Two Topics in One: Pretzel Loop on an invert/ lowest g-force on a coaster

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Pretzel Loop on an invert: Is it somehow possible to have a pretzel loop on an invert? Tatsu's pretzel loop was insane, and it would be pretty awesome to see if an invert could pull it off. I don,t know much about the mechanics, but would it be possible to build or too much for the human body to take?

Lowest Gforce on a costed: this one is pretty self explanatory. I'm just doing an analysis for fun and wanted to know the highest negative g force on a roller coaster. I can't really find neg. g force stats on roller coaster database, Wikipedia, etc.

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I don't know if anyone actually measures the negative g-force values for coasters, but I'd be willing to bet Magnum is up there, especially in 1-3. Also the first drop on Raging Bull/Apollo's Chariot in the back seat.

As for the pretzel loop on an invert, my guess is it's not possible to do safely. Whereas on a flying coaster all of that g-force is going into your chest/back, on an invert it would be going into your shoulders/head.

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I'd be willing to bet that the G-Force in the pretzel loop are not much higher if at all then your average positive G on any coaster. It is only the fact that you are lying down that makes it feel more intense.

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I'm pretty sure I remember hearing that sustained significant negative g's are much more dangerous than any other kind. I guess have too much blood in your brain and eyes is a lot worse than too little.

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Andy, it is lose-lose in terms of too much vs not enough blood in head.

I still think those pretzel loops are borderline dangerous. Manta felt like it was trying to rip my heart out of my chest. Definitely experienced discomfort, but I was also heavier, so maybe the restraints were pushing too hard on me and making it worse...still would rather NOT do the flyers.

Maybe they could do an invert with a pretzel loop?

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The pretzel loops on Tatsu and Manta are phenomenal in my opinion. I suspect the position of laying on your back makes it feel much more forceful than it actually is, since the force is being applied to a lager surface area on your body.

I think a pretzel loop on an invert would be possible. You'd have to flip at the top of the loop (half barrel roll) and then be right side up at the bottom of the loop, then another half barrel roll to exit.

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^That's the only way I think the element could be safely executed on a sit-down coaster (whether inverted or not), however it's essentially already been done on Speed Monster and Fahrenheit (as the Norwegian Loop).

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It's also a pretty awesome maneuver, in my opinion. I'd like to see one on an invert.

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