ULTIMATE Orlando TR: Day 6 EPCOT, shades of HW!!!!

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Wednesday, July 31, 2002 10:07 PM
Mom was done with work so she would join my sister and I for this day. We went last time in Orlando and this was the only park in the WDW resort that we did. We got there early in the morning and noticed the giant granite sculptures which people's pictures were put in, you can "leave a leagacy" but we didn't, how much does it cost anyone? Went for Spaceship Earth. Short wait, this omni mover is basically a commercial for AT&T. But it is still a fantastic ride, partilaly in the big shpere. It shows how man from the orgin, learned to communicate with one another and then shows future communication and says how important it is. The omni mover stopped at least twice, but only for a short time. The last part of this slow moving ride, was cool. It was a downward slant with a mess of neon lights surrounding you, just as good as last time! Next it was time to stop screwing around LET'S DO TEST TRACK! The line was about 70 minutes long, we all used the single rider line though which was about 15 minutes. This is the best ride queue in WDW! All those tests going on, some quite loud, and the monitors displaying what is going on is very fun, esspecially becuase the line moves fast. You gotta love the Test Track Theme to! Upon entery I was shocked to learn that my mom wanted to ride, I told her that it went an excess of 60 MPH ( I didn't say it too much though :) ) When we got there and saw a car roar overhead around the helix, she said " I can handle that" I immeadiatly was like, OK I am not going to say ANYTHING, and I hope I wouldn't ride with her cuase it could get ugly! So we saw the funny preshow and was in the station. Boarding the ride I quickly noticed the lack of handels to grab, I was kinda nervous at this point. Well we were off onto the uphill test! The ride accelerates fast up a hil, then their were numerours tests, rough road, heat, cold, corrision, spin out ( with no brakes) spin out ( with brakes) mobility, we are passing all the tests in our awesome GM vehicle! Now the ride gets real interesting, moving around sharpe curves and hitting fast speeds, we compplete the tests, and now for the random test, crash test dummy, just as we enter the ramp we see a car, alot like ours, go carunning through a wall, uh crap. Well we accelerate and head for the wall and at the last instant it opens up! Then we go down this hill ( no airtime) and the speed test begins, we start speeding up. 40, around a turn, 45,50, then straght into a 60 MPH HUGE banked turn, I had the thought of " This thing is wicked!" running through my head, then we pass the radar which said, 64.8. Then you really fell those ani lock breaks kick in! They jerk you a bit back and fourth, just like real life! SO they really do use anti lock breaks. ( says it everytime) and slow down, and the instructures say we passed everything and they took one last heat test, on our bodies which is looked at by an infared camera we see over head, they inform us to come back anytime and test agian. Then we exited after looking at the photo, I excepting the worst from my mom but she liked it alot! Then there is this big GM show room which had some very nice cars and a show playing, it was neat with a couple of huge tv's and some walls opening to reveal cars. But there was an attraction in here, called dream makers which we did. It was a virtual reality which the seats moved, pretty cool animated thing, as we drive through an imagination running wild. The wait can get long though!!

Got a Fastpass which was already for late afternoon!

Next we went into the wonders of Life Pavilion, which is unique to EPCOT, they have instead of lands, indoor pavilians that have the attractions in them, ingenious design for Orlando I would say! But their is no shortage of midways. We did the Body Wars simulator, uses the EXACT same set up/system as Star Tours.

We have to save a doctor, in someone's body studing. But we lose power doing it when the white blood cells attack us. But we had enough power to get to doctor, and get into the blood stream and go the the brain, where we used electrical impulses to power our way home. Good ride that was a walk on.

Next we did this small show in the middle called "The making of Me" I believe Martin Short was the star, does Disney have any idea this is here? Did Disney steal a 7th grade sex Ed video? That was really what it was! Wow!

We did talk before the show to a CM, she expalined were it would be best to sit for Iluminations, she said The new Journy into the Imagination was a must see, MK has no land, and explained Mission Space. It is going to be incredible, she said it was going to be a simulator type, but I still can't picture it, you will be experiencing 3g's that astronauts feel, and float weightless for a time. She said a roumour was that the ride would closed for a couple weeks, and real astronauts would train, she said the ride uses the SAME technolgy as the current real ones at Cape Conaveral, so the technology is here, and it won't be another Test Track she hoped, where it takes 3 years to open, and is a maintainence hog due to tires needing to be replaced.

Then we did the Crainium Command show, which was hillarious! Your a new recruit and your put incharge of a human in this case a 12 year old boy. You enter the show and the big robot ( that was the guy in the pre show the sargent was yelling at) is at the controls and we are with him, we see the view of being behind a human face, some of the stuff is great, there are tons of celebrity cameos and it is a MUST SEE at Epcot!

Next we went out of the pavilion and went for the Universe of Energy, we entered the pre show hosted by Ellen and Bill Nye the Science guy, she explains in a funny way why she would host the ride, and it then shows us this day she had were her old roomate is tearing it up on Jepordy with questions about . Bill Nye comes in and she complains why is energy so important, he explains it and leaves (Jamie Lee Curtis plays the part). She falls asleep and has a dream she is on Jepordy with Albert Enstein and Jamie Lee, and every question is about Energy and her and Al, are losing big time ( Al does nothing the whole time just stands there) So she stops her dream and Bill Nye comes in, and says he was there to see Enstein, but says he will help Elleen discover the orgin of Energy, then the show ends ( using 5 movie screens in a simi-circualr format, very cool. ) And we enter this huge room which has 3 dark ride vehicles, the same used on The Great Movie ride at MGM, they hold about 100 each and our like mobile benches. Very neat. Well the ride goes dark we we return to Ellen's dream, we are getting spun around to face the back of the room where 3 huge movie screens are showing Ellen and Bill out in the middle of a very dark Jungle, where he says energy was created and used by the DInosarus first. But as we are spinning, I noticed somthing werid, I saw some lights come on, and we stopped spinning and the sound cut out. The CM said maintainence was coming and they would try to resume the ride, well they came and evacuated us. They had to reset the system and it would take a couple hours, the way the mechanics were acting, was like it was routine to them. So we leave the building and notice the very cool arcitecure of it, and it was covered in solar pannels, remember this for later,

We went accross the park and bought a big Bavarian Pretzle, wow this was the best of the whole trip awesome! I can't remember if I had Pink Lemmonaide or not though. We went into the Living Seas which had changed sence last visit, their is much more theming, and a queue indoors, but they got ride of the ride portion! How dare they! Now you watch the show, board the hydrolater fake elevators, and enter a small aqaurium! The phased out the ride in the middle! AHH! So raomed around for a bit and took the hydrolator back to the surface.

We saw the Land pavilian but did not enter, later in the day, But the hot weahter had turned into a tropical rain. We saw Ice station cool, which the BEST THING IN THE PARK! You go through an ice tunnel, into a fake snow room, where I pelted my sister, and promtly started A snow ball fight. After the scuffle, we entered the gift shop/ and free soda room! They had numerous fountains every were showing the international versions of Coke, but none were Coke. I tried the Itialia, Beverly. WOW sheer horror! HORRIBLE! I quickly pressed my cup up against the foutain for something, hoping I would pick somthing good and did, China to the rescue, that stuff was good, then Japsan, tasted alot liek Gatoraide, Morroco, tasted kinda tropical, Germany, A LOT like Coke with a bit of a root beer taste, Israil, this stuff was the best I couldn't get enough! Lemmonaide, Coke style! I was going to get back here soon, plus they had the dopler raidar in here. We high tailed all the way to the Imagination Institute to ride Journy to Imagination with Figment, but it was broke. We then went to try Universe of Energy agian and got on just fine, now were did I leave off? Oh yeah we saw the jungle up on the screens and Ellen loses Bill Nye, he says he is over hear, and we start moving, and we follow him. Now were in a real jungle as we leave the theater! Cool! All 3 trains abreast looking into the vast horrizon of a nicely done Jungle, We hear Ellen and Bill's voice, and she has to fight of a small dinosaur, and runs away were we follow deeper into the jungle were Bill Nye is leading us though and explaing everything there is to know about energy, while a bunch of hungary Dinosaurs roar at us, then we see an animatrocic Ellen, fighting off some dinosaur ( can't see it) and we leave the dark ride portion ( about 10 minute of this I would say) in amazment.Next we enter another theater were Jepordy starts up agian, and Ellen gets right back in it with her Bill Nye knowledge, well Enstien gets the boot as final Jepordy begins and we move again back into the theater we started from ( no idea it was though) and 3 of the biggest movie screen's that are not Imax, that I have ever seen appear, The question is read and we enter Ellen's mind, and the 3 screens turn to 5, and we are flying over a fast jungle without even moving! Neat effect, then we spin around and face the south side of the theater, were some smaller movie screens are, displaying the finale to the show, and Elleen is right and she wins!

That was a very brief discription of this ride, it is truly amazing and it another must do, also, did I mention part of it is controlled by Solar energy?

The rain died and we strolled over to the Living with the Land pavilion, the main attraction, Living with the land had an hour wait, so we grabbed some fastpasses, we also noticed Test Track was testing,re opening soon becase of the rain, but with FP's they were valid until park closing, due to a major break down.( rain) We went over the the Imagination Institute were we walked onto the ride, that was working now. People bash this ride alot, but I liked it, your on a tour displaying the 5 sences, and Figment wrecks everything, they are some great effects, like the loud sound, blinding strobe, disapearing iteams, within the blink of an eye, and the horrible smell, in the smell sence scene. The last part was neat to going into Figment's upsidedown world, and the exit station, when we entered was dark, only lit by small fiberoptic lights, too small to be seen when not lit.

FP time for Living with the Land, the line was still big, the ride is short dark ride boat tour, with a host. The dark ride portion is very good showing the orgins of the Earth and how humans live with it, then we enter EPCOT's own green house, it is a vast array of gardens, that they use in thier food in the Land pavilian, then we entered the fish farm, next into some more gardens and into some labs, where they mess with the cells of plants to create new food, we also saw a collection of food NASA was growing to find out how to grow food with out sun, we nice ride if you have a FP! Made another stop to Ice Station cool, some guys were filling a water bottle, well there are no signs premitting it! ( but I didn't but I would use the attraction later in the day, being the ultimate cheapo.)

We first the first time all day, FINNALY entered the countries area ofd the park, World Show case and grabbed FP's for Malestrom the flume ride in Norway, we walked around a little and rode. The ride is an enclosed flume ride with 2 big drops, one backwards, you don't get wet, and is very nicly themed, I missed alot of it, and I saw no nomes! That is like the main part of this ride people talk about, my sister rode in 98 and called it" The Knome ride" But they were in the area with all the polar bears I know that, but I still missed them. We saw the 5 minute post show, which a lot of people passed, a good idea before it accually happend, no one wants to sit and watch a post show, but we did :)

Then we used our rain delayed FP's on Testtrack, but so did everyone else making the FP A LOT longer than it should have been! But the line movee very fast, and we were on in about 20. This ride is awesome! Mom and my sister did their shopping thing in The World Showcase and they ate dinner in Germany while, I did in Mexico, I had the plato Combinaccion, very good stuff! I forgot what was on it though, I think ataco, small casadlla, beans and rice, forgot what the cost was, but under 10 bucks. I then carried my food and ate a little on the way, and set up shop at a table near... Ice Station Cool. I finsihed of an awesome meal, and went through the tunnel, were snow was in the process of being made, you can also see off to the side, the office/home of a frozen guy who is a skeleton dead in bed. I went nuts, and really tried everything except for Beverly ( Italy) people were commenting on the grossness of it, and this French group got thier friend to try it, the sence went down like this " Hey Italiano Italiano! " ( handing friend a cup) and he drinks it they laugh he say said a certain explitive, meaning, no good, or dirty. Funny stuff. Then I went to China and watched the circle vision show. It was real long and old, they need to change it! Why not put us in the middle of a battle near the Great Wall? Then I walked around traveling the world, I wanted to try O Canada, Impressions of France circle vision movies, but they were both 18 minutes, and I had to meet up soon. Canada, was a VERY nice land , and France was huge. I met back up infront of Germany to get a spot for Illuminations: Reflections of the Earth, near us I could hear Shockwave, in America playing, it seemed good, a very loud show! I really wanted to see it hearing how good Blast! is at DCA. A while later the show started, the show begins with an awesome effect: First lights around the lagoon dim and this old man tells us we will gather around fire, just like the whole words has done for thousands of year, then he blows air as in blowing out a fire, Then all the excess lights dim at once, from the lights shinning on the EPCOT ball, to the tiny light on the dock, also, the large fire stands around the laggon went out at that time as well! Then the buetiful display of fireworks went off! The show basically goes crazy on pyro then takes a break and does somthing peaceful, the coolest being this huge globe roll out into the middle of the laggoon and triples as a pyro launcher, and jumbtron, also in unision with some pyro effects, lights all around the countries light up. Some Lazer effects in the smoke of the pyro to, an awesome show, even better than the 98 version ( of course!) At the end the globe opens up and almost lays flat and the very beight finale goes off, numerous times in the show some pyro launches with in feet of the crowd, where ever there are those fire stands, pyro will shoot from under them.

This show was beutiful and we took our time walking out of the park, taking some pictures, and admiring EPCOT,( this show makes so many people cry! ) while the Illuminations music played around the park, and we passed the huge foutain, which is in a huge plaza, I passed it numerous times during the day, and it continuoisly outs on water and music shows, it's very cool, but now it was going normal, with the Illuminations music playing in the plaza.

So that was our day at EPCOT, this park is amazing and Mission Space will blow Spidy and Indy as being the best ride expierence anywere.

Thanks so much for reading!

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Thursday, August 1, 2002 5:15 AM
Thanks for the great TR. I am very interested to see how this new ride turns out next year. Epcot really needs another good ride to get the thrill seekers to visit(even though the food alone is worth it).
Thursday, August 1, 2002 7:24 AM

Despite the lack of roller coasters, Epcot is my favorite park anywhere. The World Showcase is the hidden gem of WDW-nothing thrilling, but the shops and attractions are wonderful. When I was in college, my g/f and I went to WDW every year for at least a week, and the majority of our time was spent in the World Showcase-if you go with a girl, make sure to buy her a doll in Germany. It will go a loooooong way ;)

I studied French for five years in school, and I was thrilled to be able to speak French to the employees in the France pavillion. Unlike "real" French people, they were tolerant of my accent and grammar.

Sniff, sniff...I wanna go back!

No love for the whiners

Thursday, August 1, 2002 10:53 AM
Good TR. Last time I was at Epcot I also had a great time but Test Track was a week away from opening :(.

Steel: 1)MF, 2)Goliath, 3)Magnum
Wood: 1)Villain, 2)Beast, 3)Roar(SFMW)

Thursday, August 1, 2002 11:45 AM
I love all the WDW parks. It truly makes you feel like a kid again. Everytime I go I have a wonderful time. Epcot is great. I thought my mom, who is not big on thrill rides would hate Test track, but we couldnt get her off of it the day we were their. It took us buying her a hard rock jacket to get her on the Hulk. Disney just knows how to do things right...everything.
Thursday, August 1, 2002 8:31 PM
Thanks! G.K.W., your right about your last comment, I forgot to add I rode the Rio Del Tiempo in the Mexico pavilian, the ride was neat kinda like a short version of It's a Small World, but in Latin style, neat ride I walked onto. The last room was cool with the fake fireworks.

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Saturday, August 3, 2002 6:26 AM
Wow, this has to be the best trip report I have ever read. Your detailed descriptions bring back so many memories of my trips to Epcot in the late 80's and early 90's. It seems that so much has changed but also so much has stayed the same. Reading your report makes me want to go back again, now.
Saturday, August 3, 2002 9:12 AM
Body Wars! I remember watching that years ago. I can't believe they still have it there. Must have completely missed it last time.
Saturday, August 3, 2002 8:08 PM
I bet it was installed in late 80's early 90's due to that was when Star Tours was put in, which uses the same system.

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