Ugghh, Magic Mountain, June 8th.

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Monday, June 10, 2002 11:28 AM

Arrived at the park around 9:15, parking lot was already open so we just drove right in. Didn't bother with the shuttle service because it's not that long of a walk. Around 10:00 they opened the gates and actually let season pass holders in first, that was really nice. X was closed and everyone was running for Deja Vu so we decided to hit some other stuff. And here's how it all went down.

Goliath(1) - Had a nice enjoyable ride up the lift, it makes a nice sound and is one of my favorite lifts. The ride was nice and fast had some great airtime on the drop, top of the second hill, and the camelback. The turns on this thing is what makes it such a great ride. Walk-On, 5/5.

Batman(1) - When we got there it was a one train operation in addition to the Phantom Train. Waited for the front seat which wasn't too long a wait. The ride delivered just as usual, fast and furious, always a good ride to get the blood flowing. 10 Mins, 4.5/5.

Riddlers Revenge(1) - Walked right up and got on. This ride is always a blast even though this time had a little bit of a shimmy but not bad. Rode the whole ride with only one foot on the floor, very comfortable and not at all hard on the legs. The brakes were hardly on at all so we got some good airtime on the camelback. Walk-On, 4.5/5.

Superman(1) - Ahh, the air was on full blast in the queue whic felt really nice. The ride itself was fun as it always is. Good airtime and great speed. 20 Mins, 5/5.

Ninja(2) - Ninja is still my favorite suspended coaster anywhere. Nothing new but always good fun. Walk-On, 4/5.

Gold Rusher(2) - A great mine train. What it lacks in themeing is more than made up for in natural themeing. The setting is what makes this ride what it is. Trees, weeds, bushes, all within arms reach and the final helix is awesome. This thing even has some good airtime. Walk-On, 5/5.

Psyclone(4) - The surprise hit of the day. The ride I used to hate was amazing. It was smooth and well paced, there were a couple rough spots here and there but it was all good. The train kept moving and no longer feels as though it uses square wheels. My dream also came true as I finally got stuck on a ride, woohoo! We were stuck for about 10 mins on the lift and got a re-ride for it, sweet deal. 5 Mins, 6/5.

Viper - This thing was insane, I dont think I've ever felt it go so fast. We got the yellow train and it appeared to have brand new restraints. Everything thing went by pretty quick on this ride as the brakes weren't doing much at all. All the elements were taken very fast and the ride was very intense. Very little headbanging, but also very little hangtime due to the speed. 20 Mins, 4/5.

Revolution - Get rid of those God awful OTSR's and this is the best ride around. Still, even with them on this ride kicks major booty. The lift hill is far and away the greatest lift around, I just close my eyes and enjoy that wonderful sound. The rest of the ride is just great, I wish they made more custom terrain coasters like this. The brakes weren't on very hard so the ride kept its speed up throughout. I just wish that I could enjoy the ride the way I used to enjoy it, with lap bars only. 5 Mins, 5/5.

Colossus - Broke down as we were in line but was running again in less the 10 minutes. Just your basic ride on Colossus, nothing new except it seemed to carry a little more speed. Had lots of good airtime. Just a good fun ride. 20 Mins, 3.5/5.

In addition to the coasters, we got a couple rides on Jet Stream, Free Fall, and Dive Devil. We also were treated to the typical Six Flags customer service. Dinner at the Moose Burger Lodge saw us getting a free $8 dessert. The reason was that it took a while for us to get our food. The were nice and courteous, just as you would expect from Six Flags.

Overall the park was great as usual, nice and clean(even the bathrooms). Most rides were running at very high capacity and it was a very enjoyable day at the Mountain of Magic.


Monday, June 10, 2002 11:33 AM
So, why the "Ughhhh" in your topic title?

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Monday, June 10, 2002 12:06 PM
Probably because X was closed, which is unfortunate. But given the recent capacity "nightmare" posts, hopefully something will be done about that, as well as strenghening the trains.
Monday, June 10, 2002 12:26 PM
hehe, the "ugghh" caught me offgaurd to since it sounds like the rest of your day was great. I was wondering when I was going to get to the bad part.

Sounds like you had a great time!

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