Universal, IOA & SeaWorld 5-29-11

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Arrived at US at 8:10 and I could already tell by the parking garage this was going to be 1 busy day! As usual, my day stated at US on RRR. Should I be creeped out that a couple of the ride ops on that recognize me now? Nah. I managed 6 rides thanks to the single rider line. Literally I had barely caught my breath before I was already being told which row to fill. Think I will stick with my 2 Crystal Method songs I chose, any time I pick another song I regret my decision.

I headed to Revenge of the Mummy and again, thanks to the single rider line, 3 rides in less than 30 minutes. I almost know the “kid” mummy’s lines in the beginning and pretty much all the ones the mummy says. I was goober happy to have full trains. Last 2 US trips I was the ONLY one in the train, no thanks :(

I jumped on “Jaws” really, why not? MIB (single rider line walk on) then headed back to City Walk to watch “Thor.” This seems to be a weekly thing for me, last week I saw Pirates 4 there. Tiks are only $5.00 before noon and the leather reclining seats are wonderful. Getting out of the heat also a welcome treat.

On a side note I LOVED Thor! :)

Movie over, out to car to eat lunch.
Headed back to IOA. Hulk’s wait time 60 minutes, single rider line 5. Hit Jarassic Park which was a 30 minute wait, no single line, all I wanted to do was get wet. Dudleys Ripsaw Falls was a 90 minute wait, I’ll pass.

Hogswart was PACKED, I didn’t even bother to see the wait time. Off to Dragon Challenge.
Sign said 20 minutes, more like 40. I was getting so pissed at the Mom and Dad in front of me just belittling their daughter (9 or 10 yrs old) who was terrified to ride. She was almost in tears, and Dad kept saying how her younger brother would ride, and then Mom lied to her saying Harry Potter went upside down. You know if your kid doesn’t want to ride you don’t force them. Maybe I’m a different kind of parent but if one of my daughters didn’t want to ride something I would never force them.

Anyway, rode Ice and decided had enough fun on the Dragons for today. Guess the 13 rides each last weekend with no wait spoiled me a tad ;)

On way out of park hit Spiderman. They are planning on doing something to the digital on that ride. Good.
Hulk 1 more time then was going to head home.

Decided to head to Sea World instead, why not like 15 minutes away?

Arrived at SW at 6pm, even that park was packed. I dreaded to see Krackens and Mantas lines. Kracken was 15 minutes, rode last row, not patient enough to wait again.

Headed back to Manta and that was a good 30 minute wait to the platform. Once on the platform, we boarded our train, the other train on the next side had come in and they couldn’t get the “seats” to come back down again. So there they were just hanging there waiting. Nothing cool like that ever happens when Im on the ride!
They made us get out of our train and wait on the unload side. They sent out our train empty to bring in the train that had been sitting on the runway for 10 minutes. There was an automated message advising the crowd that Manta was down for mechanical reasons and recommended they do not leave the line.
Once the mechanics showed up 2 minutes later the trains seats went down and Manta was sailing once again. Total down time? Maybe 15 minutes, gotta love B&Ms :)

Once I got my Manta ride I was beyond done. I went to Sea World with the intent to ride Kracken and Manta, I did and then I headed home.
Although US, IOA and SW were all crazy packed I still have a GREAT time! :)

Did I mention I LOVED Thor? Best looking super hero to come around since….never mind just best looking super hero EVER!!! :)

Lifetime Raptor flights: 3000 :)

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