Unique rides at Six Flags Over Texas and Fiesta Texas?

I'm headed to both of the Six flags parks in Texas with my family this weekend. I've looked at the websites already and of course know about all of the coasters. Are there any flats or shows at either park that are particularly unique or could easily be missed? Any other tips for either park would be appreciated also!

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Six Flags Over Texas

  • Yosemite Sam's Gold River Adventure is a nicley themed indoor boat ride. I ride it everytime I visit the park. It's a nice way to get out of the heat and enjoy a nice little mild ride.
  • Home to the original log ride, El Aserradero. There are two of them, and the original may or may be open.
  • La Vibora (bobsled coaster) is one of my favorite's out there. But, it's a low capacity and thus a slow moving line. Would recommend going here first of the morning.
  • ACME Rock-N-Rocket. A well- themed inverting ship ("Looping Starship").
  • Also note, they are running Batman backwards at the moment, which you have already known.

Fiesta Texas

  • Shows here are always very good, usually some of the best in the industry. I have not seen them all, but everyone has been outstanding. The shows at Rockville High are always good. Fiesta Texas was originally orientated around shows and particularly rides.
  • Bugs White Water Rapids is nice, unusally themed log ride. It's themed to Bugs Bunny and a castle setting. It features two-wide seating (not the typical singular bench) and a small hill.
  • Goliath (yes, another Goliath coater) is a Batman; The Ride clone. I mention this as it seems smoother than it's brother in Arlington. I ride the Fiesta Texas version multiple times in a row.
  • The waterpark is included in admission and is surprsingly large with a nice collection of rides. Not to be overlooked but....the orginal Schlitterbahn (New Braunfels) is an about an hour from Fiesta Texas. It's unique, quirky and consistently voted the top waterpark in the country.

Well, I hope this helps. Enjoy your stay in Texas

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La Vibora has a single rider line. It's hidden near the exit.

We also have one of the tallest swing rides and it's on chains, not solid metal supports. We also have one of the tallest S&S swings and it runs the double program. If the oil derrick observation tower is open it can be a great way to beat the heat and to get a nice view.

Superman also a single rider line, as does the Gerstlaur spinner.

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Also be sure to allow extra time to take in all the wonderful advertising.

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I also suggest some time at Fiesta's water park. It's very nice. Loved the wave pool.

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Don't miss Runaway Mountain at oT....it's pretty easy to miss, but one of the best enclosed coasters you'll find anywhere...

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I don't recall what was different about Runaway Mountain vs. Skull Mountain at Great Adventure. Though I just checked to see that I have the former ranked an entire two spots (!) above the latter (85 vs 87...not that that means anything, I can't remember half the reasons why I ranked things the way I did).

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^Runaway Mountain is Premier's take on a Windstorm...the one *crazy* mid-ride plunge in the darkness is mind-boggling...

I'm a pretty big fan of Skull Mountain, but it is mostly a "family" ride beyond the first WILD drop (offer/opinion valid in the back seat only).

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Love them both. I also Rank them Closely.

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Thanks for the replies guys.

Agree on the one crazy drop on Runaway mountain, rollergator.

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