. I could be talked into calling this the best ride in Florida if anybody wants to argue.

From a geek standpoint...the first scene where the Mummy pops out and "shuts up" the tourist did not always work this trip (50-50). They have a B mode that shines a face on the tomb...the voice track is the same.

Food Lines:

Wish I was back at Disney getting milk... They spend all their time trying to sell these $19 meal plans (all-you can-eat sans the drinks) which slows the lines. Besides the typical slow service and language barriers, you now have to wait for the sales pitch and associted conversation. It is enough to go "mummy" on them.

Customer Service:

Never use them this trip. In the past their express machines broke down every other minute so I was always in there collecting universal passes. With the change to Universal Express pay plan...they've gotten rid of this critical service flaw.

Men in Black:

640,000 points in one game. Who beats it? Be honest now! Anybody else love this baby.


Who else thinks the days are numbered?

Barney Show:

Who else thinks the days are numbered? Only 20 people in one of the 4-5 times I saw this thing with CJ. Father of the year nominations...anybody?

Test...What is the name of the guy (or girl) who does the pre-show?

We'll see who really knows their park trivia! :-)

Curious George:

This water play area is one of the best. Too bad have the stuff no longer works and maintenance is taking a page from Spaceship Earth.

Woody Woodpecker:

My least favorite kiddy coaster of the trip. It was still quite fun. They utilize the get back in line to ride again even if nobody is waiting policy.

Back to the Future:

This classic is finally starting to show its age...for me. It has been a good run though!


Took CJ on this baby. It does not appear any permanent damage was done. Deadbeat dad of the year award...anybody?

Who else still likes those plastic sharks? Though they look so fake...watch the movie again and you see they have it down.


I refuse to ride as they still make you do the boring pre-show stuff that takes 20 minutes or so. You should not have to suffer...


Did I already tell you how fun this is?


The new theater has made the lines flow. I still love the pre-show. Too bad the poor design---one set of doors to load the pre-stage room leads to them starting the show before the room is half full and thereby ruining the storyline and ability to enjoy.

Jimmy Newtron:

Here is the deal...I loved Hanna Barbera (sp?)! "We're going by rubberband!" With this known...Jimmy Newtron is a great simulator and funny story. Too bad design and placement make this the new Shrek in terms of lines.


This is dated already.


Here is the deal...I love Ghostbusters. With this known...Twister sure is entertaining and packed with great effects. One question...Anybody know hy such a detailed design allowed a stationary plastic cow with visible wire ropes to fly throw the air with less reality than a high school play?


A lot less street entertainment noted on this trip. There is no doubt they've cut that budget. The food quality and service also seemed inferior to prior visits. However, with Mummy and Men in Black in the fold, the "old-school" Universal is still a good place to be. With Islands of Adventure happy to flow along without adding any MAJOR adult attractions, I'm finally ready to say that I actually prefer the original. We spent more time here than every park sans Magic Kindgdom. It was never this way in the past. I guess it is growing on me OR the other parks have not kept pace. While it still lacks that Disney atmosphere, the quality of their major attractions are 2nd to none!

I would agree about Mummy being one of the best rides in Florida! I still lean towards Tower of Terror as my all-time favorite Orlando attraction, but, Mummy comes a close second. It definitely has my vote for the best indoor/special effects coaster ever built. Lightyears ahead of Space Mountain and Rock 'n Roller Coaster and just about any other indoor coaster out there!

I also agree that I really enjoyed my visit to USF more than IOA this time, probably because it was less crowded the day we went there than the day we went IOA. The Mummy, without a doubt, is the best ride in the park. What used to be there before it? Kong who?

Hate to be nitpicking, but if you actually watch the pre-show on the Mummy, he's not a tourist. He's a set hand that goes to get Brendon Frasier coffee, which explains the end of the ride. They put a red hat on him so hopefully people will make the connection.

To being an "us" for once - instead of a "them".

I've never seen the pre-show. I've never waited more than 3 minutes for all of my 20 or so rides. I always assumed I was missing something.
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I had never seen the B-mode Mummy until this past trip. The A-mode is SO superior....

The cup of coffee thing, meh, I don't think many people "catch" that gag, based on exit discussions overheard...

When I got asked by a reporter about Mummy at the Grand Opening, I recall saying "theming is considerably better than RnRC, ride is WAY better...and no loops means more peopelWILL ride it - a HUGE hit". Honestly, I think Mummy IS the attraction responsible for USF's *revitalization*...and I really love MiB.

Yep. That is the problem. We had to stop in the empty queue to watch the thing because it's always been a walk on when we've been there. It's kind of funny to see the people come up the line while you're standing there and try to figure out what you're watching. I guess that makes me a geek ;).

To being an "us" for once - instead of a "them".

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Just thinking out loud again...

With Mummy, and to an even greater degree Dueling Dragons, the THEMING that you're supposed to notice *while on queue* is OUTSIDE the areas you end up WAITING in. The ONLY way you'd normally see those things like Ice Dragon's room (greatest theming for any coaster going) is if you managed to get caught in a 3-hour line for the ride....what a WASTE of money, time, and effort.

MAKE SURE your theming is appreciated....put the effort in areas where a guest wating about 30-45 minutes will be able to enjoy the work you've done...

/end rant-PSA

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