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Hi guys,

I just found out that HHN will be open when I'm in Florida this Sept. I have a few questions.

Is the event at each park. IOA and US? Do you have to pay separate admission for both? Is this event worth the $69.99 price tag? I've seen video and read reports and it sounds totally awesome.


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They have not officially announced which park it will be in but most signs show it will be in USF park. If you buy a park admissions for the day you will need to buy a HHN ticket for the night. The 69.99 is worth it but try and do everything. Go into all the houses and see the shows. They put a lot of time and effort into the houses ad the shows. If you are going to universal for a couple of days look into buying a frequent fear pass. Its also 69.99 and it works on multiple days. There is a list of the days in which the pass will work. Also if you plan on going to th parks before HHN starts you should get there early because the parks close earlier at that time of year.

Hope this helps.

Its sad when your best friend asks you the exact running time of a ride. Good thing I didnt know.

Or purchase the 'stay and scream' pass that works if you are buying a daytime admission to Universal as well. Sun-Thurs they are $29.99 and are more expensive for Fridays and Saturdays.

If you only have one night, I HIGHLY recommend getting the Halloween Horror Nights Express Pass. (It's almost impossible to do everything otherwise).

One other question, if you stay on site, do you get Unlimited Express Pass privileges during the event?

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Touchdown, no. The room key as an express pass is only good during the regular park operating hours. You can buy an HHN-specific Express Pass (good only once on each of the scare mazes and rides).

Crash, some years HHN has incorporated BOTH parks and when it does it's all included. You don't physically leave the park as there's a walkway between IOA's The Lost Continent and the USF sound stages. And it's only the last weekend in September in which HHN is available, FYI, so I hope you're coming over at the end of the month.

Hi Paris,

I'll be down sept 23-30th.


Cool, Crash. It's a pretty amazing event as far as haunted events go. It's the best I've been too, even though I have admittedly never done the one at Knott's Berry Farm. The answers to many of your questions are probably here.

I don't know if non-Florida residents can buy the Frequent Fear Passes, but that may be worth it for you as you would be able to go on both Friday and Saturday in September for pretty much the price of a one-day ticket (if you can't swing a discount).

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