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Saturday, October 12, 2002 9:26 AM

Im going to post the Very Long trip report that I made a long time ago at another forum and never posted here. I posted this at a forum where most people havent been to Universal, so I do a lot of explaining. Sorry about that. Also, ignore my dumb comments, I was dumb back then.


got up the morning of June 8th very early, to begin the 2 day drive from Illinois to Orlando. But I can play my gamecube and watch movies in the car, so its not too bad. Not to mention I had my best friend to accompany me on the way down there(not while I was there, unfortunatley, he was going somewhere else). We drove til about 7PM, and stopped at a hotel just south of Atlanta. It had a pool, which, I didnt realize was as small as it was til my friend and I got to it. Very small. We only stayed in the pool area maybe a half hour. Anywho, went to TGI fridays for Dinner. Dont have any of these near where I live, so it was something different. They said on the menu they will ask how much doneness you want on your burger(yes, doneness) I told the waiter I wanted mine cooked to well doness . Got up in the morning, not so early this time, to finish the long drive to Flordia. I was the first to spot a palm tree , which made me the winner, according to the rules of the game were playing. We got to our hotel( Clarion Universal, A mile from the Parks) at around 4 PM, and My friend and I immidiately checked out the pool, and we were happy that it was good size, with 2 hot tubs and a small bar. My family and my friend's family then decided to go over to Universal Citywalk to eat supper. It was strange walking into citywalk, with HUGE amounts of people walking out of the parks, and we were the only one's walking in...heh heh...luckily they have those flat escalator things, that move you, like you see at airports. So we didnt battle any crowds getting in. Citywalk is like the port to the 2 universal parks, with shops, resturants, a movie theatre, and a Nightclub. We ended up eating at the NBA city resturant, which had surprisingly good pizza. And I dont like NBA basketball. Afterwards, my friend and I cut off from our parents, and went to play a little in the arcade. The air hockey ate my quarters, then I kicked it, then I told the person working there and he gave me my money back. Then we walked around citywalk a bit, then met up with our parents, and went back to our hotel. My friend and I swam in the swiming pool that night, just messed around, the usual. That was his last night he was going to be with me, bummer. I couldnt sleep the night of June 9th, because I knew tomorrow morning was going to be a very fun day visiting Universal Studios. This is my first ever visit, BTW.

Got up around 8, and caught the bus to citywalk. As it turned out, the first bus was full, so we had to wait about 15 minutes til the next one came, but we still got to the universal gave very shortly after they had opened it. I scanned my 5 day bonus pass, and BOOM, I was in. My brother wanted to ride the ET ride first, so I agreed. What will follow will be a description of the rides, with me giving each ride a rating, on a scale of 1-10.


This ride was designed more for kids, but that didnt stop me from enjoying it. As many rides there do, this started out by watching a movie of steven spielberg talking some mumbo jumbo about saving ET's planet, then they moved you to this place with people at computer, before you were given a little card they called a ''passport''. the people scanned your card, asked your name, typed it in, and gave you the card back. You then walked through a very neat qeue area, it being a forest at night. Then you walked to the loading platform, where they took your ''passports'' and you borded the things...that is about the only way to describe what you rode it...it was suppoused to resemble a bike, but I didnt, since it seated 9 people. ET is in the front in a basket. You rode through a forset doging cops and things trying to catch you, then you flew, high above the city, then you were transported to ET's planet, and you saw some baby ET's, and then you saw ET's mom or something, then at the end ET says your name...AMAZING huh?...

Rating: 6.0

Next, we walked over to Back to the future the ride, which was closeby.

At first I wasnt too impressed with this ride, but I rode it again and noticed things that didnt care to care about during my first ride. The qeue is pretty basic until they take you to these little rooms where you are briefed on some junk, about how to load and stuff. A door opens and you load the ride, which is the time machine from the movies. Smoke then comes, trying to give you the illusion that your not moving up into the area with the gigantic screen, but im too smart for them...You then fly around trying to catch biff or something. Its a simulator, if you didnt know allready.

Rating: 7.0

That is all for right now, much more to come either later tonight or possibly tomorrow. I am only about 1/4 done with this extra-long trip report. My hands hurt. But dont miss the rest, which will include me bragging about my score on the Men In black ride, and me raving about the technically-amazing rides at Islands of Adventure.

The next ride was without a doubt my most highly anticipated ride of the day.

Men in Black: Alien Attack

This ride started out with a usually short outside qeue area, then they take groups into a fairly small room, which says something like ''are we alone in the universe?'' Once everyone is in, they open the doors to a large ''elevator'' designed to resemble the movie. That guy with the kinda gruff voice from the movies, tells you all to get in, ''doors are closing'' he then tell you to forget all that ''themepark nonsense'' because ''your in MIB training now'' It is little touches like this that make this ride great. Next, you exit the elevator, and take a turn to the right, where you soon pass the two worm aliens babbling about something in the coffee room. Very neat. Next, you walk through what I believe to be the neatest part of any qeue, anywhere, ever. It is a very large room, which looks just like the MIB headquarters, from the movie. Complete whith the 2 aliens that operate the controls, and the large monitor. You walk through this room rather quickly, and enter another neat qeue area, with lots of different MIB guns on the wall in a display case. Some monitors explain how to load and use your gun for the ride. Remember, the ride hasnt even started yet. Ive spent all this time talking about just the line. Yes, Im crazy. You then enter the large bording room, go down some steps, to the place where you board. The ride ops are dressed in balck suits, of course. You board six passenger cars, each with a gun in front of you. The ride begins by moving you into a training area, where you are suppoused to shoot fake aliens for points(this is the whole point of this ride, shooting aliens for points) But aliens are on the streets, so you must go into a real mission to beat the aliens. You are taken through areas loaded with aliens you shoot for points. 2 cars go through at the same, at times splitting up, but at times you can shoot the other car for points, and it will spin wildly. Very satisfying seeing the other car spin, and you know you did it. The ONLY gripe I have is just shooting the aliens isnt quite good enough, you have to shoot the sensors on their, eyes, nose, head, or other parts of their bodies. Finding these sensors is the tricky part. My first score wasnt too good, because I didnt realise I had to shoot the sensors. only like 30,000. But my second ride, I scored a whoping 233,000. I never beat that score, even after riding several more times. At the end, you are based on your TEAM score, therefore even if you do great, if the rest of your people on the ride do poorly, you will still get will smith telling you to do better next time.

Rating: 9.7

Next, we moseyd on over to JAWS.

I really wasnt expecting this to be too exciting, but it turned out to be my second favorite ride of the day. You are boarded onto boats that seat probably at least 30 people, with a real person as your ''tour guide'' you head through the water, you are told about some shark story, he hasnt been seen in years, bla bla bla bla, something goes wrong, yadda yadda, shark shows up. Anyways, what really impressed me about this ride was the perfect timeing of the guide shooting the shotgun and the splash of the bullet in the water, perfect. A very fun ride. I sat on the left side, which is the side where the sharks gets the boat, and I got quite wet.

Rating: 8.0

Next ride was EARTHQUAKE

I have very mixed feelings about this ride. You are taken into a room where some people are picked to help out in this little ''pre ride'' thing they do. It shows how you can put backgrounds on live people, or something. Then you are taken into a room with big trams, they have to seat at least 150 people, minimum, and the tram slowly moves BACKWARDS, into a different room, where they earthquake starts, the tram shakes, stuff breakes, thousands of gallons of water rush all over the placem a gas tanker explodes in your face. Pretty neat stuff.

Rating: 6.5

I now forget the exact order of events, but at some point we Rode KONGFRONTATION.

The line is suppoused to resemble a subway, and I think it does that pretty well. There is Grafitti EVERYWHERE. Everywhere you look you see graffiti of some sort. You might be thinking that is awful, but it actually ads to the realisticness of the qeue. It made the fairly long wait not too bad by just looking at all the grafiti. Different movie posters (all universal movies, of course) were up around the qeue. The ride itself is similar to JAWS, in the fact that you have a guide, but this time your on a gondala type thing, suspended from above. You go high above the streets of new york, Kong shows up of course. Overall a pretty fun ride, although I liked JAWS a little better.

Rating: 7.4

The next thing we did might have been the Terminator 2, 3D show.

I wasnt expecting to like this show that much, considering im not really a fan of the Terminator movies. But it turned out to be the best show at either theme park. You start by being told about some company of the future, and you are going to be shown a demonstration of their technologies. You get 3D glasses, and you get seated in a very large theatre, with a stagelike thing, with 3 large screens, giveing a better 3D effect. The neat thing that makes this better than all the other 3D shows at Disney, is the fact that they combine live actors with on screen 3D, and it really works nicely. At one point, a huge cloud of fog covers EVERYTHING, I mean you cant see anything but fog for a few seconds. It was very neat seeing all this fog coming at you.

Rating 9.0


I was expecting some kind of ride that spun, I was ready to spin, but I didnt spin, which is just one of the things that made this ''ride'' dissapointing to me. You start by watching a movie where those 2 dudes from the TWISTER movies tell you about twisters. Then you go inside, and watch yet another movie talking about tornadoes again. All while your standing up. and this was farily late in the afternoon, and im sick of standing up. Then, I think you switched room AGAIN, and watched ANOTHER dumb twister movie. I thought, okay, if the ride is still good, this wont really matter. But it wasnt even a ride. They put you in a room with a farm type thing in front you you in 2 rows. I am 5'11, and I still had trouble seeing. And I still couldnt sit down. From what I could see, a tornado came, some special effects were triggered, a cow flew acroos the thing. And it was over just like that. Wow....

Rating: 3.0

Last ride was the Hanna Barbera thing.

You were put in room where you had to strain your necks to watch hannah barberra make drawings and then see them come to live. Then you were put into a theatre, and sat in seats which moved to the movie. A pretty typical simulator. Nothing special, yet fun nonetheless.

Rating: 5.0

Next, I wanted to go over and take a walk through the Islands of Adventure, the other universal park right next door, built in 1999, which suppousedly housed state of the art attractions. We had passes that allowd me to switch from park to park as I pleased. The first thing I noticed as I walked into the park was the incredible themeing. This park is themed into 6 different themes. Port of entry, Marvel superhero Island, Toon Lagoon, Jurassic Park, The lost Continent, and Suess Landing. I guess I might as well get all the talk about the park itself out of the way now, so I can focous on the rides later. The first area you walk through is the port of entry, basically just shops and stuff, no rides. Next, you either walk left, to superhero Island, or right, to Suess Landing. I decided to go right, towards suess landing. The first thing you notice is this area is geared towards kids. Bright colors everywhere, and things from the Doctor suess books all over the place. After walking through this, I entered the lost continent, my favorite of the six ''Islands'' This was themed twords mythical things, dragons, wizards, castles, and the like. So much detail went into this whole park, it blows my mind. From the plants, to the shops, to the entertainters. Everything is themed perfectly. The next island is Jurassic Park. As you enter, you cross under the big gates from the movie, as the memorable Jurassic Park theme swells. A nice touch. This is themed obviously to Jurassic Park, with dinosaurs, electric fence, lots of prehistoric plants. Next you walk into Toon Lagoon, which is themed towards cartoons, such as dudley do right, and Popye. And last but certinatley not least is Marvel Super Hero Island. Themed twords Marvel Superheroes, they have several superhero shows a day. One thing I havent really mentioned, is the music that is played throughout the park. Each area has a theme song to go with it, that is played continusly. You dont really notice it too much , because you too busy looking with your eyes, not your ears. You can even buy a CD with the songs on it.

Now my hands are hurt, and your eyes probably hurt if you actually read all that, so I will quit for today. Tomorrow I will tell you all about the Islands of Adventure, and the most technilogically advanced rides in the world.

Ah...now its time for Part 3 of my lovely long trip report. Comon people, just admit you were glued to your computers all day waiting. Your all just to amazed at my incredible trip report to post any comments in reply.

June 11, 2002. The first bus in the morning is once again full, so we get the next 15 minutes later, still arrive right before they open the gates a 9. I walk into Islands of Adventure, all excited, knowing I was going to get to ride the rides that I just waked past yesterday. I saw the Incredible Hulk looking very ominous on my left, so I veered that direction. I watched it run a time or 2(very impressive), and I get in line. The wait was still very short this early in the morning, only 5-10 minutes. I was about to wait for the front seat, but decided not to, because I was with the rest of my family, and this is a B&M looper, which of course seats 4 across.

Incredible Hulk Type: Steel B&M looper Length: 3,700ft
Height: 110ft Launch speed: 0-40mph in 2 seconds Top Speed:67MPH

The Qeue to this ride was consists kind of spiraling around some sort of gamma ray or something in the center of the room while moving upwards twords the elevated loading platform. They play some thing with bruce banner turning into the Hulk or something, and that is what the ride is suppoused to represent, turning into the hulk. The ride starts out nice and slow, slowly ascending the lift hill. Then something goes wrong, and your suddenly launched from 0-40 in 2 seconds. This launch is great. Fast, and smooth, thats all you really need. Right as you come out if the tunnel lauch, your outside, in the sun, doing a 0 g roll at 110 ft above the ground. Quite exciting. You then go into a HUGE cobra roll, then a helix, then a vertical loop, then a corckscrew, a very neat corckscrew. It ends up much lower then it starts, giving a nice sense of speed. Then another vertical loop, some mid course breaks. A nice pop on air on the sharp hill right after the breaks, and into one more corkscrew. That should be 7 inversions. The thing that separates this from other loopers in the constant speed throughout, and the smoothness of it. You dont band into the head rests at all. This was recently rated number 1 steel coaster in america, while I would dissagree, I would most certinatley have it in my top 5, maybe my top 3. I then rode this ride again, this time in the front, waited about 30 mins. Great ride.

Rating: 9.6

The obvious next choice was, quite possibly, my most highly anticipated ride of the day.

The Amazing Adventures of Spiderman.

For those of you who may not know, this ride is the most expensive ever built, at a cost of over 200 million, including research and devolpment. Lets just say there is nothing like it, anywhere. The signs in front of all major attractions told us the line was 45 minutes, but it ended up being only 30, yay. The qeue starts out with a very short outside area, then inside, through 3 different rooms, one with a spiderman cartoon, outlining the story. Just before the loading platform, you take your 3D glasses, which I almost passed up, because I was so focoused on the Cars themselves. They seat 12 people I believe, in 3 rows of 4. By far the most advanced cars for a ride ever made, each one costed 200 thousand. I noticed the Toyota logo on the side. The ride starts off slow, showing spiderman's shadow on the side of a building, but this ride soon kicks into high gear...This car can do everything. It spins, tilts, rocks, shakes, Emits water and heat effects, all while moving on a track. You are soon situated in front of a large screen, where spider man is attacking some villian. Here is where it starts to get good. The dude shoots some kind of pumpkin at you, but spiderman catches it with his web, just before it touches your face. And remember this is all looks glorious with the 3d glasses on. You then move some more, I think something almost falls on your car.(this time its an actual object, not something on a screen) The ride then continues on frantically, some villian actually jumps ONTO THE RIDE VEICHLE and jams some tube into it , and you shake vilently. Very neat. Some other guy shoots fire at you, with heat effects. There is also water effects at some point. But then the ride really gets crazy. All of a sudden, your web slinging around a city. What really makes this neat is, its not all on a screen, some parts of it are actually really there, sides of building tilted on their side to look like your falling, stuff like that. I had to peer over my glasses to see if what i was seeing was real or Computer Generated. The ride completes with a dramatic 600 foot fall to the ground, you being saved by spiderman's web right before you hit, of course. Spiderman has saved the day. This ride was worth every penny, its really that good. Simply put, the greatest non-rollercoaster ride ever made.

Rating: 9.9

We then headed into toon lagoon, to ride the log flume.

Dudley Do Right's Ripsaw Falls.

At first glance, it reminded me of Splash mountain at Disney. But this is not splash mountain, as I soon found out. After an incredibly long(and incrdibly empty) winding qeue, we were on the ride , with no wait time at all. I was shocked, considering it was 90 degrees. While the animatronics are not as neat or lifelike as the ones at splash mountain, this ride has other things. It was longer than I expected, twisting and turning. At one point going up a lift, you see a wall of water, and your headed right for it! There is a guy at the bottom of the hill, that can I think can stop the water, and since my mom was screaming at him, He did so. Now the ride pulls out a surprise all of a sudden, you not in water anymore! You go down a little dip on some sort of steel. And at the final drop, you actually drop underground, ride very quickly underground on the steel, and then pop back up, and get wet. Quite neat, actually.

Rating: 7.0

That was really all I wanted to do in Toon lagoon for now, since the only other real attraction is the popye's raft thing, which is like raging rapids, gets you soaked, and I really didnt want to get soaked. So we walked into Jurassic Park. To the River Adventure!

Jurassic Park River Adventure.

The qeue is kinda rustic looking, with monitors, as in all of the qeue's, nothing special here. After a maybe 10 minute wait, you are put into the tight fitting boats, which seat at least 30. Up a little hill, and back into the water, where the ride begins. It says your taking a journey back in time, or something, then you go through the big Jurassic Park gates. ''Welcome to Jurassic Park'' Very cool. Everything goes good, you pass varous dinosaurs, but then you take a wrong turn into the Raptor Paddock. You see some baby raptors munching on something, then you slowly head towards a very large building. Before you enter, a large crate falls down above you, stopping just before it hits your head. I was expecting this though. You then head up the Steep lift. A raptor almost breaks out of some fencing to get you. You get to the top, and one of those spitting dino's spits water at you. Actually there was 2 of them I think. Anywho, Dead ahead is the T-Rex. The only escape is DOWN, a steep drop, which is believe is the highest drop on a water ride in the world, I think it is 90 feet. I got pretty wet. From my description you wouldnt know it, but I didnt really care too much for this ride. I think I was just expecting more from the animatronic dinosaurs, and they really didnt do much. Still a good ride.

Rating: 7.5

Next we went into the Discovery Center, which isnt a ride, just an interactive area, and upstairs is a resturant. It is suppoused to look like the main building from the movie, and it does, to a certian extent. There are some interactive games and things involving dinosaurs. One is a game show thing, where I beat 2 10 year olds...Im so smart! The also have some hatching of a dino thing, where a dino hatches.

hmmm...Im getting tired for now, so I think I will quit for today. Tomorrow will include the rest of the major rides at IOA, including Dueling Dragons, Racing, Duling, inverted rollercoasters. You will see which I prefer. Fire or Ice. Tomorrow.

Now into the Lost Continent Section of the Park. I might as well get the Flying Unicorn out of the way now.

Flying Unicorn

Type: Steel(Vekoma)/ Length: 1100ft/Height: 43ft/Drop: 30ft/ Speed: 28MPH

This rollercoaster is obviously geared more towards kids. This of course didnt stop me from giving it a go, being the avid coaster fan and all. There isnt really much I can say about this one. Short, and pretty dull. Even for a Kiddy coaster.

Rating: 3.0

I saw the Dueling Dragons entrance, with the 2 dragons facing each other, and the near miss loop right behind them... I knew I was in for a treat here...

Dueling Dragons(Fire and Ice) Type: Steel inverted, Twin(B&M)/ Length: 3200ft/ Height: 125ft/ Drop: (Ice: 95ft) (Fire: 115ft) Inversions: 5/ Speed: (Ice: 55mph) (Fire: 60mph)

The first thing I must rave about is the INCREDIBLE theming of the qeue. This park is the best themed park in the world, and there may be no other ride at the park the proves this better than Dueling Dragons. You begin by walking around 2 huge dragons, faceing each other. You walk for a good ways outside, whith many plants and some castel-themed things, before this qeue suddenly becomes the best qeue line in the world. You enter a large castle. Inside, its nice and cool, with stainded glass windows. Walking further still, you pass a large rustic looking book sitting on a table. You make a U turn around the book, and this is where I forget the exact way you travel. The line turns into almost a maze(you cant really get lost, but its kind of like a maze the first time you walk through) You begin walking down a gently downward slope, with theming all around. Candles, Knights in armor, you name it, its there. Its quite dark through all this, with the candles providing pretty much all the light(now they arent really candles, but dim-lights made to look like candles. As you keep walking, you start to see bones on the walls, and in the floor, and Skulls. Stuff like that. Its all very dark. Finally, after what seems like an eternity, you come to the place where you must choose to ride either fire, or ice. (I remember reading that, if completly full, the qeue measures 2 miles long!) although I never think the qeue gets even close to being completly full, due in part to great capacity. Fire is to the left, Ice is to the right. The longest I ever waited for either was 10 minutes. Well maybe close to 20, if you include the time at a steady walk through the qeue. The coaster itself is designed to look like a Dragon. The coasters are weighed to run at exactly the same time, so they will meet at just the right time for the dueling effects, which I will describe very soon. Sometimes they have to run one by itself, because there is a hold up on one, and they like to keep the line moving as fast as possible, which I think is a good decision. If they dont run at the same time, just ride again. Now, this review will split up into Fire, And Ice, because they are both different ride's with different elements, and they deserve to be treated as two seperate rides.


both fire and Ice ascend the same lift, at the top, ice dives to the Right. I cant remember the elements of Ice as well as fire, but I know near the begining of the ride, Ice spirals Below Fire, which bunny hops over Ice. This is the first near miss element. Your feet suppousedly come as a foot of touching. Ice features a Cobra roll, which Fire dosent. Ice eventually gets to the second near miss element, the vertical loop, with fire looping right on the other next to you. The best effect is in the front. The last near miss element is when both rides corkscrew right next each other.
Let me note that the near miss's are always very exciting.

Rating: 9.1


Fire, the better ride in my opinion, Dives to the left at the first drop. It then does one of them Half loop things high in the air, and goes up for the first near miss, with Ice spiraling right below. The fact that this is a bunny hop on an inverted coaster is neat enough, but you have ice doing a spiral right below you. Fire Pulls 4.5 g's, more than Ice. Also, Fire ends better, with a corkscrew very close to the ground. The best invert I have ever ridden

Rating 9.5

Now, for what im pretty sure will be my last update to my wonderful trip report. If you havent figured out by now, I indeed have no life.

Still in the Lost Continent, I spied a unique fountain. This has to be the coolest fountain Ive ever seen. Kennywood could really benifet from one of these, and it dosent take up much space at all. The fountain is rectangular in shape, with a bearded thing's head on the front. This fountain actually talks to people. It sometimes even mocks people. It is at the entrance to a show, which I didnt actually go see. It, presumably, see's out of a little hole above its mouth. At one time, it spoke in a gruff voice, and another time, in more of a girly voice. It will talk to little kids, adults, or people just walking by that want nothing to do with it. It tells jokes, and even squirts you right when you least expect it. It holes all over where it can squirt water. It sometimes tells people to come close to it, so it can get a good look at you, and then when they least expect it squirts water at you right out of its mouth. It can also squirt water out of a few spaces in its beard, and can squirts several different patterns of water out of its top. At one point, it saw a guy trying to take a picture of it, so it made all the little kids get out of the way, and then did a dazziling display of all its water shooting at once, for the guy taking the picture. Very funny. I think being the person who gets to control it would be basically the best job ever. Here is a picture of it, to give you an idea.


and did I mention it sings the YMCA?

The next thing in the lost continent is a walkthrough attraction.

Posidens Fury.

You have a guide that guides you through the attraction, through a few rooms with some neat special effects, that I would've enjoyed more if I could've sat down. One being you walking under a tunnel of water swirling overhead, and they do some things where it turns completly dark for a few seconds, then the room is entirely different when you can see again. It ends with a duel between Posiden and some Fire guy.

Rating: 7.0

Well that is pretty much everything, the next day I just re rode everything that I wanted to at both parks. Then I went to Daytona Beach for a day. but none of you want to hear about that. Just tell me if you do, and I will provide you in complete detail. Hope you enjoyed reading...haha, like anyone read it...

Kennywood Park, America's finest traditional amusement park.

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Saturday, October 12, 2002 9:31 AM
joe.'s avatar Nice TR.

CBClub member #30 and #364 (renewal)

Saturday, October 12, 2002 9:55 AM
joe-You didn't read the trip report. You reponded five minutes after he posted it and you can't read it in 5 minutes!I just did and it's a great TR. I hope you write some more of these. I enjoyed reading it and it sounded like a great time at some great parks. Also there are a lot of Virtual Reality and 3-d shows there.


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Saturday, October 12, 2002 4:34 PM

SFgadvMAN said:
joe-You didn't read the trip report. You reponded five minutes after he posted it and you can't read it in 5 minutes!I just did and it's a great TR. I hope you write some more of these. I enjoyed reading it and it sounded like a great time at some great parks. Also there are a lot of Virtual Reality and 3-d shows there.


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I would love to write more trip reports, only that was the only park I got to go to this summer. Usually I go to 2 or 3 parks including Kennywood, but it just didnt work out this year. But I WILL be going to Cedar Point next year, im allready looking foward to taking my 3rd trip ever to CP:)

Kennywood Park, America's finest traditional amusement park.

Saturday, October 12, 2002 6:47 PM
Nice TR. I haven't spent a full day at Universal Studios in a while, but IOA is my favorite park. I agree with you on Fire, it's much more intense than ice; and fun! It's a shame you didn't ride Popeye though because it is an awesome water ride. Oh well, glad you had fun!
Sunday, October 13, 2002 6:02 PM
That fountain is evil!!! It hates me.

I'm sitting shiva for CCI.

Sunday, October 13, 2002 11:34 PM

Nice TR

Call me crazy but I prefer Ice to Fire. To me its all in that amazing footchopper element with the castle while you go into the cobra roll.

Top 5 Steel: #1 Millenium Force #2 Phantom's Revenge #3 Ice Dragon #4 Incredible Hulk #5 Wild Thing
Top 5 Wood #1 Viper #2 Thunderbolt #3 Timberwolf #4 Outlaw #5 Screaming Eagle

Monday, October 14, 2002 7:58 AM

Feel the Strike said:

Nice TR

Call me crazy but I prefer Ice to Fire. To me its all in that amazing footchopper element with the castle while you go into the cobra roll.

Top 5 Steel: #1 Millenium Force #2 Phantom's Revenge #3 Ice Dragon #4 Incredible Hulk #5 Wild Thing
Top 5 Wood #1 Viper #2 Thunderbolt #3 Timberwolf #4 Outlaw #5 Screaming Eagle

Actually, the band at my school went over last spring break, and when I asked them, most said they liked Ice better. I was pretty shocked, but whatever.

Kennywood Park, America's finest traditional amusement park.


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