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Just wondering what Texans (or visitors thitherto) thought of SF AstroWorld's Ultra Twister.  Looks to me like a REALLY cool ride, but then again, it IS by TOGO, so...

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In 2002 the roughness will be fixed because Premier Rides is totally re tracking the ride.
does that mean its getting lap bars?
No they are just re tracking it.
How on earth do you retrack a steel coaster???
Easy-just replace the old track with new.  I think...?
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Medusafanatic said:
In 2002 the roughness will be fixed because Premier Rides is totally re tracking the ride.

Um the Chain broke, and they havn't replaced it yet.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but the chain was indeed replaced earlier this season and I believe new anti-rollbacks were installed too. The ride is operating fine now, unless the chain broke recently (read: within the last two weeks).

I used to not care for this ride, but its grown on me. Yes, it is uncomfortable on the shoulders (but nowhere near as bad as Texas Tornado, as far as I'm concerned). It has a great pop of airtime and a wonderful 89-degree drop.

This ride was amazing when it originally opened at SFGadv. I don't know if it's been changed when it was moved. This is the only coaster that has ever given me a brief scare. The vertical lift, on your back, that crests over into the truly vertical drop(briefly) was very cool. I was very saddened when they replaced this with Viper, which has never been as much fun as UltraTwister.
SFGadv Please I'm begging for the Gyro Drop tower.
I agree with Rod....Ultra Twister was better than Viper. I remember being let down by Viper. *sob*
And retracking will help it how? Steel track doesn't wear that much, and it's not going to change a thing on the ride. What they NEED to do is get new restraints and vehicles on that ride.
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Medusafanatic said:
In 2002 the roughness will be fixed because Premier Rides is totally re tracking the ride.

I don't know where you got this from, but it is rediculous. It is not getting retracted. the ride is smooth now. New Anti-roll backs were installed this year. Ultra Twister is great it is the only Heartline barrell rolling coaster in the US. When is was moved to AW the Verticle lift was changed to a 60 degree angled decent. this put less stress on the coaster. UT will not be getting lap bars. The design of the car may change in the next couple of years, but Lab Bars won't be removed.

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I love the Ultra Twister in Nagashima Spaland.  Rode it about 10 times in July.  It has a vertical climb too.  In regards to roughness, yep... it's there, but who cares?  The ride is so short, and that sudden thrust over the top/drop is incredible.
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I got to ride Ultra Twister about 10 years ago in Tokyo, Japan. I thought it was really great and different. We must have ridden it 5 times.

I would like to try the one out in Texas, but if you are saying that you don't make the vertical climb anymore, it would be kind of disappointing, since to me that was a big part of the ride.

Doesn't Millennium Force clame to have the steepest drop?  RCDB says it's angle of descent is 80....but Ultra Twister has an angle of descent of 85 degrees...according to RCDB..so what's up? 
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Millennium Force never had that claim.

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Yep Jeff, because if anything, Oblivion had the "claim" along with UT because they were built quite a bit before MF.
Oblivion is 89 degrees, X is ninety.  Was Maggies 60 degree drop the steepest when she was built?  I recall her being the tallest, fastest, steepest roller coaster when she was built am I right?  Seems that Gemeni also had teh same claim when it was built? 

BTW Isn't it funny how Maggie and Millie are like people who we call she, LOL

Does CCI know how to make a bad coaster?

I guess we could give Maggie and Millie a brother by nicknaming Gemini ----  Jimmy.  oh allright.. so it wasn't that funny...it's the offseason!  LOL
God please let SFKK get something in 2002. ANYTHING!!
X is not 90 degrees. It's 88.5. And I think there is only one full-circuit coaster with a 90 degree drop and that's Xcelerator.
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