Typhoon from Santa's Village Sold

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I couldn't find a topic on this already, so I'm assuming that it hasn't been mentioned yet.

This looks to be Typhoon from Santa's Village. Does anyone know where it's going?



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Is that the same type of ride as the one at Beech Bend? If so, I hope it's being sent to hell.
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It doesn't resemble the model at Beech Bend from the photos, but I do have similar feelings that you have about Beech Bend's Looping Star. That was merely a credit and that was it.

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I forget what Beech Bend's coaster looks like- for some reason I thought it was similar to Typhoon.
This was not the same ride as the Looping Zyklon at Beech Bend. It was a one-of-a-kind ride built in Italy and sold by Top Fun. It has been a problem for the park ever since it was installed, and everyone I know who rode it, hated it.

Ray Cammack Shows bought the ride. I didn't think it was a portable ride, so it might be a permanent installation at one of their fairs.

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Typhoon was much worse than Beech Bends Looping Star.

Just thought I'd tell ya.

^Funny Rob! Yes, I would agree. I drove by Santa's Village once when I was workin in a Peapod truck. I wanted to get a good gander at it! Too bad I never went to get my credit, CW that I am....

Worse than the one at Beech Bend!???? You've got to be kidding me. My friend Brian rode the Beech Bend looper with another single rider right before I got on. He got on again with me, said ".... hhmmm... I think you're gonna like it :)"

What a mean joke! That thing hurt. I got bruises on my knees and probably my head and back too! Why? That's all I wanna know... I mean, does anyone enjoy that? They put money into new trains, painted and moved it. That thing is a torture device?!

How about spending a few more bucks on an old Anton portable or shucks even an old Arrow would be better!

I'll tell you though, other than that looper, Beech Bend truly has it 'goin on'. Lot's of great rides. A woodie and drop tower that are better than anything found at most 'big parks'. And a kick ass dark ride! And a spinning mouse !

Beech Bend is a really good park, just a solid major steel coaster and a few flats away from being fantastic.
Yeah, way worse than Beech Bend's. Several years ago ACE had a free day at Santa's Village (following an event at SFGAm). The day started with ERT on Typhoon and virtually no one rode more than once. It was a truly painful experience.

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Rob speaks the truth, as usual. Beech Bend is a terrific gem, and not even that much of a gem 'in the rough' any more. They could certainly use a few more staples of family parks...an antique car ride, say, maybe a better dark ride.

When I went last summer, Looping Star was closed all day. So I can only envy everybody else's credit bruises.

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