Unique Foods

What are some unique foods that you have seen in only one park that you have been to.(KI Skyline chili,ect)

Mine would be deep fried Oreo's at Kennywood,alligator bites at Knoebels.

I saw deep fried oreos somewhere else---Noah's Ark, maybe?

The Disney turkey legs are hard to duplicate, because they are from some monster turkeys.

The grilled sausage/peppers/onions stand at Dollywood is pretty darn good.

I haven't seen pirogi anywhere else but Knoebels, and SFOT is the only place I know of with "pink things."
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They have turkey legs @ Dorney and deep fried Oreos @ Holiday World.

Knoebels is the only place you can get a D&D Pita.

9oz of chipped steak
in between 2 pitas

order with fancy fries and share with a friend

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Compounce also has the fried Oreos.

I'd say Thanksgiving dinner at Holiday World is pretty unique. Fried banana pudding at Dollywood. Dole whips and Dole floats at the Disney parks that have them.

Roasted peanut butter squid at Lotte World in South Korea. Can anyone beat that?

Can't beat the squid, but BG Europe serves cannelloni that is made from scratch, even the pasta is homemade in BG's kitchens daily.
I actually saw dole whip at (P)GA of all places. I was pretty surprised.

Oh, Dollywood's cinnamon griddle bread is awesome.


Pickles on a stick


^You can find pickles on a stick at numerous parks.

My favorite MJ tune: "Billie Jean" which I have been listening to alot now. RIP MJ.

You can get pirogies at fairs in Pennsylvania, I don't know about other amusement parks.

The last time I was at Knoebels, I noticed that the Roaring Creek Saloon had a Monte Cristo sandwich on the menu. I wish I had tried it, maybe next time.

Is funnel cakes pretty common in parks across the country?
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Yes they are as common as elephant ears.
I wouldn't be surprised in the least to see Kennywood with pirogies on a menu somewhere, either, but I can't say that I've seen them there.

-brian, who likes potato and cheese best.

Potato and cheese are good,I like the kraut ones too.

Many churches sell them during Lent in Western Pa.

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We had pirogies here on campus last year. They were not cooked very well though.
Some people think that steaming them is okay.

It's not. Fry 'em in butter, and lots of it.

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See they steamed them and then put our custom fixins onn and then "fried" them but there was a lot of water in the pan so they did not ever fry well.
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Knoebels can add what they call "crunch" sprinkles, which is like a kind of peanut toffie, to your ice cream cone. I was lucky enough to find it at Dairy Queen in State College, PA, but I can't find it anywhere else. ...And believe me, I look for it.

Not as unique as "Fried Oreo's", but really good and hard to come across.


"CoasterBuzz - It feels like home" :)

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a_hoffman50 said:
Yes they are as common as elephant ears.

And then you'll find the "fried dough" variant in the Northeast, especially New England.

Out of curiosity I did some Googling to see if anyone had the Native American fry bread and found that Knotts had it -


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