Universal in November?

I recently had an offer to stay at a timeshare in Orlando to do a Universal trip in November. However, I'm wondering about crowds. My guess would be since HHN will be over and it will not be when kids are out of school, it would be a great time to go. However, it is close enough to Thanksgiving that I wasn't sure. Any UniOr experts here that could tell me if they've observed heavier or lighter traffic in that time frame?

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As long as it's not Thanksgiving week, you should be fine.


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The first couple weeks after HHN/Howl-O-Scream, the first couple weeks after New Years', the first couple weeks after school starts, pretty much any time before or after Spring Break (which seems to now last 4+ weeks somehow) - these are the times that make living near year-round parks enjoyable.

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...and that's why I need to get my Florida driver's license, like, yesterday. ;)

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I went this past November (Sunday through Tuesday). Flight landed late Sunday so didn't get much time in the park that day, but did each of the parks in less than a single day without skipping anything. It's a great time to go.

I went first week of November last year and didn't wait more than 20 minutes for a ride. Most of them were actually walk on. Of course that doesn't include the Harry Potter areas. I think that is a good time to go.

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