Types Of Coasters we could Expected

I e-mailed the person and asked him on what types of coasters we might expect in the game. He said there will be 12 pre-made tracks can anyone think on what they might be. So far the currents are: Kumba, Montu, Thriller and Revolution whats the rest? I'm almost certian Millennium Force has to be in there. Also I was wondering are we going to see wooden coasters also?

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     No woodens in this version. I'd imagine that it would be hard to do due to the complex support structure of woodies. My guess for what the pre-made floorless will be would be BKF. My guess for the hyper coaster would not be an intamin because it has three types of track.  I am thinking that the hyper would be Giovanola; Goliath. These are just guesses though, I'm excited to see what they will be.
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obviously one of the arrow loopers is big loop, one of the standies is mantis, and i'll bet if the hypercoaster design is intamin, it will only be box.  i mean, it doesnt have to have all three backbones to look awesome....
And for the two across inverted there's always 'Limit.'

I, too, think that the hyper will be Intamin, because I do not think that Ole would put in 4 identical tracks (floorless, hyper, sitdown and standup) in the game, but who really knows?

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Yeah, he has some renderings for Mantis, so I'm sure that will be in the game.

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