Two wooden roller coaster models added to CMG Models

Posted Sunday, December 2, 2001 8:20 AM | Contributed by CMG

After almost a year of waiting the photos can finally be released. The out and back style coaster model was finished in January of 2001 and was completed in only 10 days. The other is a junior coaster and was completed in 60 hours. Both where designed by Jeff Pike of Great Coasters International Inc. and debuted at IAAPA 2001 in Orlando, FL.

Link: CMG Model Coasters

Sunday, December 2, 2001 9:28 AM
Nice site. I want one of those things!
Sunday, December 2, 2001 9:44 AM
That Jr. Coaster reminds me of Gemini, only its a single track in stead of racing. Pretty cool.:)
-Matthew Couts -My second obsession
Sunday, December 2, 2001 8:01 PM
I always wondered what a GCI out-and-back coaster would look like... I guess that answers my question!

Actually, my question is, can we expect either of those wonderful looking coasters at a park this summer?  Now THAT would be nice.  That junior coaster would perfectly complement Hershey's Wildcat and Lightning Racer, wouldn't it?

Sunday, December 2, 2001 10:27 PM
I think that the other GCI model that he has on there...the wild looking twister would compliment Comet at the Great Escape...put it in Ghost it something like Hangman...yeah right!

Phly the Pheonix


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