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Sunday, July 7, 2002 3:08 PM
Well here I was, I couldn't believe it! I was going to IOA! After seeing all the videos and pictures it was incredible to get here. I had been to Universal in 98 and saw IOA being built and heard about it and was definitely saying there was no way I was riding those coasters!! Well, haven't times changed? I got there a little after 9 so I knew it would be wise to get to the Dueling Dragons. I got there and was informed my sister would have to check her bag in a locker and it would be free for 45 minutes, but the machine said 75, oh well, it's a good deal anyway, so we boarded and ran through the long queue, it's not the indoor part that’s long, it's the outdoors that makes it feel long, holy turd! It is the best queue I have ever seen, and the ride was currently a walk on, so we whent for Fire in the front, then Ice

I liked it but my first ride was definitely my worst. The airtime hill was an INCREDIBLE element, but the duel in Ice in that part kinda lacked, and the loop duel was dangerously close, but your going slow at the top of the loop and can see it coming, I think this duel is enhanced sitting somewhere else, were you see Ice pop out of nowhere. It's a very good ride at this point, but not better than Top Gun at PGA or B:TR.

Then we exited and took the shortcut to Ice for a minimal wait on Ice's front row. WOW now this is great! The duel with the castle wall was great, and the duel in the zero g was great as well, Cobra roll does have some head tapping but I wonder if B&M had to really to some crazy things to design these rides, if you have ridden you can tell that there are HEAVY forces on your lower legs and feet, well, isn’t B&M’s big deal is g’s centered at your heart? I am probably wrong:). We exited again and re rode Ice, but I can’t remember how many times I think we also went to Fire and rode again. Fire was a little better. But I think the queue line for this ride is amazing but I do have some gripes about the theming or lack there of, but that if for a different time. So now I looked around for a shortcut to Marvel Superhero Island but stupid me didn’t realize you did actually have to walk through Suess Landing. I have a question? What is that duel tracked mini monorail? I believe the entrance was blocked and I saw it one once with one car filled with Dr. Suess and his pals, is that all it’s for? So now we got to Marvel and wow look at Hulk and all the people watching it! People are really in awe of this thing. So my sister checked her bag the free lockers and we had a 25-minute wait.

I know this ride’s queue gets a bad rap but it is my favorite of all time! Why? The music! It is basically a bunch of switchbacks outside and then inside it gets real cool, I love all the TV monitors everywhere, and the little 5 minute cartoon type clips that play, their all different! That pounding bass and LOUD music is just nirvana! Part that with the line moving quickly and a little theme you have a winner in my book! So we board in the middle of the train. Wow this launch is my favorite ever, eclipsing S:TE wow, the weird thing is, it’s the weakest of them all! I guess it’s the 2 seconds that gets me. It came so quick to. The ride is now my #2 behind S:TE. The ride after the cobra roll just isn’t as shocking, quick, or intense but I still thought it was great. The ride was also running 3 trains, a big plus! After that we used the single rider on Dr. Doom and Spiderman

This ride is great! not all it’s cracked up to be but still great, I really liked the dark corridors where there would be some good spinning action! The 3d made everything seem so real! Especially when you’re bouncing on the sky scrappers. This ride can’t hold candle to Indy though, it is so different! Indy is much less of a family ride than this, Indy is so wild and rough and of course fast, also if Spidy could have used more real sets it would have been even better. Great ride, but no Indy.

Dr. Doom’s Fearfall

I love the name for this ride and I used single rider, through the doors through the arcade. I have heard conflicting reports on how high this is! Is it 150? 200? Or 185? The park says 150, and then they said 200! Well, I love the isolation of the ride, your row is separated from the others and there are intimidating automatic doors and pre launch sound effects/spiel by Dr. Doom. Great ride! I am still really siked up by all the anticipation that these rides pack, it passes the Maliboomer, only other one I have ridden, as being the best I have rode. The view is awesome as well, but the airtime at the top was vicious! Your legs touch the OTSR! CRAZY! Now we went to Jurassic Park where all the fun ended for a while…

We got there and my sister and I loved the themeing wow it was like the Jurassic Park in the movie! So we looked for Pteradon Flyers, my sister actually thought it looked cool and would actually want to ride a kiddy coaster with me! So we looked and looked and couldn’t find the entrance, and we ended up over by Burger digs were I pulled out my map from my fanny pack, as I put it back, I noticed my ticket was missing (a 5 day park hopper) I said to myself it’s there, don’t worry. So we found the flyers and were denied cause of the child rule, I bet late at night they relax this or first thing in the morning, this must be done cause of the low capacity I would assume. So I look again for my ticket, it is nowhere! Not in any of my pockets or any were! I check over and over again think there was no way it could happen! I go to Burger digs, not there so I retraced almost every step I made in the park and found nothing! Any piece of paper on the ground I would just hope it was my ticket but no use. So I went to guests relations and informed them on my situation and they were brilliant they made every effort to get me my ticket and were successful, wow that was tense my mom would have been so mad! So now as was good so it was time for Jurassic Park River Adventure!

The line was a descent size but the queue was nice and so was the JPTV. The line moved very fast and they needed a party of 2 once we got to the station so the wait was even less. We sat there though once loaded, for a long time. I saw the small lift hill shut off and I was like, CRAP! But all was good and we were off.

This ride was a huge hit at Universal in Hollywood. I thought it was a great ride and a real good surprise, the indoor part is pretty freaky I must say as well as that collapsing raptor cage. The T REX didn’t get close enough though, but the drop was insane! Great ride!
Then we saw Sinbad, one of the best shows of the trip I loved the covered theater with air conditioning even though it was open air! I guess it clears the pyro though. Then Poseidon’s fury was next, this was by far the slowest moving line and longest wait all trip Universal Express this puppy! But it was also the surprise of the trip! AMAZING ATTRACTION! WOW Each chamber definitely would scare ya then the water tunnel and the finale was amazing! I could write a TR as long as this one if I explained it to you, but the last chamber must be mentioned! Your in a small room and some lighting effects happen, and a huge strobe goes off and it’s pitch dark, but something’s moving, you can tell, your now in a big temple were the God’s fight tons of water and fire every were! Then it gets dark, and the room is small again. Wow this attraction is not to be missed! So much more to tell you about but this TR isn’t even half done yet!

Did another ride on Hulk, this time with single rider in the back left seat, awesome once again! The exit music is great as well! So now we went over to Universal an old favorite of ours. Upon arrival we spilt up, I could see he rain was coming and went to Back to the Future were there was a 20 minute wait. I enjoyed a pretzel and Lemon chill in the queue, and it was quite good! I didn’t have had a straw though, the Lemon chill would have been better. I was placed on the far right end in Thomas Edison’s office before we boarded, I was in the front of the car and I have ridden before and then my eyes started looking around. I saw that this is basically the same as a regular motion theater, just cars not seats and an Imax type screen at a weird angle! The ride is real high capacity to. But seeing all this kinda spoiled the ride, last time it seemed like we were all alone! A fun ride still, next I went to the new attraction and start attraction MIB, single rider style, this ride was great! I scored in the 50 thousands and our car got cosmically average, can you actually get the highest and be an MIB agent? The way the exit station is set up is that you have had your memory erased and are back at the Universe and You. I couldn’t enjoy the queue though but a walk on ride is worth it! Next was Jaws for a short wait, but the rain was coming and they informed us the ride would shut down when the rain came( ah this happening again!!!??) So I immediately left and went to Kong, and ran because the rain started to come down and comedown hard. The wait was posted as 30 minutes and started just inside the subway queue area. I loved this queue! It had a weird feeling to it and the TV’s showing the special report made it seem like we were really getting evacuated. Also, the whole queue had TONS of marker writing all over it, they did some graffiti art to theme it and it turned into a art wall for all of us Where ever there is concrete, there is marker writing every were and they haven’t erased it because it makes for a great theme! The ride had one of the slowest moving lines the whole trip, but it still moved, the same if not a little more, than a Six Flags park. The themeing around the station of the abandoned apartments was great to. Then we finally boarded, being a single rider I sat right next to the host, and he did a great job acting but you could tell it was routine to him. The Kong anamatronics are amazing but the ride is anti climatic and I can see why it will be gone soon. When we returned to the station he showed us a news clip featuring as attacked by Kong, and it filmed us during the ride. At the end as we were exiting, a person next to me said, " You gotta do this again and again!?" He tunred the mic away from his face and said, " Yeah it loses it’s flavor after about 5 years" A fun ride to get out the rain however. Then I ran to Twister seeing it had no wait, man I got soaked. I rode this in it’s first year and waited LOOOOONG. But! The ride was cool, but of course my eyes wandered sitting on the edge, and realized how the big twister worked as well as seeing we were in a giant sound stage, the last slam of the roof really got me, that was loud! Then my day at Universal was over, we left ran in my mom’s waiting car and I would later return for about an hour to go to IOA. 3 things on my mind, HULK, ICE AND FIRE.

Hulk I got a few rides and one in the front it walk on conditions. Man those rain drops hurt but this ride at night and up front is insane! I loved it! Then I ran fast back to dragons for a few rides I rode in the front of each and now FIRE was cooking, pun indented! I loved it! So, back to Ice it was still an awesome ride from the morning I had to be back in the car by 9 and as I was running away the announcement for last train came on, But Fire was running 1 train I believe and it really ticked me off I could have gotten some more rides but I was happy. So that was day 2 of the trip and day 1 of IOA/USO! Thanks for being a warrior and reading this!

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Sunday, July 7, 2002 3:18 PM
Cool TR. Just wondering, did you go on Dudley Do Right or Popeye? Those are two of my favorite water rides ever created. Anyway, glad you had fun. IOA rocks!

Does this thing go faaaaaast!

Sunday, July 7, 2002 3:20 PM
Nice TR! Yes I beat Todd!!! Nevermind.

-Sean Newman
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Sunday, July 7, 2002 8:46 PM
Wait till tommorrow, that is not all for Universal and IOA!
See THE ULTIMATE in Orlando TR'S! Right now in the TR fourm!

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