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Entering this park, I didn't know much about it. I was here becuase I had the park hopper to do so, and Dinosaur! I really wanted to ride this ride, and others like the Kali River Rapids and the new Primeval Whril spinning wild mouse. I was going to spend a half day here but decided to do a whole sence it was open until 6. We both wanted to really go on a safari and we went to the Kilimanjaro Safari's. Wow the line is looong! We got a fastpass and went to the Kali River rapids. Short wait in a long queue. The ride is themed to you being in the middle of a rain forest being distroyed, and as you go up a lift hill you do a turn at the top and there is a fire buring the trees then one last explosion of fire and down the long DROP we go! I got preety wet. But the ride is almost over after the drop, you go through some rapids were these jets spray water above you, then under a bridge were these elephants, controled by guests for free!, try to soak you. It's over! Like the shortest raft ride ever! Then we went on our safari.

The ride was a big jeep type thing with the driver as the guide, we saw Hippos, Zebras, Graffe's Tigers, Lions and all sorts of cool animals on the trip! Then we get word that poachers, people who take elephant tusks, we here and were going to kill an elephant, we pass there camp then get to the sene, as they get arrested. Nice 20 minute plus ride!

Next we went on the trail in Africa. Here they don't have exhibits they have long trails were you stop and look at the animals. There were some amazing birds, hippos, monkey's and the best of all Gorrillas! We only saw one out, and he looked like Mighty Joe Young! Wow that was an amazing sight to see! Then we went on the trail in Asia

This one had other birds, comodo dragons, BATS, and TIGERS! Also they had these deer type animals and they were in the same area as the Tigers! But the guide said the Tigers won't eat them if they are fed, all they do in sleep all day anyway. Seeing the Tigers was very cool in this amazingly themed trail, they had this cool foutain to play in to. The freakiest were the Bats, and they didn't have windows to protect you in the middle, they had bars, but the guide informed us the Bats can't fit!

So both the trails were cool and also had these small discovery type centers with small caged animals and educational things.

Now it was time to stop wasting time! We went to DInoland USA to do the much anticipated Dinosaur! This ride of course uses the same track layout and technology as Indiana Jones Adventure at DL.

The queue is very nicly themed and the museam your in is kinda a spin off of Jarrassic park, the last room having Bill Nye the Science Guy explain how the DInos lived and why they died. The wait said like 40 minutes but it seemed like 25, the line moved real quick and we were in the pre show in no time. Basically, your in a time rover and this young hot shot scientist has got a hold of the system and will take you back to the very end of the Dinosaurs regin on Earth, even when the boss said we would be at the beggining, he said we will finnaly find out how the Dino's really died and we would bring back an Iguanasor. So we enter the best themed station ever! And we were in the front row, the ride show sences were way different than Indy, but some elements the same, as we go we keep running into DInosaurs trying to find the Iguanasor, while the computer informs us on the time we have before the asteriod hits. The ride's hydrolics weren't nearly as rough and crazy as Indy and they were no long crazy fast ptich dark corridors that makes INDY great, there are always some dinos around, this ride, like the Indy snake, has a DIno that scares the heck out of you, Then we abort mission, but at the last second the Iguanasour appears a few seconds short of impact and he holds the tree up for us, and the rides finale is a dive under a DInosaur into the time fieid. We were informed we also brought back the Iguanasaur! There was an onride photo taken when the Dinosaur roared at us, and we can also see security camera showing lab techs walking around and looking confused, as everyonce in a while it picks up the Iguanasaur walking through the halls. Great attraction! It's no Indiana Jones though, or Spiderman.

Next we went into the new Chester and Hester's DInorama to ride Primeval whril, previously one side was working at the line was waaay long but we had fastpasses and we on our way. Primeval Whril is a Riverchron spinning mouse, there are 2 of them side by side( should be counted as 2 coasters) that are seperated by the queue in the middle. The ride has tons of theming and basically is a time machine that does the same thing as DInosaur, beem you back dangerously close to the asteroid impact. The ride is real rough if you don
t hang on but it's a great ride! The airtime and the hairpin turns are awesome! Bettr than the other 2 non spinning mice I have ridden plus all the very loud sound effects and music add a nice touch!

Wow it's hot! I got a frozen PInk Lemmonaide and Pretzel. It was the best Lemmonaide I have ever had! Dang it was hot out, My sister and I spilt up and she rode It's Tough to Be a Bug, which I won't ride due to a BAD expierence with 4D rides a few years ago. We both got FP's for the Whril and I went and saw the Bird show which was very cool! They did the bird takes dollar trick, and trainer acts like he is keeping it but bird takes it back, then one trainer said" WOW A first! People getting money back at DISNEY!" The whole adult section of the crowd just burst with laughter. Sit on the left hand side as you come in, more birds fly over your head, a couple times on our side it happend and the bird, an eagle I think came inches from my head! NUTS!

I went on the train that is call "Rafiki's Planet Watch" In Africa it's kinda like the back lot tour of AK! It's a short trip and they bash poachers agian. You go to the petting zoo and AK disovery center. It's the only way to get there, you walk along a looong lushly covered path, which teahes you how to make habitats for bugs and conserve resources, there were some people enjoying food here which I would do to! But they don't allow it on the train! You gotta by from the cart they have. The petting zoo with goats and stuff is cool and in the center, they have a bunch of cool stuff, the best being the servalinece cameras you can control of animal habitats. I couldn't get anything though, so I took the train back.

I went on the Whril agian, great ride, then agian with my sister, who came back ranting and raving about the Asian trail she went back to and saw the tigers playing in the foutain, just as we did our last ride the weather was turning, there were BLACK clouds in the distant, and even though it was sunny by the Whril, the incelment weather annoucment came on, but it did not come. This was the only day it did not rain the whole trip! ( I think) So we were going back to the trail but got sutck by the parade, TWICE. It was cool but they have no speakers playing the music, the floats do it all, defently a werid thing for Disney. Some floats had families on there waving to the crowd. I saw some suites watching, clapping along to the song and waving at the actors. SO we got there are watched the tigers for a while, one went swimming, and wouldn't let the others in! MEAN! That was awesome and I got some nice pics. We got a nice pick in front of the Tree of Life and viewed the small trail they have there, I which you could get close to it! It's so awesome. then we went back to Dinosaur with out FP's we got before. Great ride just as the park was closing. We bought a frozen bannana for my mom who can't get enough of them, on the way out.

Leaving the park and going through the Oasis, we saw some fre flying MCaws in there area, and Parrots mock what they hear, so of course, they would SCEAM Like babies! Cause that is all you here at these parts man it's annoying!

The park was great, and when I though about it I shouldn't of had all the fun I did, but it's an awesome park. If you don't have time don't worry, it's not going to kill your vacation to miss it.

We went to Downtown DIsney to eat at the Rain Forest Cafe 1hr 20 minute wait for seating, NO! My mom and my sister did though, so I wanted to go tyo MGM But the busses in DTD couldn;t get me there but this driver said to hop on his bus to Carribian Resort and board MGM bus there, well all worked and I had a night at MGM!

I got there and went to TOT, A lady had an extra FP and I got it, I got on an elevator fast, and I was next to a man with a huge beer belly, so? I got the lapbar up super high. WOW airtime airtime airtime! I got a FP for a little later, I went to Rock N Roller Coaster's line and WOW it's huge, so I went back to the other end of the park to were the pretzle and Lemmon aide stand by Indy was, they closed for the night! SO I thought I would do Sounds Dangerous starring Drew Carry.

This ride is almost all in the dark, you listing to headphones and I am not even shure but I think it had 3d sound, they did the whole get a haircut deal to. Basically your watching the pilot episode of a new cop show featuring Drew, but he messes up the camera so it's way dark. There are some effects, like getting sprikeled, but I was on the very end of the row so I didn't feel anything, kinda cool show!

Rode TOT, that ride's fliipin awesome!

Now I went to the Anahiem Produce to have a pretzle and Lemmonaide, which I ate while waiting in the 45 minute line for Rock N Roller coaster, it seemed so much shorter. I enjoyed my food and boarded the ride,

What can I say, if you read day 4, you know what I think, if it wasn't for the music, theming this ride wouldn't be squat. It has 3 good elements, Corkscrew, Laucnch and Cobra Roll, everthing else is the ride just wandering around. But all the possitives waaay out weight the negatives so it is a great ride! I went over to Fantasmic that I thought started at 9:30 but the park closed at 10 ( I had to be outside by then) and I knew somthing was wrong cause I could see the fire works from the show, and realized, it's not starting till 10. SO one more ride on The Rocker, I rode with these very fun people, made for a great ride.

So I left and went home ready for a day at EPCOT!
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Cool TR!


Man you love pretzels and lemonade. How are the crowds right now. I was there like 6 years ago in the summer and it was like 3.5 wait for Splash mountain and Space Mountain. Universal's wait were extremely long too. Yours dont seem that bad.
Good TR. I visited Animal Kingdom opening year and was bored becuase of the lack of attaractions. All they had was Countdown to Extinction, the Safari, and Its Tough to Be a Bug show. At least now they have built more rides.

Steel: 1)MF, 2)Goliath, 3)Magnum
Wood: 1)Villain, 2)Beast, 3)Roar(SFMW)

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Yeah it's a little better, Dinosaur! Is the exact same as Countdown to Extinction, just different name.

See THE ULTIMATE in Orlando TR'S! Right now in the TR fourm!

Gotta love those spinning mice!

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