Universal Hollywood Jan 2011

Arrived at Universal Hollywood about 10am, light crowds. Parked in Curious George's lot, about 50 feet from the entrance to CityWalk. I prefer this CityWalk to Orlando, the compact layout makes it more stunning. I scored a great Dodger shirt at their clubhouse.

Started with Shrek, which I didn't care for the cartoon-ish buildings, 8/10, and the Simpsons, 9/10. Both walk ons. Then, down the hillside to the Studio Tour. The new Kong 3D is the best 3D going so far. Very impressive. 9.75/10.

Lunch at Mel's Diner. Decent, but we would need to eat again later. See chocolate covered twinkies at City Walk later. Down another hillside to Jurassic Park, 8/10,and the Mummy, 8/10. Both walk on's again. Both were somewhat shorter than the Florida attractions, but the Jurassic Park was better, and the Mummy was just as good. More coaster, less touring in the tomb.

Saw the Blues Brothers, and then did the House of Horrors, 8.5/10. Passed on T2. While it was a dead day, plenty of characters were out and about, even in 55' weather. We did the Studio Tour one more time, to see Kong 3D. I loved this park, but USO has it edged out with Jaws and Men in Black, and much better food, but Hollywood's edge is CityWalk, closer parking, and the Studio Tour. The CSI crew was out and about that day as a bonus. I guess you see more filming during the week, as we were there on a Tuesday. So, if you are in the area, I say visit. They also have a 2 park flex pass (w/Sea World for 14 days), which was a score I was told. Overall......9/10.

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House of Horrors? Is that a walk-through haunt? I have an interest in those things.

I am planning a CA trip to take place two Springs from now. I was initially going to skip UH, because I worked at the one in Orlando, and had the chance to visit all of the time. Then again, it may be interesting to see how the Hollywood park is different. It doesn't look to have much.

Its worth the visit. I was there on a Tuesday, temp. was cool. Light crowds make any day, with no lines. The compact feel of the park kept something new at each turn. Stan Lee was also there, leaving the tram tour as I was getting on. That was the biggest crowd of the day.

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USH's tram tour is worth the price of admission alone. I had the most fun doing that.

I do like Hollywood's JP better, but I don't agree about Mummy. It's a fun little ride, and the backwards section is good, but it doesn't compare to Florida's Mummy for me.

Travis, definitely go to USH. It may not be an all day park, depending on how busy it is, but the Tram Tour is worth it, even if you aren't a movie or Pop Culture geek.

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I am SO "not a movie person" it's almost silly. Nonetheless, have to agree that the USH tram tour was absolutely amazing. Loved every minute of it...infinitely better than the USF version.

Thinking the House of Horrors was probably a re-theming of what had been Van Helsing when Tina and I visited (6 years ago maybe?).

Mummy? We've got the better overall ride here in FL (mahoosive airtime on that first launch-drop)....but I do like the whole shuttle-type setup at USH in that you get a lot of backwards coasting..

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Tekwardo said:

even if you aren't a movie or Pop Culture geek.

Hehe. I wanted to make movies when I grew up, but unfortunately, I haven't grown up yet. I wrote movie reviews for my local paper. I have hundreds of DVD, only movies that I would call my favorites. So, yea, I like movies, a lot. :)

I'll keep USH in the plans. Thanks.

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