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We are planning a trip to take our kids to see the Harry Potter lands at Universal the first week of June. We are currently booked at the new hotel that doesn't include front of the line passes, however, for 850 more we can move to one of the more expensive hotels that have this as a perk. Is the extra money worth it to get these passes that early in the summer? We will be spending at least 3 if not 4 days at the parks.

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Many schools are out by then which increases the chance for busy days at the parks, especially VB. If the weather forecast is poor that will help to reduce the crowds. There are a few crowd calendar sites online that can give an estimate based on previous years, just hit google to try those out.

Crowd prediction is just that, a prediction. Best of luck with your vacation!

Early June is going to be much, much better than late June or July. Depending on where you are traveling from, just prepare for the heat and humidity if you aren't used to it. But that will also be much better than July and August.

You shouldn't need Express pass the first week of June, and if you have 3-4 days you absolutely will have time to see it all and then some. You'll be fine and should have a wonderful time!

I should probably clarify. We will be spending June 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th. Which equates to Friday through Monday. Does that change the need for the passes?

I certainly wouldn’t buy them ahead of time. If you get there and you feel you need it to enhance your trip, do it.

If you have three days and are willing to rope drop the park all three days, I would rope drop Potter two of the three days (once for each park). On the third day, rope drop UO but instead of Potter, you will have the run of the place for the first two hours while everyone else goes right to Potter. Check the early entry schedule, one park opens each day at 8:30 for resort guests.

Keep in mind many attractions have single rider lines as well. If you are willing to split up your group, use them to your advantage.

Also, with that many days, be sure to take the 10 minute drive to Fun Spot for White Lightning. It’s not walkable, but it would be a very cheap (and worth it) Uber ride if you don’t have a car.

^ Ditto for Fun Spot Kissimmee and Mine Blower. Way more fun than I ever thought it would be. I’m still disappointed I couldn’t get to FSO for White Lightning.

But then again, what do I know?

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If you can afford the Royal Pacific I would book there, it's worth it to not have to worry about lines. However with that many days in the park, early entry and smart planning you won't have an issue. Get up early, spend your afternoons at the pool, then go back in the evenings after dinner at City Walk. You're going to have a great time!

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^ Ditto for Fun Spot Kissimmee and Mine Blower. Way more fun than I ever thought it would be. I’m still disappointed I couldn’t get to FSO for White Lightning.

It's a sin that I live here and have been on Steel Vengeance already but still haven't gone over to Kissimmee to ride Mine Blower.

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Yes it is. Mine Blower is top ten material.

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I finally went last night and rode. Did two laps - one in back and one in front. Love the layout. Really love the inversion. But man did parts of it feel rough. I was expecting to like it as much as Mystic Timbers and White Lightning, but those two laps were plenty and I really didn’t dig it like most.

I dunno if it was because my only wooden coaster experiences were old, jackhammering, pot-hole filled piles of firewood or what, but I was impressed how smooth Mine Blower was. Loved it. It easily became my #1 wooden coaster this past January, until I rode Lightning Racer at Hersheypark last month. Now that was a masterpiece.

But then again, what do I know?

Growing up in Northeast Ohio I spent many years riding Mean Streak, Raging Wolf Bobs and Villain. The first two were boring layouts with awful trackwork. The third was an amazing layout and outstanding coaster that, over the years, became nearly unrideable with roughness. That is how I felt on Mine Blower last night. Amazing and fun layout, but the uncomfortable jackhammering was too much for me after two laps.

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Also if it happens to rain at any point during the day, just get in line for an indoor attraction and wait it out. For some reason, especially on Sundays, the two parks empty out pretty fast when thunderstorms hit. A rainy Sunday is my go-to for a trip to Universal. The picture below was when I arrived at the park one month ago yesterday, about 4 hours before park close after a threat of thunderstorms and about 15 minutes of actual rain. Needless to say, every ride was a walk-on, even Potter. So bring some raincoats and wait it out because it will be worth it.

And if you can't tell, there is at least one person in the picture. He is a Universal Team Member.

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I don't get that. I don't think you have to be a Florida pro to know it rains every afternoon in the summer. Epcot evenings are pretty light too after the rain.

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I think most people understand that an afternoon shower is normal in Florida but they don't realize how quick they come and go. People who are use to storms that last for hours flee as soon as they get the alert on their phone that a thunderstorm is approaching and are long gone by the time its over. That day I walked into Universal the crowds were pouring out of City Walk on my walk in and the only thing happening was some thunder in the distance and dark clouds. By the time I got to the gate there was a little rain but it was gone in 15 minutes and by then the park was dead.

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After work Mummy and Hulk (and Dragons) rides after an afternoon storm were the norm when I passed the Universal exit on my way out of downtown. It is one of the drawbacks of living on the other side of town now.

3-4 days is an incredibly long time. With no lines, you wouldn't even need a full day to do everything. If lines become an issue, just make sure to get there when the park opens each day, spend a few hours, and when the buses full of teenagers in matching shirts get there, hightail it back to the hotel. Hang out there, watch a movie/the news/Netflix, check your email, enjoy the AC, grab a nice lunch and maybe a drink, and head back to the park around 5 PM or so. By the evening, crowds tend to thin out, and the kids in matching T-shirts tend to go home. Doing this for three days, and the morning of the fourth day will give you about the equivalent of 1.50-1.75 full days at the park with no lines... even if the park is crowded.

And, if you really needed to, you could get the Express Lane pass for one day. Maybe if that day was a Saturday.

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