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Tuesday, July 6, 2004 12:35 AM
For the first time in 5 years my family made a trip down to Florida, we spent 1 day at BGT and 1 day at SWO, 2.5 days at IOA/Universal and 7 days at Disney. I will be writing 7 parts, and this is the third one and will cover Islands of Adventure.

Day 6-13 Walt Disney World :)

Soapbox Moment/Explanation: In my mind I do not see any of the Disney Parks as theme parks, they are in a separate and unique classification all their own (although Universal parks are getting close to their excellence). These parks may have down right mediocre roller coasters, and one of the 4 (Epcot) doesn’t even have a coaster, but these are by far the best parks in the world. The themeing, music, and entertainment suck you into a fairy tale world full of magic. I thoroughly believe that people expecting another theme park come out disappointed, its only when you go into these parks expecting a entirely unique experience that you enjoy them. All right on with the report:

Magic Kingdom: June 11, 13, 14, 16. June 11th I stayed the whole day which included an E-Ride Night, the 13th I was only their for an hour (character breakfast), the 14th I was there only for the night shows and E-Ride Night, the 16th I was there the whole day including an E-Ride Night.

E-Ride Nights: All resort guests are invited (for $12) to spend an extra 3 hours in the MK every M, W, F to ride the 3 mountains, buzz, pooh, philharmagic, peter pan, and the haunted mansion with little or no wait. I highly recommend to anyone to experience this at least once, because it is the only time you power ride Space Mountain 5 times in less then ½ hour, and ride Big Thunder and Splash 2 times in a row. Pure magic!

Jungle Cruise-1 ride, no wait, Score 8

For once we got a great tour ride on this ride, did the whole thing dead pan, hilarious. It’s a classic

Enchanted Tiki Room-1 show, no wait, Score 6

I really miss the old show, could they at least let the birds sing the whole song?

Pirates of the Carribean-3 rides, no wait, Score 9

Yo Ho, Yo Ho a Pirates Life For Me! Great ride, great song, great movie ;).

Splash Mountain-5+ rides, 0-10 min wait, Score 10

The best log ride, ever, the ride is 15 mins long and features 4 major drops! You don’t see flumes like this long being built anymore.

Big Thunder Mountain-10+ rides, 0-10 min wait, Score 9

The themeing here is really good, especially at night. The coaster seemed a lot wilder to me this time too (maybe it was because I was in the back of the train though).

Country Bear Jamboree-1 show, 10 min wait, Score 6

I enjoyed this attraction a lot more then I did last time.

The Haunted Mansion-10+ rides, no wait, Score 9.5

This ride is just amazing, pure Disney Magic! However, it is in desperate need of a make over and should be next after It’s A Small World is done.

Peter Pan-5+ rides, 0-15 min wait, Score 8

It used to be my favorite Fantasyland attraction, but the two newbies are defiantly better. Still a great ride though.

Mickey’s Philharmagic-5+ shows, no wait, Score 10

Wow, was I impressed with this one! This is the best 4D ride I have ever seen (boy Im using that phrase a lot this trip). Finally my generation has an attraction at the MK based on the movies we grew up with (Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, Lion King) but don’t worry classics are also covered (the “gang”, Fantasia, Peter Pan). The audience at this show is an attraction in its own right too, after a first viewing they can be just as fun as the show. Warning spoilers ahead, heres the complete show, skip to the next attraction if you don’t want to know:

Still with me? Good. Okay as you enter the theatre you here Goofy clowning around back stage (hes the stage manager) eventually Minnie comes on and announces that the show is about to begin and we should put on our “Opera Glasses.” Apparently though she is a little premature, we next here her knocking on Mickey’s door and telling him Donald and the orchestra are missing and its almost showtime. Goofy, only hearing her last word quickly starts to open the curtain despite Mickey’s protests. On screen we find Donald asleep in some sort of trunk, Mickey enters wakes Donald up, puts down his Sorcerer’s Hat, tells Donald to get the orchestra ready, not to touch his hat and exits. In a flash Donald has the orchestra out of the trunk and steps up to the podium to warm up the orchestra. He spots the hat, giggles, and puts it on. The orchestra comes alive, but unfortunately Maestro Donald isn’t Maestro Mickey, the instruments are completely out of synch with each other. Donald signals the instruments to stop and they do, except for a flute which continues to play the Mickey Mouse Club theme as it approaches Donald. Not surprisingly, Donald isn’t happy about this and tosses the flute out towards the audience only to have it boomerang back and hit him in the back of the head. He proceeds to stomp on top of the flute. The other instruments, however, decide to do the same thing to Donald as he did to the flute and they drop on him releasing a huge cloud of magic dust in the process. Donald comes flying out of the audience only to be pulled back by a trombone, which in the process of doing so knocks his hat off. “My hat, my hat” Donald screams as the hat disappears and a vortex opens up behind him. “Help me, Help me!” he yells as he gets sucked in and the theatre goes black. This allows for the fake proscenium and the curtains to either side of it to disappear revealing a gigantic screen. Blink, we see Donald’s giant eyes light up the screen; spark, a candle light is lit Luminare has arrived! He does his whole Be Our Guest routine as Donald half enjoys himself and half starts looking for the hat. During this time spot lights above the audience and the smells of an apple pie linger in the theatre. As the song reaches its climax Donald spots the hat, but the lights dim before he gets there. A door opens, and the music from the Sorcerer’s Apprentice starts to play, a broomstick man enters, Donald spots the hat again-just in time for the broomstick to wash it away (and get Donald wet). More broomsticks enter and splash Donald, then a tiny broomstick enters and Donald grabs its bucket before it can empty the water; he laughs. A gigantic broomstick enters, taps its feat in annoyance at Donald until he hands tiny its bucket back and then douses the whole theater. All of a sudden we are under water and flounder is swimming around. Soon we find Ariel and she starts to sing Part of Your World and flirt with Donald. Donald goes to kiss her but she moves right before and instead he kisses an electric eel. He starts to swim up towards the surface, the sun morphs into the African savannah and Simba arrives singing “I cant wait to be King” during this number Zazu also appears as does the hat, which again eludes Donald. After the mountain of animals falls, Donald and the hat are kicked up into the sky and tinkerbell greets us. We follow her to Big Ben as she and Peter land on the minute hand, moments later so does the hat and Donald. Just as Donald goes to grasp the hat, Peter tink and the hat jump off, Donald falls. You Can Fly starts to swell as Peter piki dusts the hat and Donald. They fly off into the clouds, the music changes to A Whole New World as Aladdin Jasmine and the hat appear on the magic carpet. Donald follows on his own carpet, Aladdin and Jasmine start to sing, we go through the streets of Agrabah, and as the song ends Jasmine places the hat on Donald’s head and leaves. Out of nowhere Iago knocks the hat off and the vortex reappears. Mickey is seen in silhouette as he reaches for the hat, he finally gets it and with a few hand motions gets everything back to normal. He taps impatiently waiting for Donald to give him his batton. He does and Mickey conducts the finale to the Mickey Mouse March. Show over

Snow White’s Scary Adventure-1 ride, no wait, 6.

The Cat in the Hat has this one beat hands down.

The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh-5+ rides, 0-15 min wait, 9

Every person has a favorite Disney movie, mine happens to be Winnie the Pooh. So naturally, I thoroughly enjoyed this ride, especially the bouncing effect and the hufflumps and woozzles room.

Space Mountain-10+rides, 0-10 min wait, 9

Pure fun, go to the right for a better ride (not as much light).

Buzz Lightyear-3 rides, no wait, 6

This ride is showing its age, they need to spruce it up especially since the competition has MIB.

Carousel of Progress-2 rides, no wait, 7
Corney, Yes! Fun, Yes! This attraction should stay open all year long.

Timekeeper-1 ride, no wait, 5

Unlike COP this ride needs to go.

TTA-2 rides, no wait, 7

Great way to escape the summer heat, plus we have this ride to thank when riding all LIM launched coasters.

SpectroMagic-2 shows, 10

There are no words to describe this show, it is breathtaking.

Wishes-2 shows, 9

Huge improvement over Fantasy in the Sky, it can now be mentioned with other Disney night shows.

Okay folks that’s all for now, see you next time for Epcot!

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