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I checked on Theme Park Insider and it looks like they have some info on the *proposed* Potterverse expansion. Looks ok. Call me spoiled, but I've had it with these coaster/simulator hybrids. But....they are popular and the public loves them.


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^That's some really good stuff there....hoping whatever changes come about don't limit how much of that they can pull off. :)

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It all sounds awesome but I don't like how they are again making it a separate area that you have to enter and exit from. While I understand why they are doing it, it sort of ruins the flow of the park.

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I agree 100%, 8.3. I also don't like how it will shrink the size of Universal Studios park. Why couldn't they run the train in the opposite direction to travel over Hollywood Way (road) and build the new coaster in one of the unused plot of land beside Royal Pacific hotel? Universal park is already inferior to IOA. I would think that they would want to try and balance the two parks. Doing this is taking away from the weaker park and adding to the stronger park.

Of course, I will be grateful for whatever they do.

Gringotts sounds an awful lot like a more dark-ride focused Mummy style coaster. Should be a very interesting development, and can't wait to watch it take shape.

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Well if you think about the last movie, it pretty much was a roller coaster.

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While the coaster/dark ride hybrid sounds interesting I'm not sure exploring Gringotts (an important HP location but not featured nearly as much as others in the series) will quite match going through Hogwarts for the pure Potter OMG factor, although Potter fans will likely enjoy any environment from the books they can experience in person. I'd imagine having the whole of Diagon Alley will be the big appeal here.

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I think they could have made the Gringotts a very cool real coaster, but we'll see how this works out, or if it even ends up being a reality. If it DOES end up being Mummy-like, I will be the first one in line.

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Amity is officially closed although the famous shark still hangs in front where it has hung proudly for years. However the smell of moldy water and propane is still in the air :)
If you could see the differences in crowds between Hogsmeade and US, it makes perfect sense for US to try 2 get some of the Potter bucks to the other side.
US is dead compared 2 IOA...I easily can go there and have Mummy RRR Simpsons n MIB done in less than 2 hrs. Granted single rider but there is rarely a crazy wait for anything.
I'm excited to see what will be unvailed because in true US style it will far exceed anyones imagination. I myself can't wait for the Minions!!! :)

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I thought that the only way to get into this new area was to ride the new train from IOA, and it would not be accessible from US. I could be wrong, or maybe the park doesn't even know what they are going to do yet.

LK, the assumption is that you will enter the new world two ways, either through the "Leaky Cauldron" which will be in US (it was the pub in the first movie with the magic wall that opened to reveal Diagon Alley) or via the train from Hogsmeade.

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Hmmmm... How are they going to keep people from crossing over from park to park? I'm sure this has been asked a million times so far, with no good answer. The only answer I can come up with is that they start only selling two park per day passes.

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I thought they already sold two-parks per day passes. I assume a large selling point for the project (beyond having more Potter) is to have a VERY strong incentive for guests to buy multi-day/park passes.

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Being as the train ride between the two is the backdoor connection, it seems that having the enforcement happen there is an obvious choice. Like you have to show your multi-park ticket to board or enter the station or whatever - make it part of the experience. Suddenly these people are 'special' and it's incentive for the upsell.

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Yeah, that's what I assumed as well, and really it's a brilliant way to get people to have two-park tickets.

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I've never even used a single park ticket.

Yeah, my guess it would be like HersheyPark and ZooAmerica. You could pay just for US and go through Diagon Alley to visit Gringott's, but you'd need a ticket (fitting) to board the Hogsmeade Express.

The question is, would the reverse be true? That is to say, would Gringott's "officially" be part of IOA or US? It would seem kinda sneaky to have the Wizarding World of Harry Potter be officially in IOA but require additional admission to go into Diagon Alley.

Also, it would seem that they would have to do something with Ollivander's as is was always a bit out of place in Hogsmeade anyway. To have a recreated Diagon Alley without Ollivander's would do a disservice to the base material (books/movies).

Having just been to IoA last month, I can say I was blown away by the level of HP themeing and am incredibly excited to see whatever they do next in that world.

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I would assume:

1. WWoHP is in IOA.

2. The new expansion is USF.

3. The train ride between the two counts as both and requires a multi-park ticket.

I could be totally wrong.

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I think that makes the most sense and would be the most awesome.

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I agree with gonch. That's how I assumed it would be too. I'm not sure why someone would think they're going to require Everyone to buy a milti-pass.

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