Typical EVIL Shapiro SFGAm Friday August 17, 2007

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Yes, I admit that I enjoyed myself on this day, but I would have been mad if I would have never been to SFGAm, and on vacation. The real reason I enjoyed the park was because I was in the waterpark the whole time. Both parks were pretty crowded, but I got on enough.

This is the thing that really bugs me. For a person says that operations are crucial, let's see how many rides do we have a park not working. Yes, it's close to school time, but that's a lot of rides down. Also, what happened to more senior citizens at the park? I thought the parks have enough staff (full and part time).

For the past two years, we have had the worst operations as in rides closed. Last year, we had Revolution, Giant Drop, Sky Trek Tower, Trailblazer, Space Shuttle America, maybe Space Shuttle America, and others closed in August.

The thing is before EVIL Shapiro came in, it wasn't this bad. SFGAm has always had the best operations with rides actually open. Shock. Maybe next year, Demon will be down to one train operation all year. I can't wait. There were a number of rides down in June too. So, it's not only in August. It's just WOW. He also cut more hours on the waterpark for the last weeks of August.

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And I suppose it's Bill Gate's fault that Microsoft Word crashes whenever it feels like it?


Nothing to see here. Move along.

^ Actually, Rick, as a Mac user I do blame Bill Gates when my MICROSOFT Excell or Word crashes. Fortunately, rollercoasters have fewer "crashes" than computer software. :)

This Isn't A Hospital--It's An Insane Asylum!

^^Of course, it is. Why in the heck did Bill Gates let a defective product go out on the market if it's his company? He hires people to hire programmers that are supposed to know what they are doing. If every Word program on every machine was crashing all the time, Microsoft would no longer be in business. His butt is on the line. Now, if it's only crashing once and awhile, who cares? People can get over it. *** Edited 8/20/2007 6:24:06 PM UTC by Spinout***
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I'm pretty sure Shapiro calls SFGAm on the phone every morning and dictates which 9 rides to close.

He then leans back and rubs his hands together while laughing insanely.

(bonus points to him if he's sitting in a darkened room in front of lots of video monitors)

(extra bonus points if he strokes a cat that rests on his lap all day)

(super bonus points if one of his arms is actually robotic and made of metal)

And extra super bonus points if the cat has a Q-bot around its neck...

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At least 9 rides closed at SFGAm isn't as bad as, say, 9 rides closed at SFA (since SFGAm has more rides anyway). It was ridiculous how many rides were down when I was there last.

It was a Saturday in August with amazing weather. Here's what I noticed closed:

--Shipwreck Falls (shoot the chutes)
--Renegade Rapids (OD Hopkins rapids ride)
--Skull Mountain/TSC (Intamin piece of crap)
--Octopus ride
--Rainbow slides in waterpark (4 slides)
--4 person tube slide in waterpark

3 out of 4 water rides in the "dry" section on a beautiful Saturday in August--who was smoking the crack that day? And these are only the ones that I noticed were closed. And what did the closed sign out front list? Just the octopus!

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We were at SFGAm on Thursday, and were commenting on how the park seemed to have fallen off from previous years. Staffing seemed to be a major issue, as even the rides that were open were short-staffed. DV did open later on, but of the operating flats, too many were running with one op (not really a great plan on rides where the operator is left with too much to do to run efficiently - East River Crawler and Fiddler's Fling come to mind immediately, as both were running at half their "expected capacity").

I don't think there's any evil intent, but clearly for a park that has historically had some of the best operations in the chain, SFGAm was *not* up to normal specs for THEIR park.

Funny how Great America is taking a slide down. 9 rides closed? Wow.

Every single one of Magic Mountain's rides were open last Monday (I went for free, mind you) sans Flashback of course, yet I still had a horrible time. Seems like just having all rides up and running with multiple trains just doesn't cut it anymore. ;)

Staffing problems at the end of August during weekdays are nothing new for SFGAm. It's been going on for years. So it has nothing to do with Shapiro.

The same goes for the lack of staffing in May on weekdays. They just don't have enough people to open all the rides, but they generally do a decent job of keeping all the major attractions open.

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