Universal - Spider-man coaster for 2007.

FINALLY, a 1.2KM long Spider-Man themed coaster:)


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Where do you see anything about it being themed to Spiderman?
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And man, this is for Japan! I got really excited, thought it was USF.

Maybe the second paragraph where it says:

The investment for the project will be between 5 billion yen and 10 billion yen. It is the park's largest investment since it built an attraction based on the popular film "Spider-Man" in January 2004 at an expense of 14 billion yen.


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"since it built an attraction based on the popular film "Spider-Man" in January 2004'

The LAST attraction was Spidey-themed, not the upcoming one... ;)

haha my bad:P Sorry bout that i didn't really read through it all i seen was "built an attraction based on the popular film "Spider-Man" in January 2004" and I thought they were gunna build a Spider-man coaster based on the movie lol. Anyways, SPider-man or not it's still a new coaster:)
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Awesome! Maybe a reason to travel to Japan finally!

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Did you not have enough already?

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My reason to go to Japan left about 4 months ago... :(

BMRX - Bavarian Mountain Railroad

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This article confuses me. It explains no details about the ride type or manufacturer, just the length and speed. I cant really get excited about a ride just based on those facts.

Does anyone else think it sounds like it could be a small hyper of some sort? Either that or another intamin hydraulic launch. Those are my best guesses, but either way, probably a nice addition to the USJ park.

I agree. For a second I thought my skimming skills were failing me.

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I beleive the buzz is that its a B&M speed coaster.

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