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Saturday, July 20, 2002 11:55 AM
Of all the parks this was the one with the most anticipation. I have been to DL countless times, and am definitely a Disney enthusiast to. So we were dropped off, and were at the ticket plaza. Well there is no park in the back round! I heard somewhere, about boarding a ferry to get to the park, and it is true, you take either the ferry or monorail.

We saw the monorail first, and went for that. We got there just in time, as a crap load of people were behind us, wow we’re already waiting in line and not even at the park yet, but we got on and actually got a seat. And were off in no time! The narration plays overhead, and we zoom through a Disney resort a long the way, wow that place looked cool! We see the big white doom of Space Mountain and head for the park after getting bags checked ( like at every park on this trip except Universal and IOA, they did random searches. My mom who doesn’t like thrill rides, would join us at about 12:30 as it was a little before 10. So we went for Tommorrowland doing exactly what not to do, head right the East Side, but my mom likes the West Side thrill rides, so we went here first. I Knew Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin was a popular ride, and it had a big line so we got Fastpasses, and we found (My sister and I) some Disney resort guest’s hotel key/ticket. Well, if you read Day 2, you know what happened to me earlier at IOA when I lost my ticket, but got a new one. So we went all the way back to the front of the park at Guest relations, were there was quite a crowd, but not a long wait, back in TL time to ride Space Mountain! The ride’s line was spilling out of the queue but the stand by was posted at 30 minutes. Right when we get in, we move, the line flippin moved like it was a race or something! We weren’t in the same spot for over 30 seconds, and this is one HUGE queue! You go in a small room with a pic of space and it pimps, Fed Ex, the sponcer. Then you enter the very long path that slopes down then up, it features the holograms on the walls that are like 3d pictures of stars, and planets ECT.. The star tunnel I believe it’s called, and of course that 1960’S style space music playing in this dark queue, I loved it! Then we get to the end of this path which must have been a good 40-50 yards and the queue turns into kinda a maze, with a lot of the 3d pictures, and at the end the safety video plays, and on the right you can see a train about ready to be taken to space on the B track (double tracked coaster) So we get assigned at a side (right) and ahead is the control tower for the ride.

Now there are some switchbacks and we look forward and there is the station above that into what appears to be just a balck abyss, you can see some of the glow in the dark trains in the course, so yeah were in the mountain! Over heard there are a bunch of shooting stars and asteroids occasionally. Hanging down from the roof, that appear to be floating are TV’s that show the infamous SMTV hosted by non other than "Saved By The Bell’s" Mario Lopez! It’s kinda silly but I like it!! Now the line was moving slow, and it wasn’t even full, it’s all cause of Fastpass on this ride, I saw the movie cycle through one time, which is about 20 minutes so you get the idea, well I get assigned seat 1 in these 1 across, 2 car, 6 seater trains. Yucko, my legs are long and I have to sit Indian style to fit, so we go up the through this blue light tunnel and some weird sound goes off and now we go up the lift hill, with manicans running controls, a countdown to blastoff as we go, and some upside-down astronauts exploring Space, then were off! Wow this ride is so long, and quiet! That is what killed me! I really which it had a sound track like Space in DL, but it’s impossible with these trains, my first ride I came off thinking it was an OK ride, lot’s of sudden drops, and a cool effect towards the ride’s end, with some lights.Then you go through the exit platform were a song that seems VERY old plays and says " zoom zoom" over and over again! The exit to this ride is something else, basically self pimping for Fed EX, but you go on a flat escalator down a loooong path and on your right is some creations of the future, like exploring planets and robots in a lab, at the end there are monitors showing you against a backdrop of some space pictures, this can be long if the people in front of you won’t walk, Then we went to Buzz

The line was huge and we entered the small indoor, but nice portion of the queue, were a giant Buzz Lightyear was briefing us, the ride was down and I believe it uses an Omni mover, so this happens quite frequently with slow loading guests( handicapped) These Omni movers are so high capacity, but this ride seems the acception to the rule, the cars only seat 2, they are attached to the track which, moves throughout the whole ride and there is really no gap between the cars. Usually Disney rides won’t have 45 minute waits all the time, but it might just be popular! We get on this shoot em up dark ride, were we don’t aim for moving aliens like MIB, but targets, so we can defeat the evil emperor Zurg! The cool thing about this is, you control the spinning of the cars! Wicked! It’s great for hitting targets already passed, and you can turn it into a spin and puke ride real quick J At the end of this long ride, Buzz says we defeated Zurg! And I got in the 50 thousands I believe, my sister I think, didn’t even brake 10 thousand! Next we did the Transport Authority

After going up the escalator to TL’s highway in the sky, we walked on. The ride takes you through a tour of TL from up above, and will take you in a attractions and explain them for a preview, like SM, where it takes you above the station. Very cool way to relax.

Now we went to get the hell scarred out of us on Alien encounter.

What do you get when you combine, Disney Imaginearing, George Lucas, 3d sound, Loud noise, and 4d effects? The scariest amusement attraction anywhere that is not a roadside haunted house! Yes it is Extra TERRORestrial Alien Encounter.

You are going to a company called X-S Tech.’s convention showing there new transportation technology. You enter the 2nd pre show room, after you leave the convention center lobby. This evil sounding and looking, robot explains what is going to take place and uses this poor little cute alien, Skippy, as an example, he teleports him and Skippy is all blown up but the robot doesn’t care, so now we enter the chamber, there are seats in a circular fashion around this tube in the center, this TOGO looking OTSR’ s are way high up and come down when the ride starts, they stop once they feel your shoulders, I know what this ride is all about and new what was coming so I leaned forward in an attempt to not scream like a little girl. First off on the big screens above, the guy who runs it, ( an alien) says he is going to transport himself right inside, that theater but the guy at the controls said it hasn’t been testing enough! But he doesn’t care he is greedy and wants to show us how X-S tech "Seizes The future!" You can tell something bad is going to happen, the soundtrack for this ride is insanely loud. And he teleports himself and the tube fills up with a bunch of smoke and stuff, man you couldn’t talk to the person next to you if you yelled. Then the lights go out, the people back at base are like" what’s going on!?" Lights on, Que. the fog effects! Holy crap it’s an alien professor wasn’t transported, they transported an alien! Dang, he screams loud! ( it looked like The alien’s from the movie Independence Day) Now, apparently, this is supposed the be the alien from the lab before, Skippy, getting his revenge, well anyway, Lights go out, come back on, and he is gone! The glass is broken and the force field didn’t hold AHHHH!!!!! Then we lose power, and visual communication again, up in the roof you can see lights that look like flashlights, and hear guys talking, they are a search team that is supposed to save us. Well I forget what happens, I think they all die or something, and short there after, we get squirted by Skippy’s evil venom, them the seat vibrates, and we then can hear and feel him breathing down our neck, I leaned forward knowing it was coming, and I scratched my sister on the leg, it scared her sick! AHAHAH! Good times. Then somehow, Skippy winds up in the tube, and the forcefield holds and he goes bye bye. I think the professor got back safely, to, but it’s almost 11 at night and I am going crazy. Next we get on the Walt Disney’s Carrousel of Progress, and just make it before we have to wait for another show scene, There is simply no other ride like this.

There are sences in the middle, and your in a small theater, and the theater ( and several others) move at the same time and go to the next scence, this ride was like the Millennium Force of the World’s fair in the mid 60’s. This ride closed at DL cause an Op got crushed when the ride moved. Too bad. Now Innovations occupies it.

So the first scence, Is just an introduction, the curtains pull the selves up and reaval the logo and tell you about the ride, then we move into the sene into the 1800’s. I was on the end and I could see the next theater moving, ruined the effect! No not really, no big deal, but while all the theater’s move, the man of each house hold sings "It’s a Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow!" which will stay in your head for the remainder of the day unless you ride Small World soon! So first is 1800’s and the man of the house with his dog, explains how his family is taking advantage of new technology, did you know we can board and train in Philly and get to CA in 4 days! HOW COOL IS THAT? Then we move, and the family is different ( same style of AA figures and they have power and a new stove, and a new thing that helps wash cloths, and the electric fan that Uncle John hogs all the time. DID YOU KNOW WE CAN GET TO PHILY FROM CA IN JUS T 2 DAYS! HOW ABSURED WERE ON THE CUTTING EDGE HEAR FOLKS! Guess what? A couple of Carolina Boys are said to have made a flying machine! How stupid is that no way it will work! Then we move, and I think we go ether to the 30’s 40’s or 50’s The guy says we got our first television! ( or radio) where papa can listen to the news! We got an oven to, that heats itself, heck these things might even clean themselves some day ya know? Oh no Uncle Johnny is borrowing the car! Then we move into the family of today, were it’s cristmas and the kid gets a virtual reality game, and grandma plays it ( the whole scene she is playing the game which you can see on there shinny new Sony Vega, she kicked major butt!) The girl just put in the voice activating system, and the dad is cooking the turkey, but he has burned it the last couple years but now that is no problem right? Well as he is saying a bunch of stuff about new technology, he blurts out 550 and the temp changes and he can’t see it, then he says 975 and smoke comes from the oven and the over brakes and the turkey is wasted. What a dupe! Stupid robot! Well we go back to where we started from after hearing " It’s a Great Big beautiful Tomorrow" one last time, we meet mom at about 12:15 in front of main street.

anWe went go the Haunted Mansion. Line is pretty long but moved quick for about a 20 minute wait, in a plain queue, the house is way different than DL’s to and it’s also in Liberty Square a land DL does not have, but this park doesn’t have New Orleans’s square, but they built Frontier Land huge and it covers the whole River’s of American Lake( please put Fantasmic! Here PLEEEEEASE!) So we board the mansion and this freaky, in character old lady loads us into the first part of the mansion, the curricular picture room, well DL’s in an elevator that goes down with no roof, so you can look up the shaft. This just has the roof go up and still has the funny pictures that change as the roof goes up, but when the ghost host says there are no doors, and the only way out is… HIS WAY it’s not that loud, and you really can’t see the dead hanging body to well. Now we enter the Omni mover station the enter our DOOM Buggy, I didn’t remember DL’s HM to well, but my sister and Mom ride it every time they go, they said it was similar I though different, and was informed it has one different scene. Well, of course typical in omnimover fashion, the announcement" we will have to suspend our tour for a little please stay seated" Then it says were gonna move and we start moving, when this happens the soundtrack cuts off) The ride was great as usual, just an insanely cool dark ride, and the hitchhiking ghost at the end of the ride, that set next to me was hilarious looking! The line was real long now, as we exited.

Next we got Turkey Legs and I got a Pink Lemon aide, I found this old style resuraunt in Frontier Land and these guys were singing in there, very good! The food was good to,. But I had to wait a little for my 4:50 $ leg. It was good, but then of course it got hard to eat, we found this breeze way also to eat and get out of the sun. We went over to Pirates of the Caribbean but my mom had just bought her grub so I went into the new Tiki Room, which was the shocker of the whole trip!

The Tiki room is an old show, that featured a bunch of Tiki God’s and singing birds, a classic Walt Disney attraction, so after a comical preshow where 2 rival agent birds fight over whose client is better we enter, and we yell at Jose, the lead bird to start the show, and he Gets Pierre, Michael, and the other main bird ready then, the rest of them So they start there song but the Yago, the bird from Aladdin ( voice is Gilbert Godfrey, so they made this attraction great!) Then the bird from Lion King, I think Zular, come down from the roof and Lago says they own the place now, and the song they were singing was total crap ( not really) Then he sings " You ain’t never had a friend like Me" Then the lights go out and thunder crashes, as seen from the windows, and the Tiki God’s on the walls start saying something, and he gets Haboa, the God of this joint, pissed off she comes out of the middle of the room and says with an African American women’s voice, : Who DARE! somthin,, Somthin ,,somthin" And blows up Lago, he disappears, then some more Tiki God’s appear on the walls, and Zular, the nice new owner, queue’s up the bird the sing a rap song ( the beat was from Rapper’s Delight! Kinda.) After the God leaves, there were a bunch of way cool lights flashing area making this look like a night club, then Lago appears over the door, all blown up and says they were awesome they were gonna sell tons of tickets! Then Zular says "Well, as we say where I’m from, Hakuna Mattata!" Then Lago yells out "Hot Pina Toastada! ?( or somthing like it)" That’s weird, but I like it!" Then he shows us his last trick, he told us to stand up , and LEAVE! And the doors below him open, and the birds, Tiki God’s sing some going away song, while YAGO screams at everyone to leave. Now that was an awesome ride! But Jose and his Posse, got the shaft I think Walt’s is not happy with this. Now to Pirates

The theming for this is a lot better than DL’s much more indoor queue ( not that there is really ever a line at DL) and the outside has these cannon’s on top that shoot invisible cannon balls into the crowds below, which I think it quite dangerous? Don’t you? So we walk in the queue, and there is like no line, especially for the left side, and we walk on. AN Op told us Splash Mountain would have a huge line for the rest of the day and get a Fastpass.

The ride starts and it’s real dark compared to DL’s when you get to the drop the talking skull is all different, and you drop and go right to the ship Vs city cannon battle, it’s still dark, then you to the rest of the ride, all dark. It is definitely scaled down from DL’s but still a must do at the MK! Then we got FP’s for Splash for not to long after, and we to Big Thunder Mountain Railroad and braved a 60 minute Disney style wait! But this line also seemed to never stop moving, and that is what 5 TRAIN YES 5 TRAIN DUEL STATION OPERATION will do to you, keep in mind lightning fast dispatches. You can’t stack most Disney coasters btw, cause the computers can’t handle that many trains in the blocks and will shut the ride down. This queue was waaaay less themed than the DL counterpart, you didn’t get to go through a mining town you got to wait in a queue house, seeing visuals of the ride, and hearing the good ole banjo playin some tunes! Only problem is, you can see the transfer tracks, moving, a big Disney no no. But we need some air to circulate in their! The station is cool cause you go down underground a bit, and you get assigned your seat in the 24 seat train ( no seats just one row, I saw a guy and 2 little kids riding 3 to a row on this ride. The ride was way different to, it had a nice, tunneled 540 helix, good time! There were also more animatroncs my favorite being the looping possum, but of course the ride’s main drawback, the finale, after the third lift, which indicates all hell is about to break lose, you Kinda wander back into the station, now it’s not quite as bad here at WDW, but it still is weak! This time the sky had turned very dark, and we heard thunder, we waited a couple minutes and entered the Fastpass queue. As we were in the side cave portion of the queue an announcement came on and said crummy weather is coming, and minutes later it poured. We were close to being there to, but we waited it out for a little bit, mainly cause we were in a stinking cave and had a view of the nasty rain, definitely didn’t want to go out there, so I asked an op who came around, and she said fastpasses were good all day no matter what time it was due to the situation. Sweet! My mom kept thinking the ride would start up, but I told her we had FP’s and it didn’t matter! But we kept shelter a little bit more and when the rain died, we ran to the

Tiki Room! I knew they would love this, and as I saw there eyes light up when Jose and the famila started singing, I knew they would love it! They did! Very cool ride. I wanted to do the fantasy land dark rides, so we went there and the waits were long, Peter Pan’s Flight had a 65 minute wait, no thanks I’ll do it at DL! We did It’s a Small World, which had a short wait.

The whole time I was thinking about what to eat for Dinner, and how I was going to right my TR’s for you guys, this ride looked even more fake than the DL counter part! That is what makes it fun! Nice way to let the rain pass, which it did! My mom and sister got FP’s with me for Space Mountain for me to use because they were going shopping after dinner which we had in Tomorrowland in a cafeteria style place, I had a good sized bread stick and a small personal pizza for 5 something, not including my pink lemonade. But this was all after we waited and saw the show on the steps of Cinderella’s castle. The show was delayed due to the stage being slippery and the show with this VERY LOUD church bells ringing( not real just speakers and it scarred all the birds away!) Started and Cinderella and the Prince came out, as well as people like Beauty and The Beast, and then Goofy, Pluto, Minnie, and Mickey, then the villains come out and screw everything up, Hook raises a flag on the castle, but Petar Pan beats the hell out of him, and the scare off the villains, with some cool pyro technics. It was a cool and neat show. Then I went to SM to use my 3 Fastpasses, but on my way I saw the Timekeeper open. It was the last showing of the night, it was a circlevision show with a robot who looked like that one that Robin Williams did the voice for ( and for this attraction) a long side a time machine, and he teleport his floating robot nine eye into different times, and ends up picking Jules Verne by accident and shows him the future. Very cool show and it was the last of the night. Jules Verne’s vision of the future is that, that inspirired the new look of the TL’s on all the Disney parks except Tokyo.

I went to Space which had about a 40 minute wait, but the Fastpass’s I had would do the trick, unforitnally they line was like 15 minutes for FP! So I only rode twice because I had to meet my mom to see Spectro Magic. This time the ride did wonders for me, for some reason the first time I couldn’t feel the loooong crazy drop at the end of the ride, wow it’s like the best drop I have ever been on that is not a first drop! But I didn’t get to sit up front this time, so I couldn’t fit my long legs, and at time it hurt, but I don’t care and never will if a ride is painful.

Went and saw Spectro Magic just as it started. It was like a modern day Electrical Parade if you ask me, the music was awesome! We were also right in between to sections of speakers on the parade route, so the music would be kind weird, because the floats pass censors which change the music. Now the real fun began!

My sister wanted to ride Indy Raceway in Tomorrowland, which is like Autopia where you drive the cars, it was cool and I got sweet revenge on my sister for bumpin the heck out of me last year! HAHAHA! Then we wanted to ride Big Thunder at night, a tradition of ours to do while the fireworks were going off, so we had to jog over to the other end of the park. No Sweat , literally. We got on the last train of the night and they sent us through 3 times! Everyone was cheering loudly, and even a Disney suite came in and watched us get sent off for the last ride of the night, where a mechaninc was already going to do his work. Very fun! I just which the trims were off, but I think they were turned down J Then we ran back to TL to take some pictures in front of Space Mountain, the park had been closed and they closed it werid, they wouldn’t kick you out of an area, just if you left it you couldn’t get back in, and it was so cool going over to Tommorowland and hearing the music loop loud and clear. It’s surpirzing how loud it is, then we went to the Emprioum gift shope and I got the WDW CD. Which is great. We took the ferry back to the parking lot, which was great! But pandomonium as well there were tons of people! ON the water they had this light show going on to, to make things less hairy, but the ops did a great job and the ferry was cool, they played the Main Street Electrical Parade music while we went, COOL!

So that wraps up a day at MK. Wow what a park!

See THE ULTIMATE in Orlando TR'S! Right now in the TR fourm!

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Sunday, July 21, 2002 3:20 PM
Wow. Sounds like fun. Great TR! Just a suggestion. You could break up th elong paragraphaps into smaller ones.


Monday, July 22, 2002 5:08 AM

Yea, if you could split up the paragraphs into smaller ones it would be easier and more enjoyable to read. I have read all of yout TR's and they were all awesome!!

Thanks for sharing. It makes me want to go to MK. I'm only 4 hours away but with IOA in the area.............Well, you know!

Monday, July 22, 2002 8:07 PM
Even though MK is not one of my favorite parks, it does have some of the best rides in the world. You simply cannot dislike Haunted Mansion, Buzz, and the Triple Mountains.

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