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Tuesday, July 2, 2002 12:38 PM
This is the first installment of my series of TR's that will cover everything there is in Orlando as far as parks go.

The plane ride over was preety uneventful except for that I met NBA rookie and 2001 NCAA national champ Juan Dixon! He was very nice and was in town to workout of the Magic, good luck to him! We got in about 11:30 and checked in that night into the AWESOME Renesance Hotel accross the street from

Sea World, my mom was on travel so we were on the Club floor, which meant we had acces to the club room were there were free drinks and food, and it over looked Sea World, a great sight! We had no plans for Sat ( next day) and my mom and sister would go shopping and I got to go to Sea World, we didn't get SW in a travel package so previously plans for that park were scrapped but I got to go anyway! Upon arrival I learned of a second day free option! GREAT! So I woke up the morning at 9:20 and was in SW a little after 10, it was still early so I found Journy to Atlantis, it was closed with a long line out front, and beyond that I saw Kraken! So my choice was easy.

The problem was the atraction attendent had a lot of kids to check and people wren't going through so a ride that was a walk on had a big line out front but I got in with no wait. Well as I got into the station I decided my first ride on my first ever big coaster trip and first coaster outside Cali, would be op front were floorlesses should be ridden. So I hoped in and got 1 ride up front and another towards the back.

It was a good ride for those first to laps, I liked Medusa west better though, I just thought the pacing wasn't as good, but it was a very fine ride. So then I went to JTA, and found a resonible line but it moved fast ( had no idea abotu single rider then) I sat in the very back of this ride and it was cool, but the story was hard to follow, we were welcomed with open arms but then were in troble? Didn't quite understand that. The flume drop was cool and the dark ride effects were great but every time we would go up hill the water would come up to my ankles in the back! Yucko! Then the coaster part came, and the splashdown soaked the heck out of me, it felt good though. I loved Atlantis and thought it was a great ride.

Then I went to see the coolest guys in the park, literally! The penguins! But just as I entred I remembered it was summer here so it was winter there and it was the day after the longest day of the year, so it was dark in the habitat, but it was still cool and I made another trip that night. I went back to Kracken and rode a few more trips.

Now it was cookin! I sat in the middle and back and it was defently a better ride from there on out! I loved it it was better than Medusa west now! I rode with this little kid who I think is going to be a huge coaster freak, he barely made the hight requierment and said he had been riding all day! He rode with his hands up and legs out, somthing I wouldn't even do at that point!

Then I went to see the coolest guys in the park, literally! The penguins! But just as I entred I remembered it was summer here so it was winter there and it was the day after the longest day of the year, so it was dark in the habitat, but it was still cool and I made another trip that night. I went back to Kracken and rode a few more trips. Now this is much more like it! Very cool! This little kid also rode with his arms up and legs out, he had been riding all day! He'll be an enthusiast!

So then I went to see the world famous Shamu show, it was the typical very cool killer whale show with that little Sea World flavor it was the 12:30 show so then I raced over to see Cirque De La Mer, it is in an inside theater so doors close at show time so I was defently moving! I heard from another TR that this show was great so I had to see it, I got in a few minutes before the show and the little guy in the blue suit was doing his usual hillarious number with the audience, it would take me waaaaaaay to long to describe the stuff he did he was great! He did not speak, he just blew a whistle. Between acts he would come out and entertain so he was doing his stuff and then this big whrilwind came on the curtain, he did a great acting job and it sucked him in! Then the curtains fly open and he is in an aztec type themed area with barbaric people around him then this statue drops out of the sky and this big somoan dude comes out and scares him away, then he does a great routine with fire batons, some times he would put the fire on his feet or in his mouth, incredible stuff. Then they left and the little guy is back, this time with a lighter. He holds it up to his face ( much less graceful than the other guy) then blows it out and acts like there is nothing to it and he is just as good! Then he did somemore drop dead hillarious stuff, he took a ladies camera and took a picture of here group, of course it took him about 10 minutes to do this, and everything went wrong, she eventually got her camra back. So then the curtains open up agian and he is in troble agian and runs away, these to buff guys are there and they proceded to do some unbelivible stuff one was smaller and they did a bunch of balancing acts by the big guy holding the little guy up, then the little guy was suspended virtically straight into the air on the other guy, resting on his head! Then as you thought no more could happen they take there hands away and the guy is balancing/holding him up WITH HIS FLIPPING DOME! He held it for like 10 seconds to! I can't remember some of the other crazy stuff but that was the best. Then he came out accompanied by a bunch of dancers and during this time queitly pick 5 men to go on stage, they were just standing there and the number ended, then the little guy made fools out of all of them. Next, he got 4 and put them in the shape of a sqaure eh went up to everyone and made them stand up straight military style, and of course made them look stupid sence they were all well over 6 feet and he was maybe 5 '6" he then got a roll of masking tape and ran around them he then with the 2 remaining guys gave one a ring bell he then gave the prefight insturctions and demonstrated no low blows, that was hillarious then he got thisw real huge guy and "Eye of The Tiger" came on he took off his suit and had boxing gloves on and made the other guy take his shirt off. So they fought and the rounds lasted liek 10 seconds right before he was gonna get hit, then the music from Vacation came on ( running the Walley World) and they fought in slow mo! The little guy got beat and they congradualted each other as Eye of the Tiger came on, some every one off the stage and the little guy did the " going down the stairs" Austin Powers style. But as he entered the curtain and flash of pyro went off and he was gone, then the acrobates did this flying routine in the air, great show capper and they all took a bow and went to the exit, so the crowd could met them! The sound track was avalible on CD at the park to that is cool!

Then I went to the Sea Lion show I saw this in Sea World San Deigo and is was great so I saw it here too and it was just as good, and the stadium by the time the show started was over flowing! before this show a Miem( sp) was out making fun of people by walkign behind them and making faces ect.. then when the crowd went nuts they turned around he acting like nothing was wrong. Great stuff before a great show, then I went back to Kraken but not it was a black sky above. Just as I was in the station they said inclement weather approaching so they shut down and suggested we stsy in the station for shelter. No way! I rememebr seeing Wild Artic by Shamu and yah, that is on the other side of the park and the rain is intensifiying, thunder and lightning is every where and the wind looked like it would collpase the sky tower, so I ran. I love running around parks and I did a ton of it this trip late on night and always got a ton of rides becuase of it. So I got to the board walk and it was like a hurricane, the cables on the sky tower were snapping like the flyers do! I finnally made it to Wild Artic and didn't mind at all if there was a wait, and there was a small wait. I liked this attraction alot in SD esspecially the artic exhbit at the end I was on the ride and at the end while going through the canyon, the simulator goes dark, the screen goes black and says "pause" in the corner like a VCR and the screen closed and an annocument came that we were heading to base early cause of technically problems, everyones confused and the op comes in and asks were we were in the film and we could stay and she would reset the ride I just left and took my time through the awesome artic exhibit. The rain had died down and then I went to see the seals great stuff over there! New sea lions were being born every day that week! Then I go to Kraken it is closed but within minutes the annoucment comes on " Ladies and Gentlemen Kraken is now open!"

So the small gathering of people head into the queue I get the station in walk on conditions and queue up for the front, I see 4 peole on the train one was the little kid mentioned before! There were all up front and I learned that SW gives the first 4 riders the front row all to themselves when the ride opens! So then there on the brake run and the empty train has a problem, there was about 10 minutes of technical problems but it was all worked out and I got a nice front row spin then I got a couple more towards the back after that it was here for the first time that the line accually went past the station. I opted to ride in others rows and got on in about 15 minutes. I can't remember what I did next, but I left short there after. I ate dinner and then came to the park about 7 and it was in full Saturday night mode. The soft jazz had turned into upbeat rock and 80's music in gear for the night's festivities but I had 2 things on my mind JTA, AND KRAKEN

I went to JTA where the line was non exhistent and got to ride not in the back and this time ducked at the coaster finale( the track glowed in the dark!) and got a mist. I rode Kraken for a long time and ended up with 10 rides for the day. I wanted to get a good spot for the lazer and fireworks show so I left a little after 9:30, I wanted to see the Manatee's but everyone in the park was watching the night Shamu show or riding Kracken so I was the only one running around some dark midways, I had troble finding my way around the whole time one time I couldn't find the exit for like 15 minutes! This couple also asked me were it was! So I said oh well I'll see em next time and just as I got to the aera the Shamu show just let out so I was already running back there and I was by myself so my patentend "GP Weave" was in full force I was even in planter boxes trying to get thorugh, we'll say I got a real good seat in the lower level but the seats were all wet from the rain! No biggie though, the show was cool but the lazer and pictures on the water had like no meaning to them, the shouw was about America and they had liek beavers and chickens fighting! Go figure! A good show but no where near Disney standards. Well there's part 1 thanks so much for reading and PLEEEEASSE reply.

See THE ULTIMATE in Orlando TR'S! Right now in the TR fourm!

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Tuesday, July 2, 2002 1:01 PM
I want to be the first to congratulate Todd on a great TR, since he is always so effusive towards others. Nice job! Hope your entire trip went well.

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Tuesday, July 2, 2002 3:19 PM
That's cool you got to see Juan Dixon. If you sit in the front of JTA, you get the ultimate cheap shot. Fun ride, though.
Tuesday, July 2, 2002 4:19 PM

Dont your ankles get wet on all log flumes when you go up a hill? Or did JTA really soak your ankles? If so i got to get there!!! I love getting wet!

Tuesday, July 2, 2002 5:12 PM
Nice TR!

-Sean Newman
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Wednesday, July 3, 2002 9:24 PM
Thanks guy's took me forever to write it! Expect TONS more!
See THE ULTIMATE in Orlando TR'S! Right now in the TR fourm!

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