Uncle Bernie's Theme Park?

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My family and I are heading down to Fort Lauderdale for Christmas this winter. Being how I am, of course I plan on getting some credits while on the trip. We will definitely hit Boomers! and the Dania Beach Hurricane, but there is also this place called Uncle Bernie's Theme Park in the area that I might check out.

I remember seeing a TR regarding this little park on Negative-G a few years back, but I'm trying to gather some more recent info on it, and their website is absolutely no help.

I am wondering, is this park worth a visit, even just as a quick credit stop? Are there any decent/adult thrill rides there? How are the prices? Also, I guess it would help to know when/if the place is open...lol.

Any information you have to share would be greatly appreciated.



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According to Gator, they have the most intense Techno Bounce ride in the country. The installations at Cypress Gardens and Ocean City, NJ were/are insanely fun flat rides. I can only imagine how crazy the one at Uncle Bernie's is. I would go out of my way just to experience this ride, regardless of any credits!

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Uncle Bernie's is one corner of a much larger Swap Shop complex that as of my most recent stop (August) had gotten kinda shady - especially compared to what I remember it as during my only other visit 5 years earlier.

It's worth a stop if you're after the two kiddie credits. If you expect any more than that, then you'll be disappointed. If you expect just that, you'll probably still be disappointed. Prices (as of August) were $1 per ticket and I believe the coasters were 2 or 3 tickets each.

We stopped on a Friday in August in mid-afternoon (3pm-ish) and saw not a single sign of any employees even though the park was open. This was in stark contrast to our visit in 2004 where the place was packed.

I do believe (although I'm not positive) that the park's hours mirror the general hours of the Swap Shop.

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Acoustic Viscosity said:
According to Gator, they have the most intense Techno Bounce ride in the country.

It's a Sartori TechnoJump (the equivalent of the MegaBounce which I think is what we had at Cypress) - but anyway, the picture and thousand words rule applies, so here's several million words, give or take. It rocks. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZTxyoBvV3IA

Swap Shop is a regular third-world market right here in the USA. Wash your produce thoroughly. As far as "gotten shady", I don't know, I thought it always had been. The boneyard being along the midway gave me the ghetto feel inside the park that I could get anywhere outside in the parking-lot section (where I guess the "vendors" tried to get away without paying for stalls?) Lots of stuff there that "fell off the truck". ;)

Oh, and the Dragon is powered, so.... ;)

edit: Found video I had mislabeled as TechnoJump, which was in fact Cypress' MegaBounce, at night (nice lighting on those). Kennywood's Kangaroo - Bartlettt's Flying Coaster...version 2.0. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KzntNcwg3pE&NR=1

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rollergator said:
Wash your produce thoroughly.

And by 'produce' he means 'bootleg adult DVDs' - because that's all anyone seemed to be selling between the parking lot and the park area this last time.

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