Universal announces new regional attractions in Texas and Nevada

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Comcast Corp.’s Universal Parks & Resorts division plans to build a family-focused resort aimed specifically at younger kids on 97 acres of land it’s acquired in the Dallas suburb of Frisco, Texas. The company also announced plans for a year-round, horror-focused destination in Las Vegas.

Read more from Bloomberg.

Rumored attractions for the Texas park:

Harry Potter and the House of Representatives Speaker Voting

Heterosexual Horror Nights

The Cat in the Cowboy Hat

Insurrection 4D (smell the tear gas)

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Interesting on the horror project in Vegas.

They had an Eli Roth branded haunted house thing in the 2010s that only lasted about a year. Friends that went said it was great but apparently it was super mismanaged.

Universal's involvement and the placement at the amazingly (surprisingly) successful Area15 should eliminate any worries about mismanagement.

Honestly I can see this as being a fantastic extension of the HHN process. I always thought it a shame that the mazes usually don't last beyond the HHN season. Now you can strike them and ship the best one from each season to LV and it can essentially use it for an extended period. Sure, a huge portion of the LV market is SoCal drive-in folks, who may have been to HHN, but there's still a huge market for this. Especially if it's got Universal Creative behind it.

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the amazingly (surprisingly) successful Area15

The vibe I got was, people come for Meow Wolf and then are like, well, there’s other stuff here and it was a pain to get here, so we might as well. That might be just me, though.

Definitely a pain to get there though, which supports your “amazingly (surprisingly)”.

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